04/18/14: Anger Optional / 5 of Wands

5 Wands Meaning

Not long ago, I was having a Class A rant over something I just didn’t want to do. I was mid-stream and in fine form no less, colorfully outlining all the ways it said task was going to be a pain in my ass. I rattled off each and every reason the task sucked with all the dramatic flair you’d expect from Leo rising. I was hosting a pity party extraordinaire.

“I’m sorry you don’t want to do what you agreed to do,” said Captain Virgo, with complete and utter sincerity. I’d have gotten pissed at him, except he wasn’t trying to be dismissive and worse, he was 100% right. Damn Virgo moon, foils me again!

Evidently, it was a pity party for one. But then again, aren’t most pity parties single-seaters?

I’d say this is kind of a harsh comedown from the Venusian queen of the Empress for yesterday. I was all like, “Date night!” But today? Today, the situation is all Five of Wands—read fight!

Fight, fight, fight! Damn.

I want to say be ready to rumble if the situation calls for it. I’m not into fighting for the sake of fighting. But sometimes? It’s what you gotta do. It’s up to you to tell the difference.

But…and here’s arather large “but”…is the situation entirely of your own doing? Because if it is, I wouldn’t expect anybody to pull up a chair to your single-seater pity party. So you may need to battle. But being pissed off about it is optional.

Maybe you can do what I did—retreat to meditate for a while. Lord knows it did me good, and saved the man from a sharp retort. After all, he can’t help his damn Virgo moon.

Are you in a fight today?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

[Trimmed and Glittered]

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12/29/13: Investing in the Future / 3 of Wands

3 of Wands Tarot of New Vision

Hazards of working on the floor, aka what’s Tarot without an interfering cat?

Captain Virgo refers to putting off chores until tomorrow as “screwing his future self.” It doesn’t stop him from doing it sometimes, but he’s aware of the choice he’s making in the moment.

That’s looking at the Three of Wands in terms of cause and effect. One thing leads to another, which leads to another. Sometimes it takes a minute for the ship to appear on the horizon. That ship holds the merchandise you’ve purchased–this is another “paid your dues” kind of card. But the ship is not going to arrive if you have not made the proper arrangements, huh?

I’d advise responsibility and taking a long-term view today. Think marathon training, not sprint running. Immediate gratification ain’t gonna cut it. What you do today with tomorrow in mind comprises an investment in the future.

You’ll be damn glad you invested, when that future shows up.

Do you tend to invest in the future?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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A Little Spacy

“I’m going outside for a little while,” I tell my husband, stepping out of my work area. I had been trying to nail down somewhat elusive specifics for one of my Tarot peeps. I felt like I was getting periphery information, but not the specifics I was seeking.

“Are you okay?” he asks me.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just need to decompress and ground.”

“On the phone a lot?”

“No, email work. But I’m still feeling spacey.”

“You mean spacey-ER,” he corrected me with a grin.

I told him to shut up.

Or at least I think I did. I don’t remember exactly. I was feeling kind of spacey.

What do you do when you are feeling spacey?


Trimming a Tarot Deck

Captain Virgo comes in to give me hospital warnings about using the paper cutter as I’m jamming on the Hermit card.

He doesn’t quite understand why I’m laughing.

“It’s the Virgo card. It’s appropriate!”

“Well, if that means something to you, leave that card out and watching you while you’re doing this. No losing fingers! No hospital runs!”

I have been seeing other Tarot folks cut the borders off their cards. Such blasphemy! Such cheekiness! Such fun!

But more, such freedom! I’ve been itching to try it. Now I can buy a deck with ugly borders, or one that’s too big, or give new life to an old deck. So I gave it a go on my Radiant Rider Waite. After all, I don’t need the card names and numbers on such a traditional deck. I thought it would be cool to have smaller cards that were all images.

20130308_114241 (600x450)Hints: I got an inexpensive corner rounder and already had a cheap paper cutter. These did NOT feel finished without the rounded corners and I would have regretted doing it otherwise. Crafting perfectionists may need fancier equipment (or better yet, just take ’em to Kinko’s and pay a few bucks to do the modifications by machine).

As you can see by my photos, I wasn’t overly anal-retentive about my methods. Does that surprise anybody?

I do think the deck was mildly traumatized. The first card I pulled for the operation was the Tower. The first cut was indeed scary, but once that initial slice was out of the way and I relaxed, the rest was easy. The whole process of cutting and trimming probably took less than an hour. I didn’t time it.

I was very pleased with the results, coming in about the size of a mini deck that’s full-color goodness! It’s much easier to get lost in the images without the distraction of the words and numbers. The sizes are not exactly uniform, but close enough to work and shuffle just fine.

I reassured the cards I’d love them even more now, and the last card that came up for the operation was the Hierophant. So I’m declaring it a success.

Next time, I’ll be chopping the frayed edges of my Legacy of the Divine deck to see if I can’t give it some more mileage. Woot!

Would you consider altering a Tarot deck?


Another Jesus Candle? Almost

st-jude-candleCaptain Virgo (unpacking a shopping bag): “And here’s another Jesus candle.”

Dixie: “That’s not Jesus. That’s Saint Jude!”

Captain Virgo: “Same thing.”

Well, it isn’t the same thing. But close. He’d be one of Jesus’s homeboys.

The candle comes with a prayer.

“Saint Jude, glorious apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, pray for me, that finally I may receive the consolations and the succor of Heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly [insert request here], and that I may bless God with the Elect throughout Eternity. Amen.

Saint Jude emphasizes perseverance through difficulty. He’s known as the “Patron Saint of the Impossible,” especially called upon by the sick and desperate.

He’s said to appreciate humility and meekness. He doesn’t dig wastefulness, either. I think of him as a “make do with what you’ve got” saint. It’s common to publish thanks after he provides assistance, and you’ll often find classified ads thanking him for his intercession. His feast day is October 28.

I see most forms of spiritual expression as different manifestations for the same intentions, you know? I don’t think it matters if I have Ganesh or St. Jude or Buddha or Kwan Yin sitting on my desk…oh wait. I do!

The point is connecting with the spiritual energy itself. Doesn’t matter what saint or deity you choose to call upon (in my opinion, anywho). Whomever or however you can access it matters a whole lot less than accessing it, you know?

So yes, I still stock up on prayer candles. And I’m still not Catholic. But I like St. Jude and I like what he stands for: perseverance through difficulty and having faith in miracles. So his candle is often found burning in my Tarot corner.

Do you practice an eclectic spirituality?

Tarot in Real Life: Decieved!

Sometimes, when I write my daily column, I wonder how the energy may manifest in my own life. I’m no different than anybody else who reads the Everyday Tarot that way. This question seems to come up most frequently on days that I WILL notice the energy in my own life.

I had that thought run through my head about the Princess of Cups...but dismissed it. After all, I haven’t felt overly emotional. Things are going pretty well. It’s all good, right?

Well, I got myself an email, for an AT&T bill. An email that said I owed A LOT. I began having a real-time fit on Twitter.

Better investigate, right? Cannot have my cell getting turned off, this is how I make my living! And to view the bill, the website insisted that I update plugins. The page wasn’t even displaying. What the Hell?!

I start cracking jokes, although to be honest, my heart rate was still elevated from seeing that unholy balance.

I also wasn’t understanding why my firewall kept asking me to allow various permissions. It was annoying! I continued to work on jokes to abate the annoyance…until I noticed a window for a brand new “virus scanner” pop up saying I have a problem. Uh oh. Cue cursing, because I know EXACTLY what that means!

Now, not only is this upsetting getting taken for a ride, it’s embarrassing! I’ve been an internet consultant for many years. People email ME to find out if emails are scams or not.  No matter how good or official an email looks, I know to check the links in it to see if they go where they are supposed to go. And even if I’d missed all that, knowing that I was being asked to update plugins and give permissions on my PC to view a BILL should have been a major tip off.

But all of that got past me, based on the emotional response of seeing a $3500 phone bill with my name on it.

Well played, criminals. Well played.

The story has a happy ending. I took a shower and Captain Virgo fixed it. And that’s my story.

You have a story?