Would Mom approve?

photo credit  hobvias sudoneighm

photo credit hobvias sudoneighm

“What do you think?” was the question, asked maybe the dozenth time.  I lost track.

“Does it matter? Would it change anything?”

A lot of times when that question is asked, it doesn’t matter and it wouldn’t change anything. So why do we ask it?

On my radar: approval issues.  As in who wants approval, who needs it, and what we’re willing to do to secure it.

I saw this as general topic emerging via themes of those year-end Zodiac spreads last year, and figured the Aries/Libra axis eclipses may be coming into play, among other astrological events.

Maybe it’s all this Cancer energy: the grand collective has mommy issues!

“How is she REALLY doing? Did we offend him? Are you having trouble with your weight again? I don’t like the way she talks to her mother. This isn’t mine–it’s for my grandson.”

Every freakin’ which way it goes, I am seeing the world just swimming in who approves of whom and it’s knife-wielding cousin, who doesn’t approve of whom. Even me, the new aged, pink-haired hippie chick, is not immune. Even when it’s not important or informed or meaningful approval. It still IS.

The Universe sure has a way of driving home a point, doesn’t it?

Everybody wants to make Mom proud, you know? More or less. But sometimes, Mom is nuts. Sometimes, Mom just has different ideas than you. Sometimes, Mom means well but doesn’t have a clue.

And sometimes–like if I’m your mom–Mom is AWESOME but she tries to stay the Hell out of your business. I have to do what I think is right, best I can. And if I cannot manage somebody else’s differing opinion, I’m in trouble! Even if it’s my mother. And if I need somebody else’s opinion to appease me, to reassure me I’m doing right, I’m in trouble.

Reminds me of this week’s Tarot Flow forecast: the energy to avoid for Monday was the Empress. Ironic, considering that Cancer New Moon coming up.

Maybe that new moon is an opportunity, to think about how we mother. Who do you mother, and how? (And I don’t care about biological equipment; we all “mother” somehow.) Who do you look to mother you? Are they good at it?

I have more questions than answers today. But that’s okay. It means I’m thinking things through.

Also? I don’t need anybody’s approval but my own. And I approve of this message. Har!

Are you seeing collective “mommy issues”?

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08/27/13: Heart-Driver / Chariot


The Chariot shows us a highly focused approach to a mission, whatever the mission may be. It may also be at times an unconventional approach—associated with Cancer the crab, Chariot energy is at times indirect, “sideways,” like a crab moves. Most Chariot renditions show us a chariot (duh!) pulled by a white and a black animal. The suggestion is that all resources must be harnessed. This means channeling what could be characterized as weaknesses in service of your goals as well as strengths. I’ve also found this card to frequently show up related to home/family oriented objectives, another Cancer connection.

I recently had this card inverted in a reading to show an option where the ongoing focus could be relaxed. The Chariot IS a card of success, but it does have a price. It’s tiring! So while it’s a great message when you need it and points toward success, you don’t want to live your whole life awash in the vibe. You know?

I’m taking this card today to suggest single-minded, uncompromising attention to your goal. You may opt for a sideways approach if that’s what’s most readily available, but do NOT forget the end you are pursuing. And do not lose heart! The heart is the secret of the Chariot’s power, providing the dedication needed to succeed and seat of the secret reserve of energy the Chariot driver calls upon when needed. The emotion is what torques the energy up. Use that to your advantage.

You have occasion to call upon the Chariot’s energy?

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07/06/13: Check the damn map! / Chariot Rx


Noticing trends? It still seems like rough going. The Chariot is a very friendly card but reversed, something’s not quite right on the road to destination wonderful. This version from the Zodiac Tarot uses only astrological associations (Cancer) to depict a place. In this case, it’s the family motor home! Cancer-y, huh? Reversed, though, our family may be a little lost.

Where are you going—and are you taking the best route to get there? Reacquaint yourself with the map. You do have one, right? Review your progress, the route, comparing with your intended destination. A step-by-step here would be helpful. It doesn’t have to be a purely direct route. The Chariot energy often approaches goals sideways, just like real-life crabs (Cancer’s totem). But the progress is still in the same general direction nonetheless. Expect nothing less for your own trips.

Do you know where you are in your trip?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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01/23/12: Your Business versus Mine | Rev 10 of Wands, Rev Chariot

“Justice means minding one’s own business and not meddling with other men’s concerns.” Plato


Today’s Tarot is the reversed Ten of Wands (Saturn in Sagittarius) and the reversed Chariot (Cancer). I know your heart (Cancer) is in the right place.  Utterly given. But instead of expanding (Sagittarius) the workload (Saturn) single-handedly taking on every need you see, try some big-picture (Sagittarius) boundaries (Saturn). Keep your focus at home (Cancer). That keeps you from veering too far off-course.

Giving too much energy doing what belongs to others is little more than distraction for what YOU should be doing. A fancy variant of avoidance.  It’s also a whole lot easier to carry your own sticks when you aren’t picking them up for the whole neighborhood, man.

Are you carrying anything that doesn’t belong to you? Can you set it aside?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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01/06/12: Eyes on the Prize? | Chariot

chariot-meaning (2)

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire, not things we fear.” –Brian Tracy

Man…anybody got déjà vu? Today’s Tarot is The Chariot (Cancer). Again. This symbolism-laden color-burst depiction is from the Thoth-inspired Rosetta Tarot. Led by four sphinxes, the crab-armored driver doesn’t take his challenges head-on, but rather sidesteps and indirectly approaches them, as a crab would.

Focus on your mission, but be prepared to take an indirect route. How you get there matters much less than the fact you’re not stopping until you do! Heart, remember? Heart-driven. That’s what affords you the drive to see this through successfully.

Approaching your goal, get there however you can. And remember, the Chariot rider is driving to victory, not fleeing from disaster!  He has a formidable wall of emotional punch backing him up. A tidal wave, in fact. He’s motivated to carefully direct his energies because of the importance of his mission. It’s his Holy Grail he carries, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it home. He will.

Protect what is of value to you. Ignore distractions; they delay your mission. As long as your heart remains in it, you can call on the strength of the Chariot to lead your charge. And win. So take heart and stay on task.

Do you usually focus on what you want or what you fear?

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01/04/11: Heart-Driven | The Chariot

chariot-meaningI toss cards all over the place when I read. I’ll often pick up and reshuffle during a conversation, especially when the topic changes. As a result, there will often be one or two cards that stand out, making them louder than the others. It often seems to signal the heart of overriding issues, unifying energy between sometimes multiple questions.

In a recent reading, it was today’s Tarot: The Chariot (Cancer). Typical Chariot keywords like “focus” and “drive” don’t immediately scream “Cancer” to me. But “heart” does, and the Chariot is a card of heart! He fights for home and family, those dear to him. This is what gives him his focus, his motivation! It’s his inspiration. It’s why he does what he does, because his fight is always over protecting something close to his heart.

The Chariot reminds us to keep in focus the reasons behind our battles if we’d come out victorious. He harnesses the power of both his light and shadow, directing ALL the energy he available consciously toward his goal. (That means he’s got to face his shadow and accept it.) And he acts, always, straight from the heart. That’s a powerful punch.

He may have to check himself every now and then to make sure he hasn’t wandered off the path, but I tell you what: I sure wouldn’t bet against him!

Can you see the Chariot at work in your life?

Cosmic Tarot Deck (78 Tarot Cards/Cs78)
by Norbert Losche