Ragdoll Heard Me Thinking

Psychic Rag Doll

“I hear you thinking that.”

A little girl was here.  Hyper as all get out, bouncing off the walls.  A handful, but honestly, not without cause. Adults have let her down. She generates her own force field in compensation.

She flopped over on on the couch, dramatically flailing her arms for effect. Rather like a ragdoll, I thought.

She snapped her attention to me. “I am not a ragdoll!” she declares, pseudo-sternly.

“You heard me thinking that?”


“I see. Not a ragdoll.” I nod. She goes back to her performance, not missing a beat.

We were surrounded by people. But nobody else heard me think that. I wasn’t thinking it loud, after all. Just a quiet little thought.

You ever hear people thinking?