Coping Strategies for April 2014: Energy Budget!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it’s half over. You have a point?

Short version: I pulled us a mind/body/spirit for coping with the rest of the month. You need quiet time, to get yourself a grip, ground already, watch the drinking, sleep adequately. Self-care, like I’m always preaching, man.

Also expect some raw on the way to dealing with what you’ve got to heal. Necessary, but rough.

How y’all doing?


August 2013 Coping: Lots of Baby Steps, Man.

So, when I was doing the forecast videos, I did one as an overview for coping in August. At least, I TRIED…

Short version: You don’t need to be “there” yet. You just need to know the direction you want to go. You reach for the next best feeling place from where you start. You take little bitty steps toward your goal. And much like I kept plugging away to do this video, you will eventually get what you need together if you don’t give up!

Are you feeling this?

Weekly Tarot, 8/5/13: Kinda you (Sorry!) / The Lovers

This week, the card is positive but Dixie’s thinking itchy/scratchy…

Short version: It still feels uncomfortable out there to me. But instead of drawing blood, I’d advise 1. Doing your damnedest to transcend, and 2. Realizing you’re looking into a very sophisticated mirror. This is an irksome gift if you choose to accept it.

Are you feeling the irk (or the self connection bit)?