07/26/12: What’s Mama got to say? | Empress


Me to my astrologer: “When am I going to be done with mommy issues?”

My astrologer: “You have Moon square Saturn. That’s a contract with Mommy issues!”

Me: “Arrrgggghhhhhh!” [paraphrased]

Okay. Seriously, Tarot. Really? We JUST had the Empress! Did I miss something?  On the plus side, I must admit I like being of an age that seeing the Empress doesn’t make me want to run out and buy a pregnancy test. So bully for that fact. But still…

The Empress is associated with Venus, mothering and creativity. She is perpetually pregnant with something or other, the ultimate archetypical Tarot Mama (and hence counterpart to the Emperor, aka the Tarot Daddy).

I can’t think she’s here to remind me to be more motherly. I’ve got estrogen gushing, for God’s sakes! My work smacks of the maternal–not as in telling people what to do, but as in being all about the nurturing and loving approach. Family, friends, animals all seem to know I will try to emotionally care for them and whenever possible, feed them as well. I’ve got the mother gene in spades.

So what does she want to say?

Maybe she’s here to nudge me about creative efforts. I write, obviously. And yes, it’s creative. But writing on a schedule about a predetermined topic isn’t quite the same thing as writing for the sheer joy of it, or painting or sewing or making jewelry or whatever, you know.

Maybe she’s here to remind me to mother myself a little more. Take that afternoon off to play, turn down the nagging that it’s not productive enough (it IS!), and do just for the pleasure as opposed to always for the purpose. Love thyself as unconditionally as one would seek to love others. That’s a type of mothering many of us could do with more of. Or maybe I’m just projecting again.

Does the Empress have something to say to you today?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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07/19/12: Death leads to Birth | Empress


“The death of what’s dead is the birth of what’s living.” Arlo Guthrie

We’ve got the Empress (Venus), sitting on her well-cushioned throne surrounded by lush fields and forests. As the Tarot’s archetypical mother figure, she’s pregnant with possibility at the least. Wherever she is, her loving attention nurtures creative expression.

We love seeing the Empress a lot more than we like seeing Death, but you know, both are players in the same cycle. If you cling to the dying, you cannot attend to that which is ready to be born.

Thanks for the reminder, Tarot. It’s time. Go out there and bear fruit!

You have some birthing to attend to?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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07/12/12: Dream Reincarnation | 6 of Cups, Empress

Even from a very young age, I felt destined to be a writer. I mentioned in my newsletter, I started writing my autobiography in the third grade. I decided to hold off, though, because I thought it wise to wait and see how some of this “life thing” turned out. It’s taken several decades for me to get to the point where my writing supports me (and I certainly never expected to be writing about the woo-woo!), but the essence of serving through the written word being what I am supposed to be doing is exactly the same now as it was back then. How amazing is that?


What a beautiful combination from the Osho Zen! We’ve got the Six of Cups/Water, here with the Empress, named The Dream and Creativity.

Let your nostalgic visions not lead to you to feel disappointed over what you’ve not gotten. Instead, access the passion, the love, the DREAMS you’ve had and USE that energy to fuel what you’d like to create now. The essence is always what we’re looking for, the feeling tone, not the specific form we may have once expected. This keeps you from limiting yourself to a single expression of your dreams and opens up the possibility for so much more.

Do you see the strands of your earlier dreams in what you create now? Can you incorporate them?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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05/22/12: Earth Mother | Empress, Prince of Discs


To what do you give birth?

The Empress (Venus) doesn’t just show up for Mama, though. She signals any kind of birth. A new lifestyle, a new persona, or a new work of art coming into being may each be an expression of the Empress. Think pregnant. And no matter the form she takes in Tarot decks, pretty much every interpretation of the Empress is graced with fertile, lush surroundings. It’s not just birth she promises, but abundant, fruitful creation.

Paired with the Prince of Discs (aka Knight of Pentacles, Air in Earth), we’re talking real-world manifestation. The flowers are coming into bloom! That’s lovely. Don’t forget to tend them, feeding and watering, never losing sight of the never-ending detail work. It’s what makes those flowers grow strong and tall, you know. Right action at the right time.

On the flip side, maybe you aren’t doing much mothering—so perhaps some self-care would serve instead. If you drive, drive, drive yourself relentlessly, it makes for a little crazy. Everybody both needs and deserves some gentle, loving care. Doesn’t have to be heavy-hitting, all encompassing shifts here. Little moments, small gestures, make a very big difference.

Do you feel this energy in your life?

rosetta-tarot-cards (500x525)
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Painting Your Own Moon – Empress

Creativity is an Empress avatar. Here, she’s painting her own moon – choosing the color of her emotions by how she expresses herself creatively. The tapestry of her experiences has become part of her, the colors and patterns and shapes meld into her being as well as painting her surroundings. Her creative self has effectively colored her reality.

To deal with strong energy, you channel.
Selecting creative pursuits that suit whatever energy bearing down gives you a lot of control in managing it. Maybe you cook a huge meal for Jupiter, but use an exacting recipe for Saturn. Maybe you plant flowers to nurture for the moon, but choose exciting and unexpected colors for Uranus. Maybe you journal out some shadow-feelings for Pluto, but choose to view the situation more expansively and generously than you have in the past, for Jupiter. There are endless ways to mix and match.

Using your creativity, however you choose to do so, it a powerful way to direct even challenging energy to allow yourself to process feelings, recharge, renew, reframe and refine our experiences.

How do you use your creativity to channel energy?

Enough, Mama! | Rev Empress


“Yes, Mother. I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me.”  Alice Walker

[Editor’s note: This was originally written for 3/2 but didn’t get published that day. I have no idea why…So we’ve got it now. :)]

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Empress (Venus), one of the Tarot Threes, so it’s a card of birth. But inverted, we may blocked from mothering, or maybe we shouldn’t be doing so much.

You aren’t perfect, but you don’t need to be. Remember that.  Forgive yourself and set the example.

Don’t just hand the family dinner on a silver platter, okay? It’s always fine to support and nurture, but don’t do everybody else’s work. Because you know what? It doesn’t really help.

I get it. I have this drive myself. But many times, the most loving thing you can do is step back and let others live their own lives. It is an act of respect in their own abilities. It’s saying, loud and clear, “I have faith in you.” It tides those you love over, when they don’t have quite enough in themselves.

Do you feel driven to take care of others?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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