Nobody’s Business But My Own – Weekly Flow Tarot, May 16 -22

People try–sometimes VERY hard–to heal others. Loved ones, strangers, friends, acquaintances. It doesn’t matter.

And there is beauty in that, the way humans reach out and care about each other, even if that caring at times comes across as overbearing or otherwise onerous.

But right here and right now, with the energy what it is and the sky what it is and everything else what it is, the healing must begin at home.

May 16 - 22 2016

Tarot Cups are very well represented this week–maybe a little too well represented–with a smattering of Swords and just a dash of Wands making appearances. That tells me it’s gonna be a squishy week! Now, it can be emotional-all-over-the-place squishy, or you can use the very same energy to tap into magical, mystical forms of expression. I’m opting for the latter.

In other words, talk to the flowers and trees and little critters. Ask your body what it wants from you! Imagine sending your “roots” deep into the earth and connecting to the solid, stabilizing energy of our world. Bless your food and infuse it with good health. Thank your house for keeping you safe and thank your car for moving you to and fro. Thank your feet for holding you up and thank plants for sharing oxygen and beauty to brighten your day. Say your prayers and do your magic spells and just allow these feelings to reach crescendo and then RELEASE.

This is like blowing up your balloon nice and big and then, letting it go! That will burn through the squish while letting it serve you at the same time. Because otherwise? You’d probably get stuck crying it off and that’s no fun. This week’s forecast is literally chock full of indicators to look within, focus on yourself, and take charge of your own space on every level. So do that!

Monday, Blossom/Crown Chakra – Eight of Cups: Let it go to blossom AND to improve your spirit connection. Purge the old, be it physical, concrete items or emotional (and hence, energetic). Hint: the emotional and energetic release comes very swiftly from taking physical action, or purging physical items. Something my friend Aliza said recently about the Eight of Cups struck me. The usual rendition has someone walking away from upright cups and she reminded me, those cups remain intact even though you’re walking away from them. They are not spilled or destroyed. So here, the idea is that you need NOT continuing to worry about anything that’s not yours. Problems that aren’t yours? You can let it go. Confusion, ugliness, wrongness out in the wild? Let it go! YOUR EMOTIONAL NEEDS ARE JOB 1 this week. Other people’s needs/wants/issues are just that: other people’s.

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Tuesday, Master/Third Eye Chakra – Six of Cups rx: I’m seeing this as hesitation to trust yourself, either in-general for decisions or especially, intuition. There’s worry over being naive and missing the obvious. Fear is very loud, energetically. It’s hard to hear through! It’s also concentrated and forms a barrier that keeps the good stuff (including intuition) out. So instead, quiet your mind. Ground and center. Ask for what you need to know to be shown to you. And then? Trust. Let it go. Relax. Nap, or walk or do something else. To master your ability to access Third Eye knowing, you’ll be looking for feeling nudges, what makes you feel good without the judgement or follow up questions as to whether or not that feeling “makes sense.”

Wednesday, Helpless & Hopeless – Ace of Cups: Very small feelings make very big ripples today. There’s an advantage to that fact though. Small feelings require smaller adjustments to make big changes. Discriminate over what feelings you “drink in.” Avoid negative people and unhappy litanies wherever you find them. My go-to emergency strategy for this kind of energy is a gratitude list. I know it sounds hokey but if you try it, you’ll see what I mean. Articulate what you’re grateful for and allow yourself to experience the flush that goes with feeling it, deep down. Best remedy for chasing away the hopelessness, right there!

Thursday, Heal – Two of Swords rx: You didn’t have choices always, about what pain has visited. But you can still heal it. Just understand it’s not a linear, thinky-thinky kind of process. The healing doesn’t lie in weighing out the impact of injury mentally. It lies in allowing yourself to grieve, the quiet time and space. It lies in treating yourself lovingly and kindly. It lies is seeking comfort and then accepting that comfort without argument. I’m seeing this like a long walk through flower-filled paths. There isn’t thinking, “Oh, I will enjoy these flowers now. The science behind their blooms is amazing and the scents stimulate my neurons to fire in a pleasing arrangement.” You just take it in and experience it, you know? The healing doesn’t have to be deconstructed. You just allow it in!

Friday, Just Breathe – Queen of Wands: Slow, deep and determined breathing will stabilize any difficulties and provide clarity and strength. The Queen of Wands is a very tough cookie and she’s on your side today! Passion, determination and incredible force of will are hence at your disposal. To access these gifts, stop, breathe and see that firely strength flowing right into your crown. Seriously!

Saturday, Release – Knight of Swords rx: Stop speculating over the whys and wherefores that have gone before. Does it really matter what someone’s motivation was when they stabbed you? And is that understanding worth reliving the stabs over and over? Purging, distraction, or replacement are the tactics I’d go for. Getting rid of physical items (or electronic communications, etc.) that trigger pain. Finding other ways to engage your mind and body that you like. Or if you’re having trouble breaking free, channel the energy into creative activity. It will help!

Sunday, Find Balance – Four of Cups: Today, use the power of your imagination to support you instead of sabotage. It’s un-worry time! Imagine how you might feel if your life is full and blessed and you’ve been gifted by the Universe with what you need to blossom and flourish. Imagine what the perfect balance of giving and recieving might feel like. Imagine bliss and joy filling your days and night. Daydream on that! This will ground and balance you.

Overview/Advice, Shine – The Empress rx: Don’t be the world’s Mama to shine this week. Don’t be cutting the meat on someone else’s plate to help chew on their lessons. Not your job right now. Take care of the self. Digest lessons for the self.

Affirmation, Solitude: “Be empty and still. Seek no company and find union with self. Observe your mental and emotional state. Right relationship with ourselves is necessary for a balance relationship with others. Solutions can be found in solitude. We are either alone or all one. Be quiet and your soul will sing.” I think I’m going to use the affirmation, “I’m at peace with myself.” But these thoughts are clearly echoing the rest of the forecast.

It’s retrograde season, astrologically. Bits and pieces of the past are coming into focus and they can pack some pretty hefty punches. We deal with them by taking a step back, out of the bustle and noise, and allowing the feelings to come. They’ll wash up, over you. You just let them. You feel your feelings! You accept them and offer a safe space, full of love, for the “you” that has felt these feelings and is looking to heal the hurts of the past. Hold no judgement, for self or other. Just feel them. This allows them to do their cleansing work. And quiet, downtime and solitude is the perfect environment for this to happen. We’re all going to be feeling the old feels for a while – but now? I want to HEAL the old feels!

Are you feeling the old feels?

This forecast features the Tarot Heart Oracle, the Tarot Nova, and Wisdom of the Crone divination cards. If you enjoyed it, you’d probably like Dixie’s Book, Everyday Tarot Archives, or better yet, a personal consultation.

03/10/14: Time Out, Grasshopper / 8 of Cups

8 of Cups

“Stop deciding which emotions are appropriate to have and which are not,” I rather bossily advised an over-achieving Tarot client. “If you just accept whatever comes and allow it, you can expend it. Otherwise, those feelings never get discharged. You carry them around with you and they build up. It’s like you’re accumulating pockets full of trash that never get emptied. It takes a lot of energy to keep the trash contained.”

Because like all of us, she needs to be every bit as loving to herself as she would everyone else.

Today’s reading courtesy of the “Are you listening, Dixie?” Network.

Those Chakra cards didn’t want to leave me alone for this daily! Here, we’ve got the Base and Crown chakras, poetically teaming up with the Eight of Cups, aka “Emotional Withdrawal” to describe future life.While the position of Future Life is technically supposed to refer to a future incarnation, I’m going with this incarnation here.

I’m seeing this combo as very much a directive to give yourself space to release emotions, and especially painful and difficult emotions. If you allow yourself this gift, it will help you moving forward both physically, in your everyday, mundane life (Base Chakra) and spiritually , in the grander scheme of existence (Crown).

Pain comes in much like ocean tides. As does anger, or frustration, or fear, whatever emotional nemesis you’ve got going. It washes up and rolls over you, and then washes out offering some relief. Ebbs and flows are inherent in managing difficult transitions. Accept and give yourself the time and space for this. Don’t allow anyone to tell you the “right way” to feel. Even if that someone is you!

See, there’s only really one surefire way to release the past and truly move on from it: ACCEPT it and the feelings it engenders unconditionally. In doing so, you allow integration, which makes fully living in the present possible. Your life experience is part of who you are! It’s valuable, if not always easy. It can offer wisdom and depth and compassion, if you allow that.

And to do all this work? Time out, away from demands to lessen the potential of emotional overload. It’s laudable to offer assistance for others. But we’re most capable when we’ve cared for ourselves well.

Are you pulling back to process?

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Lovely Queen Needs a Little Help Believing! Mini Chakra Check-in

Lovely Queen didn’t ask a question, so we’ll hop straight into whatever the cards say.

Short Answer: A few simple adjustments can really torque up your connection.

  • BELIEVE you’re doing it. You are!
  • Get in a good space before you start your work. The higher you can lift your vibration beforehand, the more tangible and dramatic the results.
  • Set the scene – have specific, consistent elements of your practice to help program yourself to get that vibration adjusting up as you prepare to work.

Hope that helps!

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Caroline’s Divine Hotline? Mini Tarot/Chakra Reading

“Yes, please.” -Caroline

Gotta love that Libran politeness! Let’s see what advice the cards have for Caroline.

Short Answer: Patience, grasshopper! Do not flit from plant to plant, but choose one and nourish it well. You already do a good job of listening to your inner voice in the heat of the moment. But to reach the levels you want, you need to create practices, habits, disciplines to get the kind of results you’d like to get consistently. By approaching your growth this way, you integrate the magical with your mundane life. (And yes, Tarot, I’m listening to Caroline’s message too! Eeek.)

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Josi’s Hidden World: Mini Charka/Tarot Reading

“I’m all for whatever you get :)” -Josi

Me too! So let’s see whatever it is we do get.

Click for a larger image.

Short Answer: The cards are focusing on opening up to the divine, but very specifically. In short, YOU can be in the drivers’ seat instead of feeling like you have to accept whatever you get, however you get it. Trust it! Negotiate with your spirit team, set parameters, and ask for help in learning to manage the particulars of your connection, and you can stop being overwhelmed and start reaping the benefits of your gifts.

Much love on your quest, Dear.

09/10/12: Not alone | 3 Cups, Chakras


Anytime I work with the Psychic Tarot Oracle, there’s a chance I’m going to run into some Chakra cards. The first few times I pulled these, they annoyed me to no end—along with the lack of Tarot Court cards and (for reasons unknown), the missing Tarot Tens. But I’ve come to see them as more useful than I did at first. Especially since I recently read with this deck and found the Throat Chakra showing up to answer a medical query. But I digress.

Here, I see a pretty simple prescription for creation and joy: Connect to source, the divine energy. Shore yourself up physically, energetically. Ground! Both above and below make up the recipe. Once that’s done, rejoice and share within your community.

The short version: You are not alone.

What do you see here?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
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