07/31/12: Don’t trip over old baggage| Knight of Wands, rev Death

I was chatting with one of my Tarot people recently about the baggage I bring to the table as a reader. Does that sound weird to admit? I mean, we’ve ALL got it. Hello?!? It’s part of being human. If you don’t know about your baggage, especially in the kind of work I do it’s liable to seep in unexpectedly.

For me, awareness allows me to work around it consciously, without tripping over it quite so much.


It’s time to do, say Tarot Wands—but are you like me, not always sure as to what? I find Knights, like this Knight of Wands, to be a bit fickle and sometimes indecisive. Wands figures tend to be passionate and pure of heart, although they can be a bit aggressive if frustrated.

Paired with reversed Death, make sure what you’re doing now is not based on old attachments, incomplete grief, or other dead-and-gone circumstance. If you haven’t completely let go of what once was, it continues to haunt you in the now.

It doesn’t take a lot here—just a quick gut-check. One of my favorite techniques is seeing if your emotional level matches the stimulus. If not, look for a similar feeling vein that is being tapped. The circumstances don’t need to match, just the emotional tone. That’s my best tell.

So yes, make your decisions and act confidently! You can do so if you’re aware of what skeletons are packed away in your closet. If you’re not? Well, it’s not so easy then.

Can you relate to working around your old baggage?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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07/24/12: Moving on…| Death


“Death is the tyrant of the imagination.” Barry Cornwall

Death is “one of THOSE cards.” You know. Ack! Death!  I’m not so Pollyanna to say that it reflects an easy energy by a long shot. From my experience, this cards speaks to situations that are exceptionally difficult and painful.

It also generally speaks to a dying away that is pretty much universally necessary. Maybe it could have been stopped, earlier on. But by the time you see death, eh, not so much. We’re past the point of return.

WHAT is rotted and tainted in your life? What no longer belongs?

LET GO. It’s the only way. The harder you fight, the worse it hurts. The more you keep it alive in your head, the longer it takes for the pain to relent.

Like fertilizer, the past dies to feed the future. It’s all part of the same cycle. Much of the horror over this energy is internal, because we never know what we’re actually paving the way for by letting go. What is sure is that by crying your tears and feeling your pain now, it makes letting go easier. Willingness to lay the past to rest is what makes the future possible.

Can you relate to Death energy at present?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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07/07/12: Attachment and Spiritual Growth | Star Rev, Death

“Okay, I want to learn, progress, move forward!” This is often what we pray for. I have.

And it all sounds oh-so-warm-and-fuzzy, especially when sipping on a cappuccino, thumbing through the latest spirituality self-help masterpiece you just bought. (Yes, I definitely resemble this remark.) Think better thoughts, feel higher emotions, and boom!  Painless spiritual evolution, all for the unbelievably low price of $12.99!

“I want to be evolved, enlightened, loving and kind.” Fair enough. Those are laudable goals. Awesome plan.

“Oh yeah. I want it right NOW!” Uh oh.

Are you sure, Sparky?

Rosetta Tarot Star Death Cards

The Star (Aquarius) shows up today inverted, paired with Death (Scorpio). The cat is NOT going back into the bag, friend. So give up wishing it would; you’ll only end up scratched from such a decidedly futile exercise. Irrational hope can slow transformation. Let the Star’s optimism be for the ultimate gift of the experience, WHATEVER it is and however long it takes to see it, but NOT the form in which it appears.

Fact: the biggest lessons often do NOT arrive in pretty packages. The more profound, the more life-altering experience with the fastest and highest potential for growth, so often comes via excruciatingly grueling circumstances. It’s the stuff we thought we couldn’t survive before it happened to us that alters perspective the most powerfully.

We want to move ahead, sure! But we want it on OUR terms. We’d like veto power over any proposed alterations, thank you very much. I can’t say I’m any different in what I want. But that’s not how this “life thing” works.

What if that compassion you ask for gets delivered in the form of debilitating illness? What if building your perfect relationship means you have to let go of a dysfunctional one instead of reforming it? What if that complete life overhaul you are looking for means your current life gets utterly decimated first? The iterations are as endless as the form lessons can take.

I’m not saying not to ask for growth. I’m saying to attain it with the minimum amount of blood spilled, we have to release attachment to how WE think it should come and let the Universe provide instead. The harder you grasp on to a specific form, the more devastating it is when that form disintegrates.

What kind of faith do you have? Is it faith that IF you get what you want, you’ll see that as evidence the Source is benevolent and right? That’s not much of a leap. Or is it faith the experiences you need to become the person you’ve agreed to become will be delivered?

Be humble enough to recognize the gift of experience even if it doesn’t arrive in a party dress. I can promise you, each time you release attachment to specific outcomes in favor of looking for the gift of every experience, the process becomes faster and easier. It’s like swimming. If you struggle and fight, you’ll sink. When you relax and accept the will of the water, you can master navigating it.

What do you notice about attachment and spiritual growth?

rosetta-tarot-cards (500x525)
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04/29/12: Compost | Death

“The death of what’s dead is the birth of what’s living.” Arlo Guthrie

“Really? Really, Tarot? You’re gonna give me Death today?” I talk back to my cards. They snicker. Don’t even wait until I’m not looking.

I had been drawing cards from the Well-Worn Path decks, which I have affectionately dubbed my “Witch Deck,” and had just pulled “Summerland,” is more or less the equivalent to Death (associated Pluto).

Coming in after the Nine of Wands and the Six of Swords, me talking about the Underworld and Mercury crossing the River Styx. And what’s next but Death.

Never let anybody tell you the cards don’t have a sense of humor.

I’m wondering if he’d write about it. Mercury is the messenger, after all. The message today tells us that whatever “it” is for you has become yesterday’s news. You may be destroyed or relieved or both but functionally, it’s a moot point.

I’ve never known Tarot’s Death to occur in isolation, though, and that’s what you look for now—what comes after? When clinging to the old isn’t possible, you pull out your broom, sweep those broken pieces up for the rubbish pile, and start taking stock.

Where am I now, versus where do I want to be? How can I take one step closer to where I want to be? What can I learn from the experience?

One of the gifts people seldom mention about Death, Tarot or otherwise: freedom. Whatever is gone, whatever has changed, you’re no longer tethered as before. There IS transformation because there is no other option. It’s just like composting. That rotting mass is what’s going to make your garden beautiful, if you use it right.

Your choice, now.

Are you feeling this, friends?

04/25/12: And dive! | Death

“It is possible to provide security against other ills, but as far as death is concerned, we men live in a city without walls.” Epicurus

Be it the transition from the material plane or the more commonplace expiration of part of us, death is an integral part of life. There is no escaping it in some form or another.

Another interesting take from the Zodiac Tarot, which shows majors associated with signs as places. Death (Scorpio) is a submarine! Can’t get more Scorp than diving deep, way down to the bottom of the ocean. God only knows what kind of creepy-crawlies live at that level.

Easy enough to recoil, but lest you forget, under the sea is also where we find buried treasure! You just may have to unearth some muck to get it.

Tarot readers always point to Death as being all about transformation, not necessarily literal death, blah-blah-blah-blah, and of course, that’s true. There’s just a tendency to gloss over the process, which involves something DYING first! The transformation comes as a result of the death, not as means to avoid it.

My theory is that you can help this go down a little smoother by doing what Scorpio does best: digging deep. Look into your psyche, acknowledge your shadow, and see your flaws. An honest appraisal will spare you a lot of pain here because I tell you what: if Pluto is involved, you WILL find weaknesses, the leaks in your submarine. Isn’t it better you notice it yourself, before you hit the ocean’s bottom?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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04/07/12: Utterly Decimated | 10 Swords, Death


What we’ve got today are HARD cards. That’s what I call them—not “bad,” although they are seldom welcomed warmly. They just aren’t all that warm and fuzzy, you know? But sometimes the most difficult information is also the most important. Hard, not bad. Okay?

Not that I’d try to tell anybody that in the heat of the moment. I’m not stupid. Those times I’ve been there? I’d have taken out anybody who suggested to me in a sunshine voice, “It’s all for the best.” Even if that’s right. So I know the leap we’re talking about here. But I’m going to throw that out there anyway…

And man, this is some Ten of Swords (Gemini Sun), huh? Eeeek! Like nails through the head, except it’s swords! Followed up by Death (Scorpio), no less. But like any energy whatsoever, you work with what you get, you know? And while I wouldn’t expect this to be fun, I would expect a situation described by these cards to be POWERFUL. Do what you will with it.

That feeling of being destroyed? Yeah. It’s accurate, but only to a point. Nothing destroyed wasn’t already seriously broken. Got that? The world isn’t ending, just a corner is. Maybe a house or a room or even a city has been blown up, but not the whole enchilada. Whatever it was was already rotten, but you may not have realized. Hence, what’s really destroyed is the denial, the illusion everything is fine.

Death comes in not to say, “You’re dead.” He comes in to say, “Life as you knew it is over. So bury the dead and continue living…”

The good news: it’s all come to light. Whatever the hit is, you know it, you’ve taken the full impact, and it doesn’t get any worse. Knowing this, you can do your mourning and get on with it. Denial doesn’t work. Wishing doesn’t work. Waiting doesn’t work. There is no bringing anything back. You survey the situation, pick up what’s left to pick up, and move the Hell on. That makes the ouchy part go faster.

But for whatever comfort it’s worth, know it was for good reason—and you’ll come out stronger than you went in. And that is a good thing.

You feeling this? (I hope not too much…)

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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