03/10/14: Time Out, Grasshopper / 8 of Cups

8 of Cups

“Stop deciding which emotions are appropriate to have and which are not,” I rather bossily advised an over-achieving Tarot client. “If you just accept whatever comes and allow it, you can expend it. Otherwise, those feelings never get discharged. You carry them around with you and they build up. It’s like you’re accumulating pockets full of trash that never get emptied. It takes a lot of energy to keep the trash contained.”

Because like all of us, she needs to be every bit as loving to herself as she would everyone else.

Today’s reading courtesy of the “Are you listening, Dixie?” Network.

Those Chakra cards didn’t want to leave me alone for this daily! Here, we’ve got the Base and Crown chakras, poetically teaming up with the Eight of Cups, aka “Emotional Withdrawal” to describe future life.While the position of Future Life is technically supposed to refer to a future incarnation, I’m going with this incarnation here.

I’m seeing this combo as very much a directive to give yourself space to release emotions, and especially painful and difficult emotions. If you allow yourself this gift, it will help you moving forward both physically, in your everyday, mundane life (Base Chakra) and spiritually , in the grander scheme of existence (Crown).

Pain comes in much like ocean tides. As does anger, or frustration, or fear, whatever emotional nemesis you’ve got going. It washes up and rolls over you, and then washes out offering some relief. Ebbs and flows are inherent in managing difficult transitions. Accept and give yourself the time and space for this. Don’t allow anyone to tell you the “right way” to feel. Even if that someone is you!

See, there’s only really one surefire way to release the past and truly move on from it: ACCEPT it and the feelings it engenders unconditionally. In doing so, you allow integration, which makes fully living in the present possible. Your life experience is part of who you are! It’s valuable, if not always easy. It can offer wisdom and depth and compassion, if you allow that.

And to do all this work? Time out, away from demands to lessen the potential of emotional overload. It’s laudable to offer assistance for others. But we’re most capable when we’ve cared for ourselves well.

Are you pulling back to process?

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Baluga’s Getting Unstuck? Mini Chakra/Tarot Reading

“Something in me is very stuck: what? So I can unstuck it!” -Baluga

Well, let’s see what we can get

Short Answer: To shore up your Root charka, don’t confuse perfection for success. Lighten up on the self-blame over your remaining “to-do” list, and start looking at live in terms of MOVEMENT toward your desires. You do a lot of healthy stuff already. But the self-definition of failure “until…” leaves a sense of being anchored without escape. Allowing yourself to FEEL the progress you make on a daily basis will help you release the anchor and begin shooting forward rapidly.

Hope that helps you sail ahead! :island:

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