Tarot Workshop Update: Looks Like it’s On!

I’ve been talking about teaching the cards FOR-EV-ER and I”m finally just getting off my patootie and doing it! Walk the Fool’s Path with me and further your Tarot-finesse with 78 degrees of awesome. Because I will do my flat-out best to make sure it’s both enlightening and fun for all in attendance. 

The basics: I’m looking to run about 2 weeks, in a small, private Facebook group. No prying eyes reading our discussion! Price will be less than the cost of a 1/2 hour reading (i.e. <$50, just for the first run), with text, video, activities and discussion, custom-tailored to the specific interests of the group. 

It’s my first class so I’m kind of nervous–okay, pretty nervous–but also super excited. Because how cool is this, anyway?

I’ve created a very short survey for people who are interested in taking the workshop so I know what to cover. :-) If you’re in, I’d definitely like to get your responses as soon as I can so I can pull the resources together.

And thanks!


Survey: http://goo.gl/forms/JXabQynu7h

Time Off for Dixie!

Just an FYI – I am taking a week off--I cannot REMEMBER the last time I took that much time away. Literally! So while I will occasionally check my email during this time, responses will not be prompt and I won’t be scheduling any Tarot sessions. Anyone who does set up a session, I won’t be available from July 18 through July 28th.

So I posted this pretty picture for you to look at instead. Ha!

Thanks! And stay safe out there.

Peace out.


Watch the Woo-Woo Wonderful Show here!

“Spiritual Protection: For Sissies?” coming up Saturday, Dec. 7th at 4pm Eastern, 3pm Central.

You can watch it right here. In the meantime, though, here’s the promo…

Will you be joining us?

New Live Video Show, “Woo-Woo Wonderful”

Watch the show on this page!

One part of my work that I consider vitally important–and endlessly gratifying–is supporting people in the process of finding their own path and developing a personal spiritual practice. It’s truly a humbling and incredibly energizing experience.

I want to do more of that.

To that end…I’ve been toying around  with the idea of doing a live video show for some time, but hadn’t found a willing victim–er, partner–to explore the terrain with me. I needed someone knowledgeable, personable, comfortable on camera AND crazy enough to agree. That’s a fairly tough order, so I’m thrilled to be able to say I’ve found a perfect cohort.

Therefore, I’d love to invite you to join me and my pal Josi Case (of Shock Therapy) for our trial run video show, Woo-Woo Wonderful! No promises, but if it works out well and your feedback warrants, we may just make it a regular thing.

Our first LIVE VIDEO SHOW, “Spiritual Protection: For Sissies?” is schedued forDec. 7, 2013, 4pm Eastern/3 Central. You can watch it right here! (It will be highlighted on the day of the show, and will also be available on YouTube live.) We plan to chat about a half-hour more or less. Okay, probably more. But if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend, you can check out the video afterward.

Out of the endless topic possibilities, we opted to start with Protection. Lots of people ask about how to better connect to spirit, but very few ask about protection. Unfortunately, it’s often the school of hard knocks that makes it plain these topics go hand-in-hand. So what better place to start?

Expect to hear the down and dirty on:

  1. What is spiritual protection and who needs it?
  2. Common myths surrounding spiritual protection.
  3. Specific techniques and tips you can use for spiritual protection.

Do you have questions about the topic you’d like to see covered? Add ’em in the comments and we’ll address what we can.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Foolish Friends: My Interview in Theresa Reed’s “Talkin’ Tarot”

Talkin' Tarot with Theresa Reed InterviewI’ve been a fan of Theresa Reed’s straight-talk-keeping-it-real attitude for some time now; I’d run across her work occasionally over the years, but really plugged in when I started following her on Twitter.  She clearly knows her stuff.

As I got my own woo-woo web presence underway a couple years back, I found Theresa’s generosity in supporting talented peers a great example of values I wanted to embody in my own work. There are so many inspiring folks in this field! I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know Theresa a little since then via online community, and she’s been every bit as delightful as she comes across from her work.

So you can imagine how honored I was to be interviewed for her “Talkin’ Tarot” feature this month. Check it out here.

And if you leave a comment, be sure to tell Theresa I sent ya!

Have you run across the Tarot Lady before?