Everyday Tarot, 06/19/11: Thought I Threw That Out! Death, Rev.

IMG_1370When I’m in the process of…well, processing, I have this back and forth thing I do. I get upset, feel like crap a while, get a handle on the thoughts surrounding, and think I’m golden. Except a little down the road, something else triggers it, and I do the same thing.

It irritates me to no end, thinking I’ve mastered a topic and getting sent back repeatedly to retake the quizzes. But I guess that’s more workable that sudden, sweeping, clean-the-whole-house change.  It just feels a little like failure, in the moment.

Today’s Forecast is Death, inverted or “The Child of the Great Transformers,” associated with Scorpio. We’ve already made friends with the mustard, but we really need to toss out this mayo!

It can feel like a disappointment, repeatedly fighting the same battles—especially internal ones. But don’t forget, with each go-round, you make progress. You’re cleaning out a little more, each time you go through the fridge to see what’s old news and discard it. Transformation is process, and it sometimes takes a while to finish the job. That’s not only okay—that’s exactly as it should be. Then, each step of the way, we have opportunity to integrate and make the change on a deep level. The change then really belongs to us.

You smelling leftovers you thought you’d already thrown out?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Everyday Tarot, 05/18/11: Making Friends with the Mustard / Death

death-card-housewives-tarotAdjusting to new realities as transitions progress is still on my radar, and it’s not just for me. Seeing it in consultation left and right; folks are in the process of getting oriented to new territory, after going through some sort of explosion, shot off amidst the Aries smack down.

Today, it’s Death or “Lord of the Gates of Death,” associated with Scorpio. Number XIII of the Trumps, it becomes one the Tarot Fours after reducing, so we’re talking about a stable condition. That jar of mayo is never returning to edible, man! If you stare at it long enough, it may turn some interesting colors. But the risk of contamination probably isn’t worth indulging an intellectual curiosity.

“There’s an empty space where the mayo used to sit and my sandwiches are never going to taste good again,” you could say. And as long as you’re there, you’ll have trouble enjoying anything else. Even the finest condiments pale in comparison to an idealized memory.  Reality can’t compete.

Or you might be tempted to nibble still—enough to get the punch without getting ill. Yeah…um… Hope that works out for you. Me? I’m thinking making friends with the mustard is a better idea!

Would you be my friend?Death is such an interesting card—I know people dislike it and get why, but I usually find it encouraging. I don’t believe in “good” and “bad” cards any more than good or bad planets. There IS easy and hard, however. Death is hard. But it’s also significant—Death refers to major changes. I’ll take significant over easy any day. If you don’t make room by clearing out the old, however much it’s meant to you, you’ll not have a place in your life for the new.

Tarot reminds us to let go of the past. Some mourning is likely, but rancor is optional. The sooner you clean out the energy space, the sooner that vacuum is filled with something fresh and (hopefully) wonderful!

Have you made friends with your mustard?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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