Basic Astrology: Zodiac Rulerships by House

Here is a brief rundown of the Zodiac House rulerships. Please bear in mind these are only the briefest of keywords used as a snapshots, but they should provide a quick idea as to the character and ... [Manifest the Rest]

Learning about the Chakras – Video Class

Guess what? I have a new video class. Oh my! It was insanely more work than I thought--and I misspelled "chakra" at first so the link is still wrong, doh!--but it's done and I couldn't be ... [Manifest the Rest]

Intuition Tip: Staying in the Flow

Wonder how to know if you're "in the flow," working with the energetic trends (either at large or within yourself) instead of trying to swim against the tide? It's not too hard to tell! How do you ... [Manifest the Rest]

Interpreting Tarot Court Cards: Person or Not?

Great question! The Court cards are challenging, especially for those just starting out. I know I hated getting court cards at first. As I once heard the lament, "I'm looking for an answer, not a ... [Manifest the Rest]

Conflicting Advice Learning Tarot? Video on Coping

One of the most frustrating parts of teaching myself the cards was dealing with conflicting advice. In this video, I give advice on dealing with the issue. How do you resolve conflicting advice when ... [Manifest the Rest]

Tips for Learning Tarot: Using Gemstones in Readings

Using Gemstones for Tarot reading: which, and how? Short answer: I love using stones to help me, and find clear quartz is the most effective. Do you use gemstones in your Tarot readings? ... [Manifest the Rest]

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