07/04/12: Fear-clogged Charkas | 8 Swords


I kept drawing Charka cards! So we have a 3-card pick from the Psychic Tarot Oracle, and it makes an interesting combo. The Crown Chakra (God, why didn’t he use the traditional purple? Argh!), the Base Chakra, and the Eight of Swords (Jupiter in Gemini), shown here as “Trapped in Fear.”

Fear does indeed cut off those inner knowings that you could otherwise pull in from the crown charka. And it can start with disturbance in the real of the root charka, security and basic needs not getting met.

Not all of life comes with sugar on top. I got that, believe you me, I do. But when things don’t go well, what are you going to do with it? There can be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, much doom and gloom and catastrophizing. But what does that do?

If you’re stuck, trapped, fearful and unsure of where to turn, stop and take an accounting. Are your basic, physical needs met, safety and security, right NOW, right in this moment? Not next week, not next month, but right here, right now? Put the disaster in it’s proper place, and you may have a lot less disaster than you originally thought. That stops the bleeding some, you know?

Secondly, look for a higher perspective to get out the trap. Big picture, you know? That’s the way to access the Crown Chakra energy. Examining troubles from a more universal angle makes each seem so much less important, and may help you see bigger patterns that do a lot more to get you out than the whole curling up in a ball in the corner routine.

I like to think of problems as life’s warning lights—that light on your car that tells you there’s something wrong with the temperature or engine isn’t usually welcome, but it is there for a reason! If you heed it immediately, you’re in for less expense. You can avoid bigger, harder problems by dealing with the evidence of smaller ones as soon as they crop up.

The Eight of Swords trap is always self-maintained. You may not have started it, but you allow it to continue by how you look at the situation. So look for your way out, pay your dues, and find your freedom. It’s worth it. Oh yeah—Happy Independence Day.

Anything you’d like to be free of?

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by John Holland

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