Judgement & Eight of Swords: Honestly You

I work online. so the vast majority of what I do is in public, basically. That means I get criticized on a fairly regular basis. We’re talking the internet for God’s sakes! My words reach enough people at this point, it’s physically impossible not to anger, offend, disgust or somehow bother somebody on a regular basis. This morning, I got three hits.

Not trolling for sympathy. That’s just how it is. And I’m okay with it.

The first few times, I did struggle. I cried. I second-guessed and doubted myself. But eventually, I came to realize what someone else says is not about me. Whether or not the words might be considered objectively “right” doesn’t matter. I have no control over how the energy I put out is received. Ever, ever-ever. And neither do you.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. --Aristotle #quotes Click To Tweet

I’ve come to see “knowing myself” not so much as a function of self-honesty, although self-honesty is awesome. To me, knowing myself is about looking inside for those touchstones instead of looking to other people. We spend so much of our lives hoping others will validate and reassure us, we are worthy. When we feel driven to seek outside affirmation, it’s the first clue we’re not feeling it internally. That creates a void that no one else can fill for very long. It’s like a drug that wears off quickly. You always need another hit.

I mean, it’s absolutely lovely when you’ve got people around who uplift. I don’t want to suggest that’s not a helpful and wonderful gift. But if you aren’t close to that realization on your own, whatever comes from outside won’t stick. How you feel about yourself most often is what’s most credible to you. You know? If you’re not somewhere in the neighborhood of a particular conclusion, talky-talk is not going to put you there.

Knowing yourself, feeling your worth, finding your true voice is by nature an inside job. It can be no other way. And at the fresh start of a fresh new year, that’s the job to focus on right now.

Next Week in Tarot

Judgement & Eight of Swords: Honestly You 1

Here, we’ve got Call (Judgement) for the outlook, with the Eight of Air (Eight of Swords) from The Good Tarot. Our Botanical Inspirations messenger is the White Rose, symbolizing new starts and wisdom. Happy 2019, folks!

I usually read Judgement as speaking to clarity, seeing the whole of a situation without blaming or rancor. A rather dispassionate type of assessment. Here, as “Call,” the deck book suggests stepping into your own truth, the call to your authentic voice.

The Eight of Swords is about releasing illusion and allowing yourself to see the truth. In this deck, letting go of falsehoods is emphasized. You tell the difference not by the numbers of people who agree with you, but by what rings true in your heart.

By following through with the call to release what isn’t genuinely part of your truth, you get the gift of the White Rose: a fresh start and wisdom.

I would suggest this week, seek what’s personally important with the intention to obtain your insight from within. Do a gut check first, without considering what others say is right or wrong. Let your intentions and feelings guide you in living authentically. Nothing else can do that, effectively and in concert with who you really are.

Make your fresh start about being as true to your self, your soul, as you can. Know who you are. Be who you are. And let everybody else be who they are. We don’t have to understand or agree with anyone else. We just have to do it for ourselves.

I already have a life to live. One, but it’s quite enough to manage! I aim to just live it the best I can. It’s sure a lot easier than trying to please the rest of the world!

Want a private session? Give me a holler and I’ll get you set up. 



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Eight of Swords: Blooms of the Moment

I’m doing my best to take responsibility for my own sense of well-being. This practice is centered around a pretty hard-for-me-to-argue idea.

If your happiness rests on anything outside yourself, you're screwed. Click To Tweet

That’s certainly been my experience, anywho.

Obviously, I am not gonna love everything and everybody, all the time. I’m way not Jesus! And I’m not trying to deny myself acceptance, those times I’m more storm clouds than sunshine. All feelings are valuable. Feelings help you navigate from wherever you find yourself, back to who you really are.

I just like being happy. I like feeling good. And I’ve found my world runs better if I pay less attention to who else is right, and more attention to what’s right for me. It feels better that way. Nobody else can mess up my world. Not permanently, anyway. What goes on in my head is what is determining my experience, whether my perspective feeds my happy or starves it.

I like to feed the happy.

It’s my aim to love whatever good I can find, anywhere I can find it. I go out there intentionally seeking life’s sparkles and shiny bits. Making a habit out of it day after day after day until it comes as naturally as breathing.

And if you make this one of your intentions and practice it? You’ll start to see more and more of those shiny bits. Your life will become awash in blooms.

Next Week, Sayth the Cards

Eight of Swords: Blooms of the Moment 2

Our guidance comes in the form of the Eight of Air from The Good Tarot (better known of as the Eight of Swords). Isn’t it a pretty deck? And from the Botanical Inspirations deck, the Morning Glory–associated with Affection and Determination.

The Eight of Swords is an old friend to me (or nemesis,whatever). This card encourages us to open our eyes and look around honestly, without the distortions of fear, guilt or self-criticism that keep us paralyzed. It’s a time to look at ourselves less critically, from a higher perspective and release the illusion we have no choices. All roads lead home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html. Damnit.Eight of Swords: Blooms of the Moment 3

Morning Glories hold a special place in my heart. I’m surrounded by their delightful bursts of color each spring and summer on my front porch. Each year, they manage to surprise me anew with their ingenuity and will to spread more even profusely, further and further from where I originally plopped them into the dirt.

Like blessings that insist on multiplying.

To me, Morning Glories wonderfully embody the concept of being fully present in the moment. The Morning Glory graces anyone nearby with a spectacular show of stunningly colorful blooms. But you cannot see those same blooms tomorrow! Nor will you see yesterday’s blooms today. The only blooms you ever see on a morning glory are today’s blooms. It’s now, now, now.

And each night, today’s beautiful blooms quietly wither and drop, making way for tomorrow’s batch of floral goodness. The future takes care of itself as the pods from spent blooms transform to seed and in doing so, make way for next year’s joy. With amazing determination and tenacity.

In short, be determined to express your affection. Start by aiming unconditional love straight at yourself. Back off anywhere you’re not grooving the loving vibe and actively seek out the blooms of the moment. Look for all the good you can find. Now. And now. And now.

You’ll get a better handle on your own happy and you’ll become an expert at finding things to be happy about.

And if you want some help re-orienting your perspective? Give me a holler for a session.

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Jump through that window! Weekly Tarot, 05/29/17

I truly believe we’re surrounded by options ALL the time–complete with ever present, ever ready, albeit “invisible” support–but the state of our own energy is what decides which options we can see.

When we’re guilty, worried, frustrated, hurt or otherwise not feeling the all of ourselves in some way, it constricts that natural connection that guides us. Thoughts get muddied. Clarity is no longer within grasp. Opportunities slip by when we’re upset and too stirred up, because we cannot recognize them easily. We question ourselves and our value and the easy feeling of being “in the flow” eludes us. Everything becomes harder.

Feeling that way sometimes is an inevitability. It’s not wrong, nor proof you’re just not good enough in some way. Life has ebbs as flows, and as it fluxes (and sometimes hits on personal sore spots in the process), our ability to tune in and ride the waves also waxes and wanes. This is both natural and universal. It’s part of what helps us hone in on what’s most important to us, so if you find yourself there? Be gentle with yourself and as loving as you can.

I just want you to know, staying in a constricted state for an extended period of time is NOT inevitable.

I know there’s been a lot of pressure out in the wild lately. People have told me, and I’ve felt it in my own gut. But this coming week? I think we’ll have opportunity to shift and free ourselves from some of the sense of restriction that’s been weighing folks down. Yes!

Quick Video for This Week’s Forecast

Man, what about that image? I look like I just sat on a hornet or something.

The Eight of Swords is one of my “nemesis cards.” Meaning it has shown up for me again and again and again, sometimes more frequently than others. Sometimes, more insistently than others. Sometimes, with more cursing from me than others. But off and on, it’s been a regular visitor since I started working with the cards. So yeah, I see you, Eight of Swords. Damn you–and thank you.

This card always points to a self-induced prison, and generally? It’s one the self doesn’t register as self-induced. Now, you could get pissed over the fact you’re doing it to yourself, but really? That is a bloody gift, knowing it’s your own doing because then, your own doing can also fix it. And it’s always a shorter, easier trip to fix it than you’re thinking when you’re in it.

This week, look for windows, already cracked open and ready for the big escape. They will be there, but nobody (friends visible or otherwise) is going to push you through any window. You’re going to have to make the leap yourself.

In case you need help recognizing your window…I’m extending the session time @ $50/hour deal; use the time however and whenever you want.

I was actually surprised how many folks are using this for impulse-booking to address stuff that has been bothering them for a while and it’s been very productive. I’ve also been able to work folks into my schedule very quickly and easily, as if by magick! So I’m happy with this and hence, am leaving it going for now. Just Paypal here for whatever time you’d like to reserve. Minimum of one hour ($50) for this option, please.

And be well out there!

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Emotional Grace Period, Recommended. Weekly Tarot, March 20 – 26, 2017

I am an emotional creature. I value strong emotion as an important part of who I am, though it sometimes presents it’s own complications. To compensate, I’ve had to develop some skill in managing emotional response without overwhelming anyone too near the strike zone.

Thank you, Saturn.

Naturally, I’m not always perfect at this endeavor. You can just ask the landlady, after my butterfly bush meltdown.

But more often than not, I am successful. I step back. I ground. I meditate, at least when I get to the point that I can. I journal. I go outside. I clean. I take a nap. I distract myself in whatever way seems to help. In short, I do everything I know how to do to talk myself off that ledge.

I mean, dumping an inferno of emotion purges, that’s for sure. But while it relieves the pressure, that out-of-control feeling just sucks and there’s always a hangover after the fact. It’s just not who I want to be, you know? That’s not how I want to feel. So I do my damnedest to take a different route.

Next week, I’m expecting how we handle intense emotion to have relevance.

Full forecast video.

We’ve got a slew of repeats from recent weeks and inversions galore. It has the feel of sludging through mud, man. And notice the dominance of the cups in the week’s cards. Emotions remain “a thing” with a friendly, yellow-alert level Tarot-reader advisory to reign in knee-jerk responses (lest you have something to regret later). We’re wanting to sidestep the collateral damage factor. It can be done, but will require restraint to pull off. Enforce a grace period before acting on strong emotions this week. #OnMyRadar Click To Tweet

Weekly Tarot Forecast in Bullet Points

  • Monday, Eight of Swords rx. You’ll have the chance to free yourself from the knots you’ve been tied up in, right here. Open window of opportunity, and you’ll likely get a nudge to go. Don’t hesitate, it moves fast.
  • Tuesday, Three of Cups rx. Don’t expect your friends to necessarily “get you.” That’s too much to ask. Look to feel comfortable in your own skin and the rest doesn’t matter. It’s your job to get you and nobody else’s.
  • Wednesday, King of Cups rx. Emotional impulsivity is a potential issue. If you’re feeling strongly, don’t complete the real world activity without emotionally stabilizing. Powerful emotions that are very short term.
  • Thursday, Five of Wands rx. Pick your battles! I mean, you can pick all of ’em if you want, but it would be unnecessary bickering.
  • Friday, Three of Pentacles rx. Life won’t go as you planned. It’s still okay. Just be flexible.
  • Saturday, Ten of Cups upright. YAY! This is a good time. Hook up with your family–blood or heart family, either way. Surround yourself with loving vibes however you can, even if it’s just the thoughts you are thinking.
  • Sunday, Empress rx. Even inverted, it’s still a good card. Prioritize self-care. Don’t expect everything will just fall into place perfectly today, because maybe not. But progress is good enough.
  • Overview/Advice: Knight of Cups reversed. FEELINGS are very strong and change very quickly. Give yourself a grace period, between feeling strong emotion and taking action this week. Grace periods will save your tail.

Maybe your experience will be different than what I’m expecting–I hope so! But even if it’s not, you can do this. Just give yourself a grace period before taking action to let the feelings enough that clarity can re-emerge. Take any real-world actions once you’re bathed in the energy you would like for the outcome and you’ll do well.

Much love, and stay safe out there.


p.s. This week’s forecast features the Radiant Rider Waite. Get your Tarot on 1-on-1, or just get my book and flip to a random page to give yourself a DIY bibliomancy reading!


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Harder than it Needs to Be: Weekly Tarot, Mar 13 – 19, 2017

There was one trap I used to trip into, time and time and time again when back I did tech work. I’d research how to  do this or that, and look advice from all over for the PERFECT way to go about it. Without fail, the “perfect way” was always ridiculously demanding and difficult to accomplish without far more resources than I had readily available.

Perfection is also very subjective, no? We all have different needs and goals. So another person’s perfect solution would look different from mine. Becuase MY perfect solution takes into account what I can easily do versus what’s a huge struggle.

But I didn’t think like that. I’d still pine for “perfect” or at least “best possible” and try very hard to make that happen. It sounds good but most of the time, I didn’t have the [knowledge / skills / software / time/ help / pick one or more] required to effectively execute. So there were lots of things I ended up making WAY harder than they needed to be. “Good enough” might be readily within my grasp, but I wasn’t pleased when I knew better could be achieved and if I tried harder–much, much harder–maybe I could get there?

I cannot count the number of nights I was up way too late, sitting in front of a computer and cussing myself for committing to way more, way fancier, than necessary. I can’t say I’m entirely over that–too much Virgo in me, yo. But I notice it and have made a lot of progress (or I’d NEVER be able to produce videos for y’all).

When I took a look at this spread, the overriding message was loud and clear.

You’re making it harder than it needs to be.

If that’s as far as you read, you’ll have what you really need to know. Back up a bit and focus singularly on where you want to go, leaving the how out of it.

Manage your own feelings and leave the rest of the world to manage theirs. #OnMyRadar Click To Tweet

But if you want more? Here are the bullet points, man.

Next week in Bullet Points

  • Monday, Six of Swords rx: Willpower alone will not get you there. There’s a requirement: letting Universal forces work instead of plowing ahead doggedly in the only direction you think will work. It won’t be the path expected and it absolutely cannot be forced. Yielding will get you where determination will not go.
  • Tuesday, Six of Pentacles rx: With Venus retrograde, make sure how you distribute resources reflect current values and not old news. Review and realign based on what’s valuable to you NOW.
  • Wednesday, Two of Swords rx: You cannot make other people’s decisions and if you try too hard to push ’em? Prescription for disaster.
  • Thursday, Page of Swords rx: Mixed messages. Be wary of (yourself or others) saying one thing but in actuality, meaning another. Don’t say what you think they wanna hear. Just lay down tracks of unadorned truth, but sprinkle some kindness on top if you can. It’s a smidge edgey.
  • Friday, Seven of Swords rx: Something that you think nobody is watching? Watched. Always behave in a way in private that you’d be comfortable with becoming public, if ever it did.
  • Saturday, Temperance rx. Don’t overdo the drinks! Tendency to over-indulge or act without sufficient restraint. DESIGNATED DRIVER! No unnecessary risks.
  • Sunday, Nine of Pentacles rx: Tendency toward rawness, coarseness, maybe not intentional but there are still sharp edges on interactions. Presentation is not refined. Focus on the message and not the frilly edges and realize your own words may have the same rough, ragged edges to listeners.
  • Overview/Advice: Eight of Swords. You can do what you’re ready to do when you’re ready to do it. All those external factors making it harder? Let ’em go, emotionally. Forget justifications. Just shift your focus from fears to desires to let the path open up for you. Faith, my friends, is your savior here.

Just focus on where you want to go, and don’t try to micromanage the rest of the world. It’s the scripting that is throwing people off. “If I say this, he will say that and she will do this…” That kinda stuff. I would expect that approach to backfire like an old clunker next week. On the other hand, eyes on your own lane and you’ll make it through the week with flying colors.

Do you often make things harder than they need to be?

See what you can do about that, if you do. And be well!


p.s. This week’s forecast features the Radiant Rider Waite. Get your Tarot on with me, 1-on-1, or just get my book and flip to a random page to get yourself a DIY bibliomancy reading!


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Mine Vs. Yours: Weekly Tarot, Mar 6 – 12, 2017

The grocery checker looked me up and down.

Are my pants irking her?

Some people don’t approve of fuzzy pants at the grocery. What harm they see in it, I have no clue. It’s not a funeral, for Godssakes. Am I disrespecting the broccoli? I just want some coffee creamer and chocolate-something. Should I have to change clothes for that?

Mine Vs. Yours: Weekly Tarot, Mar 6 - 12, 2017 4

I think not, but you probably guessed as much. Besides. The world needs more color and I’m doing my part.

Doesn’t matter if she likes my pants or not. I’m in her line. So be it.

“I just love your hair!” she says, when it’s my turn up. Oh.

Now, I don’t worry so much about what people think any more–a blessing of age. But there was a time, once upon a self-conscious phase ago, when I chastised myself for wanting to wear fuzzy pants everywhere.

“You just need to grow up!” I’d say sternly inside my head.

“What kind of a person lives their lives in fuzzy pants?” Of course the answer to that is easy enough. The kind of person who really likes fuzzy pants!

My job is to decide what pants suit me that day, and wear them.  Not to bother about outside reaction to the pants. That checking other faces instead of hitting up the mirror is what trips us up.

Soon as you look outside yourself to see how you're doing, you've lost the plot. #OnMyRadar Click To Tweet

This coming week is a lot like that.

Daily Bullet Points

It ain’t touchy-feeling this week, folks. But it doesn’t have to be scratchy-ouchie, either. Up to you, to play the cards as they come.

  • Monday, Eight of Swords. Limitations are self-imposed. In the context of having “scripts,” know people may not play their prescribed roles. Focus on just your own role instead for better outcome.
  • Tuesday, Eight of Wands. The sense of unsettledness is not fun, but short term. Everything is already underway, dude! Chill and let the energy that’s already in motion play out.
  • Wednesday, Five of Wands. Are you fighting? Do you really need to be? Sidestep unnecessary kerfuffle and choose your battles. People have wildly divergent interpretations of the same events.  Respect and let be. Because if you try to force others to become you, it won’t go well.
  • Thursday, Knight of Wands rx. Be wary of acting impulsively. Stay heart-centered, yes. But don’t insist that others understand you. That’s much less important than being you. You stay in your joy without looking for anybody else to validate your excitement.
  • Friday, Six of Pentacles rx. Be generous with assumptions. Assume the best of all.
  • Saturday, Page of Swords rx. Miscommunications and wires crossed. Possibility of bluntness, without malice but misunderstandings and sore feelings are possible. Be aware and you can miss than bus.
  • Sunday, Knight of Cups. Emotionally supportive tone to close the week. Good day to bask in love, in whatever form it exists in your love. Focus on loving feelings

Summing it up: The less you try to control others, situations, and conditions outside yourself, the better off you’ll be. All control starts at home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html. With you, in your own head, I’d add. You know, In case you had already turned your attention to spouse or kids or something…snort.

Are you tuned to your own channel?

This week’s forecast features the Radiant Rider Waite in a Tin (great for popping in your bag or car), and Dixie (who wrote this book). Want a one-on-one? Go here.

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