Weekly Tarot Forecast, 2/18/13: You did it!

Weekly Tarot Forecast. What’s on tap? Notice Chongo the cat adds her two cents. Or two meows.

Short answer: it’s the Lovers! What you’ve got in your life reflects what vibe you’ve got going. Don’t let anybody distract you from that fact.

What do you see here?

1-Card Tarot Reading: What to do about money?

“What should I do about money?” -Marly

Dixie, a deck of Tarot cards, and Chongo the Cat team up to help out.

Short answer: Change how you look at YOU, and how your money flows will change as a direct result of that.

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Mini-Reading: Inspiriation for Baluga’s Healthy Eating

“I’m doing my best to ‘eat well,’ and I’m doing pretty good. I’ve got the nuts and bolts down, but any inspiration you can throw at me?” – Baluga

A worthy goal, and I’m glad to help. We’ve got input from not only Tarot and Dixie, but Chongo the cat!

Short answer: Less struggle, less self-criticism, more joy in the cooking and eating process itself. Make your food with LOVE. It adds very healthy, healing energy.

Feedback always welcome. (Just make sure it’s prepared with love. Ha! :heart:)

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