King of Pentacles: Finding Your Flow

Sometimes, I wish I were better at taking my own damn advice.

Recently, taking the advice I’m about to hand out here would have come in very handy. Too bad I didn’t manage it.

But every day is new, right?

The King of Pentacles (Cosmic Tarot) is a happy dude. He enjoys what he’s got and he enjoys sharing it.  You can expect to eat well if you hang about his house. He’s on deck this week, but the caveat is that he can do his work in your life much easier if you loosen up a bit about fears on getting what is needed first. Being okay with now while expecting more is what’s going to click everything into place.

The Trumpet Gentian (Botanical Inspirations) suggests being at peace with your now. That’s very good advice, and if it’s not coming smooth, you don’t have to attack it head-on. In fact, it’s easier not to go head on, if you’re feeling some struggle. Just look to set it aside a little and assign it to the Universe to sort.

So, we’ve got the reassurance, needs will be met. The King is clear about that. Follow that up the faith that comes from lining up your energy with what you want, and the trek will be SO MUCH smoother.

It’s not the faulty circumstances you want to force into a better place here. It’s your flow–the ease with which your life operates.  You want to be going with the current rather than against it, and that’s not action work. It’s energy work, which sets in motion the circumstances and events necessary to progress. You can progress by fighting your way through it, but man. It’s hard work.

Never, ever, ever skip lining up the energy. Especially if it’s something you care a lot about. It just takes a few minutes but it can save you countless hours of struggle.

Hang in there and be well, folks! Much love.

p.s. If you want some one-on-one time, you know where to find me.

High Priestess Reversed: Seeing What You’re Looking For

Out of perfection nothing can be made. Every process involves breaking something up.  Joseph Campbell

The concept of perfection being born of imperfection has been on my radar. It’s been a tremendously freeing perspective to adopt. I don’t have to see anything as merely “bad” anymore. I can see difficult situations as all having some sort of gift hidden somewhere inside. I really like looking at the world that way.

We tend to lament all that’s screwed up, either in our lives or the world at large. I’ve done plenty myself! But the simple truth is the same no matter what: the undesirable is an undeniable component to personal and societal evolution. Difficulties inspire changes. Imperfection is an irreplaceable catalyst for growth. The bigger the imperfection, the stronger the force for change.

It’s not always pretty by a long shot. But there is always something good to be found with a little practice, if that’s specifically what you’re seeking.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve put myself on a self-criticism diet. I do the best I can, always. If I notice somewhere I could do better, of course I do going forward! But I don’t fault myself in the process. Instead, I appreciate the fact I am growing. Growing is a good thing.

I’ve decided that doing the best I can is enough. Always.

It’s not about the outcomes. Sure, I care about outcomes. But outcomes have many moving parts, most of which I cannot directly control. For me, it’s about consistently coming from a place of positive intention, with a steadfast commitment to doing my best–these factors are always within my control.

It’s an easy way of being kind to myself. And I’ve found my life flows much smoother when I’m kind to myself. Everything is easier.

Since I’ve consciously made this decision, I’ve noticed an unexpected side effect: I can more easily slip into the same perspective for rest of the world, too. Looking for the best in me makes it easier to see the best in others, too. It feels good and it allows me to support people wherever they are at without having to divide all into categories of acceptable or not. I can make it my job to take care of me, and trust the rest of the world to sort themselves out.

I have yet to find a downside to this approach. But then again, I’m not really looking.

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We’ve got the High Priestess reversed this week from the Cosmic Tarot, along with Peony (Prosperity & Compassion) from the Botanical Inspirations deck. This combination speaks to me about what we’re tuning in, versus what we’re tuning out. Are you seeking what’s wrong or what’s right?

Goodness of any sort is not a conditional outcomes; it’s a state of mind, more about feelings than events. And a state of mind begets more of the same. Anger predisposes you to more anger, and sadness to more sadness. Likewise, joy predisposes you to more joy, and appreciation to more appreciation. You feel prosperous acknowledging the prosperity you’ve already attained, which paves the way for more. And that’s a really nice way to live.

This week, look for the good. Start in the mirror and you’ll soon find, you’ll be doing the same looking out the window as well. Make a little time each day to appreciate the flowers and enjoy the fruit that’s in season, either literally or metaphorically. You’ll soon see just what I mean.

If you want a personal consult to help you adjust your own attitude, give me a holler. And be well!

Magician: Focus as Your Magick Power

Some–okay, most–of the truths I hold most dear now would have struck me as utter nonsense, at some other point in my life. I don’t even remotely think that’s a bad thing.

In fact, I really like that about myself. It lets me know, I’m open to new ideas. And I look forward to having more changes of perspective as life calls them to me. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Modesty is a shining light that prepares the mind to receive knowledge and the heart for truth. -Madam Guizot

Not the flashing-some-knee-or-not sort of modesty here. More a being-open-to-new-perspectives kind of modesty. It’s about growth. It’s about being excited by new ideas instead of resistant and argumentative.

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Coming Week in Tarot

Both the Magician (from the Cosmic Tarot) and the Violet (from Botanical Inspirations), “Faithfulness and Modesty,” feature shining light in some fashion. I like that! And are those violets on the the Magician card as well? Repetitive Tarot is repetitive. Ha!

Expect changes in perspective this coming week. Understand how you choose to frame any given situation shapes your ultimate experience of that situation. Shine light on what you prefer, what matters to you, what you appreciate and want to see more of in your world. This sort of concerted focus gives that perspective new life.

I mean, you could focus on what’s not working, too. That’s certainly a valid choice. But that’s old news to me–a manifestation, the result of the energy already expressed. Looking at bothersome “reality” is sort of like standing in the midst of a mob, adding to the cacophony of voices about what already is. But looking forward, focusing on what you want to see, is more akin to a front-row seat to the future. That’s the ride I like best.

Your magic tool here is your focus. Use it as you will. Understand that feelings will be magnified, so it makes sense to consciously direct thoughts that shape those feelings, which in turn shapes the reality you are creating for yourself.

Armchair Astrology

Full moon in Cancer on January 1st, so maybe not so surprising we’re talking about shining light. That’s what full moons do!

It’s in the sign of Cancer, so it may be sort of like the world has a case of “the feels.” Be completely sincere or withdraw, since people will be very receptive to vibes and any misdirection or other crapola just isn’t gonna fly. This full moon is opposing the buildup of energy we’ve got in Capricorn right now, and strikes me like a potential fight between mom and dad. Honor both emotional wishes and responsibilities and you’ll do best.

Full moons are for releasing, so it’s a good time to set your intention to let go of emotional concerns or hurts that have outlived their usefulness. Also, we’re talking Cancer, so cooking yourself up some comfort food on New Years’ Day is a great plan. Spend extra time with family, loved ones or just loving yourself! If there is one thing Cancer energy has right, it’s loving.

Happy New Year!

Hope the transition into 2018 finds you warm, safe and happy. May the year be jam-packed full of blessings for you. I am sure mine will be. And you know how I’m so sure? I’m going to seek those suckers out, hunt them down and appreciate the holy heck out of every single one of ’em!

Be well.

Queen of Pentacles Rx: Self-Care & Slack

The world is not imperfect or slowly evolving along a path to perfection. No, it is perfect at every moment, every sin already carries grace in it. —Herman Hesse

The Queen of Pentacles makes things happen. She gets it done and looks after all those pesky details that may escape most people’s notice. But reversed, she’s not as effective as she’d like to be–and she’s not very happy about it.

Looking at getting her back on her game, clarification came in the form of the Five of Pentacles. The folks here are alone amongst a crowd and judging themselves as being “out in the cold.”  They are feeling lack, constriction, with the fear filling up the emotional space and blinding them to the help that’s readily available.

“How did I end up here? What did I do wrong?”

It doesn’t help.  Try, “How can I feel a little better, right now?” Because that will lead out of the cold.

Reaching out for a little emotional support is highly recommended. Look around you with the intention of finding encouragement and it will show up. Ask and let go. Maybe follow up with a nap.

We sometimes set arbitrary (and near impossible) standards for ourselves and get rather agitated when things don’t go exactly as planned. But what about setting the standards around giving our best effort? In the given moment, do what you can with what you’ve got. That’s do-able.  That’s a way of being true to yourself regardless of what else is going on. It’s a commitment worth making into a practice.

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Declaring yourself “enough” is an act of love. And when you do that first, then you don’t have to go looking for validation outside yourself. See how much that simplifies life?  You can find an unflappable freedom if you can train yourself to see the perfection in the moment instead of the flaw. Every moment has both, but you can choose, which you want to breathe in.

And the only way to attune to the perfection in a given moment is to be as loving, kind, and appreciative to yourself as you can.

Pretty awesome homework, if you ask me.

You cannot give what you don’t have. So first, give to yourself what you want to share with others and your cup will never run dry. And have a great week.

Are you good to YOU?

Video Transcript

The real perfection is just doing what you can and getting the best you can out if it, you know?

Hey, this is Dixie from A Fool’s Journey. The coming week looks like there is some stress involved. Overall, I think everything will get done that needs to get done. But there’s a possibility for people kind of shuffling off the whole self-care thing. Um, which I wouldn’t recommend.

And in order to keep things going smoothly, I would suggest prioritizing, not feeling like you have to do everything perfectly. Do what you can as well as you can. And also, what you’re focusing on. If you’re focusing on what you’re not getting done as well as you would like, or if you’re, you know, focusing on what you don’t have, what’s not ready, what’s not where you want, it’s gonna be more stressful than it needs to be.

And feel comfortable, okay? Go ahead and reach out to those that are closest to you if, if for nothing else than reassurance and a little emotional support. Because there is assistance available for you if you are willing to take that step.

Reach out and ask for it. Okay. So, I would advise that. And not be too hard on yourselves. And give, give yourself just a little bit of slack. Okay?

And the week will go better. Hope that’s helpful for you. Take care. Peace out from the Goddess.


This week features the Cosmic Tarot and Botanical Inspirations decks. Contact me if you’d like a 1-on-1.

Leveling Up: Weekly Tarot Forecast, Feb 29 – Mar 6

“It’s intense. Not bad necessarily, but very intense.”

She had that deer-in-the-headlights,-what-the-Hell-is-that-supposed-to-mean look.

I was talking about the upcoming eclipses, and how it’s felt since the recent full moon in Virgo.

I wasn’t trying to be scary but, you know. People would prefer sunshine and daffodils.

“Well, you know all these changes you’re going through recently? It’s really hard right now. Stressful. The changes are not bad–they’re for the better in the long run. All of them are good. The work you’re doing now is very hard, but it’s going to a good ends. And it all counts! Next week, you’ll have made a lot of progress from this week.”

She agreed.

“And I’m in the same boat, with my projects. It’s intense. Overwhelming sometimes. But with a purpose and a payoff.”

And this, my friends, is what this next week is about. Might not like the feelings now–most of us might be more than a little tired. But the point of all that effort is firmly intact. And it’s worth it.

We’re in the process of leveling up. That means the stakes are a little higher, and the work is a little harder. But the rewards are also a little sweeter. Like it or not, matters not to the Universe. So do your best and insulate yourself.

Oh, and one more thing? With Eclipse season upon us, what we’re doing now, what we’re working through has IMPACT. So…do your best to do your best, okay? Meaning, don’t cash in your integrity for an apparently easy shortcut or gain.

Do the RIGHT THING, whether you think you’re being watched or not. It always matters, but now? It matters even more than usual. Pressure is high and many situations will intensify to the crux. You want to be above reproach if anything happens to come crashing down in your lap, you know?

March 8 is the first Eclipse and it’s gonna be a doozy. Don’t say I didn’t give y’all a heads up on this…


Ah, the cards. I’m seeing evidence of the incoming eclipse and general, highly sensitized astro-weather out there, in next week. I am expecting emotions to be veritably crackling and largely visceral, especially the first part of the week. Thursday through the weekend looks much easier to manage. But Tuesday and Wednesday are high alert days, just so you know.

Monday, Judgement Reversed: Who do you most often blame when something goes wrong? Other people? Yourself? Default patterns are usually less-than-useful. Potential of missing important information due being wedded to a particular narrative. Keep an open mind in anticipation that the story may be quite a bit different than you initially thought.

[bctt tweet=”Whose fault is much less relevant than, ‘what now?’ #tarot”]

Tuesday, Three of Swords: Ow! Sorry, there’s no pretty spin for the Three of Swords. This card shows a loss, and the hurting over that loss. Now, since this is a public forecast, I can certainly wish this feeling is not personal to you! But there’s a good chance, it’s going to be personal to somebody–including maybe somebody you interact with. So step lightly with compassion, and carry tissue. Kindness is the order of the day.

Wednesday, Ten of Swords: Too much! The Ten of Swords shows up when we feel overwhelmed, betrayed, tapped out and back-stabbed. It’s the rock-bottom feeling we’re talking. Although there is a smidge of a bright side with this card–no place to go but up. Schedule extra downtime today and make space in your schedule for self-care. Time to tend to your wounds and get yourself a good night’s sleep. Everything will unquestionably look better in the morning.

Thursday, Six of Wands: Yes! A rebound! Take a deep breath, put on your ass-kicking shoes, and go forth to face the challenges of the day. You have the capacity to conquer them.

Friday, Queen of Wands: Focus and determination in equal mix with passion is the recipe for success. Not bull-headedness…unless it’s something you really need to be bull-headed about. Some issues are worth digging your heels in over, you know? And as always with the Wands Royalty, be sure you’re not being a control-freak all over other people. Only control-freak yourself, man.

Saturday, Page of Cups: A little case of the feels, today. Be kind, and spend time with others who are kind. Loving energy always heals but today? Loving kindness is super-charged. Take advantage.

Sunday, Ace of Swords Reversed: Plans probably won’t go as planned. This is not a huge problem–we’re talking loose plans or early stages here. So lean into your power of flexibility to make up any lost ground. You can save the day with quick thinking.

Overview/Advice – The Magician: To make this week work, attending to your thought processes and focusing on what you DO have control over will be paramount. I find the Magician a very encouraging card in this position, because he reassures me, people will indeed have the magic powers they need to navigate any difficulty successfully. Remember, the gift of the Magician is in channeling the energy sources available to him. He takes the same things everybody else may have it hand, but uses them intentionally. So throughout the week, as you’re allocating your energy, your thoughts, your actions, do so deliberately and intentionally. This will help you sail over any rough patches and come out the other side feeling accomplished.

Affirmation: I am beautiful and everybody loves me. This affirmation always cracks me up. On a surface level, it’s so obviously untrue. I know there are people who do not love me! However, I also know people frequently underestimate how many people do love them. Here’s what I’m thinking, it terms of advice: see your own beauty. Assess yourself as kindly as you would a dear, beloved friend. Only allow people into your inner circle who DO actually love you. I am considering this affirmation not so much a reflection of some sort of objective reality as advice, for creating the reality you would like. Act in accordance with what you find beautiful in yourself. Only do those things in private that you would not be ashamed to have known publically. Only invite kind, loving and loyal people into your world. Don’t give the assholes a vote! You do this, and this affirmation can be true. You just have to decide to make it so.

How are you faring out there?

This week’s forecast features the Cosmic Tarot deck–and if you dig the forecasts in general, check out the Everyday Tarot Archives or just get a private session with Dixie for personalized advice.

Muddling through the Here and Now: Weekly Tarot, Feb 22 – Feb 28

“If I’d known before I started, how hard this was going to be…”

When I’ve undertaken projects that are a big reach for me, a real stretch, I often find myself somewhere along the way, saying this very thing to myself.

But really? It doesn’t matter. Maybe I’m overly optimistic when I start out. Maybe I only expect the good and friendly developments along the way. And of course, doesn’t always work that way. But still, so worth it.

“Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.” –Nikos Kazantzakis

Coming up: I’m expecting a little changing of the landscape, and a little changing of perspective. Multitask, my friends!


This week, plenty of Swords and just a couple Major Arcana. Thus,we’re looking at conflict (particularly mental), but the bits that have the most lasting impact lie within the Majors: being responsible, with integrity, and mastering lessons (the World)–and doing what you can to be happy and feed your soul, your true nature (the Sun). If you let just those two thoughts guide you, it’s true you may still be uncomfortable. Probably! There may be bruises and scrapes. Probably.

But you’ll get what you need out of the week to come by staying in the now and doing the best you can with that. And isn’t that what we’re trying to do here?

Monday, Four of Pentacles reversed: Keep moving! Keep moving. It’s not a crisis at this point, but you’re not done yet.

Tuesday, The World: Responsible decisions pay off. Also? Feels kinda good to be the badass grownup, you know? Enjoy your progress, as you’ve earned it.

Wednesday, Six of Swords: Change is hard won. But the work? It pays off, so much. So much! Keep going. Can you feel me cheering you on?

Thursday, Nine of Swords: Anxiety, guilt and frustration are a thing. Sorry! This feeling is often connected to living in the past or the future. Reorient to where you are now.

[bctt tweet=”One foot in front of the other makes even a daunting journey possible. “]

Friday, Eight of Cups: I’m hearing that song from Frozen. “Let it go, let it go…” Whether or not you’re bothered by the cold, it’s a day to release. That’s hard sometimes, but it’s okay. It’s a lot lighter when you leave what’s weighing you down behind. And often, a big relief.

Saturday, Two of Swords reversed: Limited options. Move while you can, lest you lose the ability to decide. Make a call and commit.

Sunday, The Sun reversed: I’m hearing the Rolling Stones. “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need…” Realign your wants versus needs for clarity today. Needs, you’ll have access to. Wants? Depends on how flexible you are about it. You can drape yourself in dissatisfaction. Or you can look to be happy with what you can produce here. The second option is a lot more satisfying.

Overview/Advice: Queen of Swords: Prioritize, using logic, deadlines and practicality as guiding principles. No time for sentimentality. Doesn’t mean you’re cold. It means you’re being pragmatic and achievement-oriented this week. And that attitude takes you places.

Affirmation: The point of power is always in the present moment. Forget the “might-have-beens” when they’re “nots.” What good does that do anyone? Forget the “could maybe be’s” when they are also “nots.” Those are trickier, but the rub is they get in the way of the IS. Your energy, your attention, your choices give you power and all those are rooted quite firmly in the now. This day, this hour, this minute. Make choices for the now. Be clear, present and attentive to the now. That’s what gets you to the future, you know?

Walking through the now, firing on all cylinders. Muddling as much as you must. Because even a sideways muddle is still MOVING.

How are you with living in the moment?

This week features the Cosmic Tarot. Affirmation is from Lousie Hay’s Power Thought Cards. If you dig the forecasts, you’d probably dig a personal consult or my book, Everyday Tarot Archives.