Creative Whack Video – Shield Yourself!

What to expect if you’re very creatively gifted (also known as a freak)…

Short version: If you’re brand of originality is supremely original, chances are you’re going to annoy, threaten or scare the Hell out of somebody just by virtue of being you. This is no time to let ’em bother you! Learn to listen to what helps and deflect the rest.

Do you wield a shield?

Affirmations Video: Happy Weirdo!

Today’s affirmation seems like it was made just for me…

Embrace thy “uniqueness.” Because that’s one word for it. I think y’all know by now, I let my freak flag fly pretty damn high. One very big plus to doing that is that the people who would be put off by who I really am tend to keep a distance. We are both more joyful due that decision.

Are you a (happy) weirdo?

The Problem with Yes or No Divination

I have a love/hate relationship with working at fairs. It’s great to get out there and rub shoulders with colleagues, do readings for new folks, and I have learned a ton even in the relatively few events I’ve worked.

It’s also utterly exhausting being “on,” energetically open for eight hours straight, and there’s no telling who is going to walk in and sit down in front of you. Some people’s energy feels great, but not everyone’s.  This is why I blew the fuel pump on my van leaving my first fair! I was spent.

This conflict is also reflected in my manifested reality. The last couple of fairs I was signed to work, I found myself dreading the demands approaching the fair but worse, I had issues honoring my commitment. Now, this wasn’t conscious or planned–a trip to the Emergency room is never on my agenda! But I don’t believe in coincidence, either, so I have to ask myself, “Why?”

When I was invited to work at an upcoming Spirit Fair, I thought long and hard before responding. I don’t want to commit and then have some kind of emergency surface. I needed to understand. So that’s when I pulled out my pendulum.

“Would it be in the highest good of all concerned if I worked this upcoming fair?” Pretty straightforward question, right? I was fully expecting to see a “Yes,” telling me to suck it up and just do it.

But instead of a clear answer, I got back-and-forth, my pendulum’s way of saying “no answer for now.” I tried re-wording the question a half dozen ways and got the same each time. Ack! So I put it away, puzzled, putting off the decision. If I’m gonna ask for the help, it behooves me to listen. And hold off means hold off. So I waited.

A week or so went by. With the signup deadline looming and really needing to commit, I pulled it out again and repeated my questioning. I was frustrated to see the same non-committal responses as before.

What am I doing wrong? But just then, something clicked in my head…

“If I approach this fair with an attitude of service and giving back, would it be in the highest good of all concerned if I work there?” Clear yes!

“And if I approach this fair with an attitude of obligation, would it be in the highest good of all concerned if I work there?” Absolute no.

Bing, bing, bing! We have a winner and I have a better understanding of what I need to do to make this experience a healthy and helpful one. I signed on to work at the fair, with the plans to read on a donation/love offering basis. It’s a service!

This is the challenge inherent in asking the pendulum or the cards or any divination tools Yes or No–we want these tools to make our decisions for us sometimes when the point of power is always our own. I’m certainly not immune to wanting to side-load the responsibility off on my pretty rock hanging on a chain. But the pendulum wouldn’t have it. I’m glad.

What’s your experience using Yes or No divination?

Does Tarot Predict the Future?

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” –Lao Tzu

That’s what everybody wants to know: what’s gonna happen? Will I? Will he? Will they? People turn to the cards when they’re looking for guidance and reassurance about their path into the future.

It’s a tricky question, anytime you’re talking about predicting the future. There’s always that pesky “Free Will” thing, getting in the way of predictive accuracy!

Reading the cards is a lot like predicting the weather–it helps assess the character and nature of energy flow, much as satellite helps the meteorologist track the ebb and flow of weather patterns. The cards reflect energetic weather.

Neither the reader nor the weatherman can predict with 100% accuracy, because all kinds of weather is prone to change. But sometimes, the markers are clearer, making for high probabilities.

The advantage with Tarot is that you have direct say in the outcome; Free Will insists you decide on your own conduct and attachments, as do all parties involved. You get to decide what you feed and what you starve.

So “yes and no,” it seems to me. Tarot does predict to a point–if the energy is moving like a freight train, barreling full steam in a particular direction, it’s a massive undertaking to change course. But other times, the flow is more malleable, change more easily afforded.

Free Will is central to my Tarot philosophy. To pick up the cards and ask for insight is, in and of itself, a direct expression of Free Will. Living is our job– working the energy, transforming, living and loving along the way. We create experiences and vibrations. Tarot is merely a snapshot of truth as it exists in the now. The cards cannot live your life for you, any more than whatever you call divine source will live your life for you.

So don’t look for Tarot to hand you the answers to all your exams. Best you can reasonably expect is a syllabus.


What do you find regarding Tarot and prediction?

Pendulum Video Demonstration

Here’s a video demonstration of how I use my pendulum to get simple answers (Yes, No, Sometimes, Undetermined). Pendulums do have different ways of indicating answers for different people, so work with yours until you feel confident of understanding it’s responses.

You can also dangle pendulums over maps or calendars to decide between locations or dates or whatever you fancy–just watch for where the pendulum starts to swing like crazy and that’s where you want to follow up.

While Quartz is probably most common, pendulums are made from variety of lovely gemstones. This one is Lapis Lazuli and I’m really loving it. Even though I often like to select gemstones in person, I have had good luck buying them online as well. I got this pendulum from a very nice witch in Texas.

Do you use a pendulum? Tell us about it!