Leveling Up: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Feb 29 – Mar 6

"It's intense. Not bad necessarily, but very intense." She had that deer-in-the-headlights,-what-the-Hell-is-that-supposed-to-mean look. I was talking about the upcoming eclipses, and how it's ... [Manifest the Rest]

Muddling through the Here and Now: Weekly Tarot, Feb 22 – Feb 28

"If I'd known before I started, how hard this was going to be..." When I've undertaken projects that are a big reach for me, a real stretch, I often find myself somewhere along the way, saying this ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/18/13: Identifying the Thief / rev 7 Swords

“A thief believes everybody steals.” -E. W. Howe Okay, this Seven of Swords reversed is cracking me up; it’s like she’s about to lose her cloak! What’s really relevant though, is that she’s got ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/17/13: Careful Spellcasting / rev Knight Swords

The reversed Knight of Swords often strikes me—strikes/swords! Har!—as cautionary, to watch your mouth. Words definitely carry weight, and I’m not just talking about inadvertently cutting speech, ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/16/13: Satisfied Lion / 6 of Wands

This fellow is a great follow-up to yesterday’s strong position, don’t you think? In this non-traditional Six of Wands, our hero is well positioned. Associated with Jupiter in Leo, he’s got reason for ... [Manifest the Rest]

05/15/13: Strong Position / 2 Wands

Mr. Two of Wands is all ready to confidently step through that gateway formed by his two wands—it’s interesting, he doesn’t seem to need an audience. But he’s certainly dressed for one! A mountain ... [Manifest the Rest]

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