Robin Spirit Totem: Talk it Out

I’ve been seeing robins lately. For a while now…long enough for me to take notice. They are not subtle birds. They stand out. They stop. They look at me, clear and direct. I like that directness about them.

The first ones became prominent right after I’d set the intention of communicating from my heart. Does that seem like a trivial intention? It’s not trivial to me. Because sometimes it’s hard, to communicate from the heart. Harder than you’d think.

“The male American robin, as with many thrushes, has a complex and almost continuous song. Its song is commonly described as a cheerily carol, made up of discrete units, often repeated, and spliced together into a string with brief pauses in between. The song varies regionally, and its style varies by time of day….The robin also sings when storms approach and again when storms have passed. In addition to its song, the American robin has a number of calls used for communicating specific information such as when a ground predator approaches, and when a nest or robin is being directly threatened.” – Wikipedia

The robin’s song is often said to sound like, “Cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheer up.” This upbeat song, along with the Robin’s tendency to be one of the first birds to announce the arrival of spring, I’m seeing as encouragement to remain optimistic.

Singing is very important to the robin. In fact, territorial battles between robins are generally carried out in song. Physical confrontations are unusual and largely symbolic. Sort of like when I smack my husband for being difficult. Largely symbolic–but unlike the robin’s gestures, not too unusual and utterly ineffective.

Robin's Eggs Spirit TotemThe Robin’s eggs are a beautiful powdery blue, a color associated with the throat chakra. It’s interesting that their song is reserved for the spring, mating season, although warning calls when threatened are year round. And the poor female robins are both lighter in color and cannot sing the spring song, but do make the warning call.

There is no mistake to be made however: robins are communicators! Robins make excellent totems for writers, public speakers, and others who need to communicate with special effectiveness, or who make their living in the public eye (or ear).

Robins have notable hunting methods, too. They often hunt on the ground, with a run-and-stop pattern. Run, stop, cock their head a bit, and nab! Different sources attribute their success to visual cues of prey, listening, or using other skills. Personally, I like to think the robin is tuning in to intuition before a nab.

Robin Spirit AnimalIn mythology, Robins are frequently associated with service, sacrifice and spirituality–as when earning the red breast via injury when trying to remove the thorn crown of Jesus. Some Native American tribes considered robins to be connected to the sun because of their red breast or their brightly colored beaks, a reminder to speak only the highest truth. The white around the eyes indicated clarity of vision and prophetic ability. Robins were called upon when wisdom, understanding and clarity were required.

Robin tells me it’s time for new growth–spring IS here, and all sorts of new life is emerging. His pretty, upbeat song encourages me to remain optimistic. His emphasis on clear communication and speaking the highest truth reminds me to fearlessly do so as well. Actually, his timing is pretty much perfect. I can use both the encouragement and advice right now and am very grateful for his prescence.

Do you see robins? What do they say to you?

Zodiac Tarot Spread

Zodiac spread, 1 card for each house and an overview in the middle.

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Learning about the Chakras – Video Class

Guess what? I have a new video class. Oh my! It was insanely more work than I thought–and I misspelled “chakra” at first so the link is still wrong, doh!–but it’s done and I couldn’t be happier.

Better yet, here’s a sample lesson for you.

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01/11/14: Bite of the Choice / 3 of Swords, 3rd Eye

3 of Swords

I’m never delighted to see the Three of Swords, although the Psychic Tarot Oracle is more diplomatic than most. The Chakra card turned up first, so I included it in the draw. This combo caught my attention especially, since it came up in one of those Zodiac 2014 Look-Ahead readings I did last month.

These cards could easily be read as inability to “see” psychically (possibly related to overwhelming personal pain or heartbreak). But I’m reading it today as the losses that sometimes accompany following your inner sight.

I usually talk about the gains of living in the flow. I’m an advocate, after all. But don’t think for a minute there is not a cost! While I would vehemently argue living authentically is 100% worth it every minute of every day, it’s not the choice I have always made. At times, I didn’t feel I could afford it, financially or emotionally. That’s not morally wrong or right so much as a plain fact.

You don’t think people consider me crazy? Putting aside the whole “48 year-old woman with pink hair, who thinks brightly-colored fuzzy pants are a fashion statement” thing…well, yeah. Yeah. A LOT of people think I’m crazy. Some of that lot are among the people that love me. That knowledge has bite right there.

But then again, knowing you’re not free to be who you really are has a bite as well.

Whether you opt to live your live fully in accordance with your inner guidance, partially, or not at all, there is a sense of loss associated with each of these decisions. With every choice made, alternatives must be discarded. This is the way of life, y’all.

Are you feeling the bite of choosing?

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Cayce: Charkas & the Lord’s Prayer

Cayce Chakras and Lord's Prayer

E. Cayce sketch on the chakra correspondences for “The Lord’s Prayer”

Edgar Cayce, famed psychic, healer and trance channel, taught that “The Lord’s Prayer” corresponds to the major chakras, saying that reciting this prayer was one way to keep the chakra energy in alignment.

Our Father, which art in heaven / 6th – 3rd Eye Chakra

Hallowed be thy name / 7th – Crown Chakra

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. /5th – Throat Chakra

Give us this day our daily bread /1st – Root Chakra

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us. /3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra

And lead us not into temptation  /2nd – Sacral Chakra

But deliver us from evil. /4th – Heart Chakra

For thine is the kingdom /5th – Throat Chakra

And the power /7th – Crown Chakra

And the glory, for ever and ever. /6th – 3rd Eye Chakra


Many windows upon the same landscape?

CJ’s Missing all the Fun: Mini Chakra Check-in Tarot Reading

“Hi, Dixie. I’d love a mini-chakra check in, just to see what comes up. Thanks, cj”

I’ll be glad to see what we can get for you!

Short Answer: This feels like wearing a cloak of responsibility…too much to do. Share some of the dishes with the other folks who are eating there, and get some help if you can. Review your creative work to see if it still feels creative, or if it feels stale and draining. More me-time, and particularly joyous time in the kitchen, could sure lighten things up a lot…

Hope that helps!

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What’s the stumbling block in Ingrid’s Career? Mini Chakra Tarot Check-in

“Career is my main are of concern. It feels like there is a huge blockage here. But if something else comes up that’s just fine too =). I’m open to whatever the cards have to say.” -Ingrid

I’ll be glad to see what we can get for you!

Short Answer: All work and no play makes Ingrid a dull chick! In other words, the block in your career is you–you don’t have enough joy in your life, m’dear. There is always a long list of things you have to accomplish before you “earn” a break. Except it’s harder to hit your milestones because you’re not feeding your spirit. A little joy in your personal life becomes the grease on the wheels of your professional life. As a bonus, if you’re joints have been stiff, they should clear up. Ha!

Hope that helps get things back in the flow, dear Ingrid!

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