Does it matter, what’s in the basement?

creepy-basement-light-1565777-1278x769“Dixie, do you think it matters, what I store in my basement?”

“Yes, I do. I really do think it matters quite a bit.”

If you look at the maxim, “As above, so below,” and “as below, so above,” and if you live in my world, you see everything as a network of energy. You think of everything in terms of what energy it adds or burns.

And you realize, the above part and the below part tend to work in rough sync.

That’s why you can have medical intervention that changes your life emotionally. And why you can do emotional interventions that changes your health physically. That’s why magic spells work. The symbolic representation in the physical manifests outward. It starts ripples in motion.

And this is quite true, in terms of stuff. It can retain vibrations from its past, connections to its former owners (particularly depending on how they currently feel about the stuff), imprints of the kind of emotion and activity that’s happened nearby.

Have you ever looked at something or picked it up, and got a really good, warm feeling? What about going to a place where you instantly felt comfortable? Being around an animal or person, where you felt good, and at home?

Or maybe you’ve had less pleasant experiences as sudden, inexplicable but maybe visceral reactions. These are related to the energetic qualities and imprints.

I find the environment an item is in, the emotions most consistently displayed in its vicinity, the purpose of the item, the relationship to its owner, etc. all play a role in what kind of energy physical stuff picks up. And the MEANING of the item, both generic and personal, play a part as well.

Stuff that’s not used for its intended purpose, stuff that’s packed away and just sits, tends to add staleness to a place’s energetic temperature. It’s like filling your energetic space with waste, withering plants, deadness, lack of fulfillment, you know? Stuff that’s not fulfilling a purpose becomes a burden. Carried out of obligation perhaps, or fear we’ll one day need it, or guilt we haven’t utilized some resource as effectively as we could.

It can pick up residue from our feelings surrounding it and make those feelings less transitory and more concrete.

And even if you don’t feel like that energy impacts you because you’ve effectively managed it, processed or neutralized it, it’s still THERE. Which means there’s quite probably some of your own energy budget that is required to keep those vibrations out of your everyday awareness.

Stuff also maintains energetic imprints from owners or how it was used. You can specifically clean items, smudge or use salt or holy water or sound cleansing or what-have-you to remove “energetic residue” but depending on what it’s picked up and how embedded, some stuff can’t easily be salvaged or may not be worth the trouble.

If you want new into your life, the best way to get it is release old from your life. This creates a vacuum.

But understanding this has a very helpful dynamic: you can use physical items to distance or lessen ties to individuals, situations, and other dramatic or difficult circumstances that you don’t want to invite into your world. Consciously make choices about what you store.

Especially in the basement. Because what is the basement? It’s the foundation of your home. It’s the building blocks you trust to keep you held up, safe from outside weather and threats. It’s what you and everything else in your home rests on, you know?

Now, I’m not saying freak the Hell out over every piece of clutter in your home. Nor am I claiming the effects of too much or the wrong types of stuff is going to be violent or immediate. It’s gradual, like dust bunnies and it builds up over time. Especially if you’re not one to smudge a lot.

I have found it TREMENDOUSLY helpful to slowly, gradually and mindfully migrate stuff out of my life. Start a donate box or something similar and as you come across things, pick it up, observe it. Notice how it feels, and remember, who or what an item is connected to for you.

“Is this energy I want to keep in my life? Does this still fit my life, and who I am in it at this point?”

In the kitchen, ask, “Does this help feed me?”

In the bedroom, ask, “Does this bring me peace?”

In the basement, ask, “Does this help support me?”

In the bathroom, ask, “Does this help revitalize and heal me?”

In the living room, ask, “Does this help entertain me and bring me joy?”

In the attic, ask, “Does this offer me protection and connection?” (Thanks Cat for the reminder!)

In the hallway, ask, “Does this aid in smooth, healthy transitions?”

I especially like to do this slowly, gradually when I’m cleaning for new or full moons. That way, the energy surrounding me is transitioning along with the energetic shifts of the moon cycles. I always go by my feelings and nudges and don’t stress about how fast or how slow it’s going. I just stay tuned in to how I feel about the process to gently, gradually trudge my way through.

Then? I smudge the heck out of the space! Clean it, smoke it. Bless it. Protect it, set your boundary. (You can do this however you like, really. Blessed salt–which you can bless yourself, it’s your damn house–holy water, protective oils, plant guardians, deity statues, animal friends, angels, guides, house spirits. Do what you find meaningful or ask for spirit help from whomever you work with. It’s about finding what resonates for and with you.)

I’ve found these principles just as powerful with electronic items – photo files and emails and texts and such – as with physical stuff. If you want to release someone else’s energy, release emails, texts, and physical items connected to that person and watch how swiftly shifts happen. You’ll be agog.

The other thing to remember: excessive clutter is not a great thing to live with. Ugly, unpleasant energy loves clutter. It hides in dark, messy, inhospitable places you don’t like to look through and collects. So efforts to tidy, clean, lighten and brighten any and all areas of your home will definitely lift your spirits and make your travels through life lighter.

What have you discovered regarding the connection of energy to stuff?

Physical Symptoms of Emotional Trauma

Emotional energy, when not released near the time it was created, has to go SOMEwhere. It doesn’t just cease to exist. That “somewhere” it hide is your body.

The older, the stronger the emotional hit, the deeper and more entrenched the energy in your physical body. It can manifest in infinite forms. Accident, injury, swelling, illness, weakness, bruises, limitations and fatigue. We can limp along to compensate, but the longer it remains, the more energy it takes to try and artificially stimulate some sort of equilibrium. It’s difficult to maintain that force field indefinitely.

Sensitive types are especially prone. Your emotions are louder and you can absorb random stuff when your shields are compromised so it can build something wicked.

Watching people make significant emotional shifts, I see physical symptoms often shortly follow emotional changes. This can take the forms of mysterious pains,  accidents, heat, swelling, nausea, gastrointestinal flareups and changes in hormonal cycles. Not to mention exhaustion!

If you’re going through a significant emotional shift, be kind to your body and understand you may get corresponding physical symptoms, from within minutes to a few hours or days later.  The bigger and faster the shift, the more intense and quick onset the physical reaction tends to run. Make time for extra rest, drink tons of water to cleanse, take extra baths or showers, and feed your body good food. Any kind of healing or energy work you participate in would be good at this point, too.

And it goes the other way, too: if you’re having physical flareups, in addition to treating the symptoms, look for the emotional counterpart of the conditions. (As my magic teacher says, “Take the aspirin AND do the spell.”)The left side of the body is yin, the right, yang energy. Check the Chakra which rules that part of the body, and ask yourself, “Is my life out of whack here? Am I well balanced?”

If you follow astrology, look for planetary alignments. What do you associate with that part of your body, either literally or metaphorically? You’re looking for clues, and whichever seems to “click” for you is where you want to go first.

If you have any chronic illness, look for the purpose it serves in your life. (There always is one.) Look at what it gives you, what it spares you from, what it teaches you or hides or emphasizes or creates. I’m not saying the purpose is always bad, either. Maybe you agreed to come down here to learn the lessons of living in whatever body you have. But when energy serves it’s purpose, it often ceases to be. The more you are in alignment with your needs, the better you do in allowing energy to flow freely, the easier and better life is. Attention to the metaphysical health won’t always spare us physical pain, but it will always improve our ability to manage.

Your body, and especially changes in it’s state is a quite reliable illustrator of change on an energetic level. Shifting around those emotions shifts around your cells. As within, so without.

What connection do you seem between emotional injury and physical symptoms?

Vibrational Matches in Relationships (Law of Attraction)

Law-of-attractionRecently, vibrational matches in relationship came up. I have a working theory of how energy patterns mesh, based on observation, the Law of Attraction and stuff I’ve picked up along the way. Like attracts like.

Any time you’ve got two people with a big mismatch in their vibrations, it’s highly uncomfortable and one or both will end up moving toward the other position or to detach somehow. The more close and frequent the interactions, the more emotional ties, the “stickier” their energy is going to be to you.

At work, if you hang with people who hate their jobs, you’ll find yourself liking your job less; if not, you’ll start to feel trapped around the unhappy people. Other the other hand, if you spend time with people who love their work, you’ll feel more gratitude about your own. Or maybe your dissatisfaction becomes more glaring , prompting you to address it. Either way, the coming together highlights differences in a way they become uncomfortable to ignore.

Someone abusing drugs has very erratic energy. If you remain emotionally connected throughout an extended period, your energy becomes erratic, too. The drama and chaos leaks over, clogging up your own aura and leaving you drained, upset or sick. That’s why you need the boundaries.

When two people are closely partnered, they’ll tend toward the same vibrational range. They split when there becomes too much of a discrepancy. The bigger the discrepancy, the more emotional energy it requires to maintain connection.Of course, they could reunite, provided they managed to match up again closely enough. But it can be significant work realigning, so it seldom works well if both people are not committed to doing so.

The connection some feel toward ex-partners is fed by emotional energy (and can be felt from either side—you can “feel” an ex’s feelings about you and vice versa). So if you can’t get an ex out of your head, it could be because you’re in the ex’s head! To release, you have to refocus to shift your vibration off of that station. You then stop feeding the energy by adding your emotion into the loop, thus removing yourself and minimizing the vibration.

The people you always seem to “get,” the ones you feel most at home with, are ones who habitually vibrate in frequencies comfortable or pleasant for you. Vibrations vary with the astrology, activities, companions, and physical health, but I think most people have a set range, almost like a set-point weight, they tend to gravitate toward without undue effort. You can raise or relax your standard frequency based on how you recharge and emotionally feed.

What do you think?

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham
by Esther Hicks