Everyday Tarot, 06/01/11: Rev. Two of Pentacles and Fixing Scattered Focus

Yesterday, we got a repeat of my first Everyday Tarot draw. Today, we got a repeat of my second Everyday Tarot draw, just a month after starting. Sounds like the two of these cards may want to be considered together, huh? That’s what occurs to me, so like normal, I’m running with it!

Today’s Tarot forecast is (again) the inverted Two of Pentacles or “Lord of Harmonious Change,” associated with Jupiter (too much) in Capricorn (responsibility)!

Looking at Elemental Dignitaries, Earth (Pentacles) is not friendly to Air (Swords). They weaken one another’s impact. Having both cards reversed would also suggest blocked energy.

If you’re questioning what’s keeping you from winning (inverted 5 of Swords), here, I’d say it’s trying to do too much at once (inverted 2 of Pentacles).

If I wanted to improve this site for example, I could add this and that and the other thing and try be be all things to all people, essentially scattering my energy all hither and yon.

Or I could focus on doing one or two things at a time, as well as I know how to do them. The accumulation of energy is much tighter, allowing for greater impact in the areas I’m addressing.

In terms of selecting where to focus, I’m sticking with “What do you hope to accomplish?” That idea can become like a mission statement, allowing you to weigh every action or inaction on that scale. (Excuse me—my Virgo is showing.)

Mission accomplished, Tarot—you pointed out my scattered energy. I’ll work on that. (Virgo joke.) P.S. I know I’m not the only one with the Gemini vibe today.

Is your energy scattered? How might you reign it in for more concentrated results?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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