Butterfly Signs: Figure it out.

20130716_100835I’m sitting outside visiting with my daughter. She points out the white butterfly.

“Yeah, I’ve been seeing a white butterfly every single time I come outside for a while now. If I’m outside five minutes, I see him.”

“Is it the same one?” she wants to know.

“Sometimes I see a few together, so I’m figuring not. Just every time I go outside, I see the same kind of tiny, white butterfly. So I kind of think of him as being the same one.”

“It’s a sign, Mom! It’s a sign! It’s a sign!” she chirps.

I’m amused without letting on–because there was a day she would have made fun of me for saying what she just said, even though she was maybe joking. Kind of, anyway. 60% joke, or maybe it’s 40% joke. 

“What do they mean?” she asks.

“I dunno.”

“What do you mean, you don’t know?!? Look that shit up in a dream dictionary! It’s a sign, you need to find out what it means.”

“Butterflies have lots of meanings. Usually related to transformation. But I don’t know about white. Someone did tell me, sometimes it’s someone who’s passed.”

“It’s a sign, figure it out.” She must get her bossiness from her father.

I’m still seeing them. And no, I haven’t figured out what he’s trying to tell me. But I don’t mind all all. I enjoy seeing him. A friendly sign, for sure!

Do you get signs?

02/17/13: Family Love Insulation / 10 of Cups


So maybe the rest of the world is going up in flames and sure, there’s a zombie swimming toward the shore. But Mama is happy! She’s got her adoring husband and little bundles of joy playing nearby. She’s living a sunny day at the beach! Nothing else matters to her, not right now anyway.

Lately, I’ve been struck by themes about the quality of the people you keep in your life, and this card reinforces the notion. “Family” is a lot more than who is related to whom. That’s the blood family, but we also have a “heart family.” For some folks, the group is one and the same but anybody who has a family of any sort, however humble a group it may be, is a lucky person indeed!

Expressions of support, simple shared activities, and even a sunny disposition all provide a tremendous amount of insulation from life’s storms. Whatever’s wrong in the world (and there will always be SOMETHING), don’t let it dissuade you from finding yourself a little getaway bungalow and fill it with love.

But what if you don’t have people for that? Well…even if you begin with a studio bungalow and it has a residency of one…make sure YOU are truly there. Love is protective and healing. Get a dog or cat, get art or music that you love. Hell, get a pair of shoes that you love! I don’t care how you begin, just turn up the emotion of LOVE in your life. Use the word “Love” and think thoughts about love and FEEL love. This helps amp up your loving vibration to attract a heart family. It’s healing and protective.

The first and most important member of your family is always the same: you.

Do you feel love insulation?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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07/20/12: Who’s the crazy one? | rev 10 Pentacles

reversed 10 of pentacles

It used to be, whenever there was any kind of disruption in my home life, I felt like it was because I hadn’t said or done the right thing, whatever the Hell that means.

You know. Your mate is depressed? Must be disappointed with the relationship! Your kid is struggling? Must have done something wrong! Money’s tight? What have I done wrong to cause it? How could I have kept this from happening?

Repeat after me: “It’s not all about me.” Really.

The Ten of Pentacles is usually better received upright—inverted, while family prosperity and harmony is definitely still the topic, there’s some disruption there. The Housewive’s Tarot version is interesting, in it showing the happy housewife holding up the huge plateful of family perfection all alone. Or as pictured here, she’s about ready to see it come crashing down!

In every family unit, there is the part (i.e.the individual), and the whole. And while one part can absolutely disrupt the whole, the energy of the whole is dynamic and gestalt, much more than any individual part.

My ego-laden tendency to take all the blame when something was off at home was half right. My energy IS part of the whole and how I’m doing, good or bad, impacts all. But not always how you’d expect.

One person can become the designated carrier for the crazy, or the designated crier, or the designated worrywart. It tends to cover up similar energy in other family members when this happens. If that person manages to outgrow the label, all sorts of dust can get blown out and dirty up the family story.

Look at your designated role, be it in your family of birth, of marriage, or even your family of friends. Are you comfortable with the role you have? Do you want to keep it? Realize, if it’s not working the way you’d like, it’s a result of both your energy but also that of the others’ who are a part of this group. Altering your own frequency will impact the group, but not necessarily in a predictable way.

It takes a lot of compassion and love to accept people where they are at—and this includes the self. Don’t take responsibility for the entire family’s well-being. Just take responsibility for YOU, and for making yourself better. For the rest of the crew, it’s their path and they are walking it, even if next to you doing so.  Support and love them, sure! But don’t try to commandeer blame (or credit) for their lives. Self-determination trumps the group dynamic.

Do you tend to take the blame for family issues?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Everyday Tarot, 5/03/11: Not Quite at Home

reversed-ten-pentacles-morgan-greer-tarotOver the last five years or so, my conception of who is my “family” has shifted significantly, albeit unconsciously. It still is in flux and probably always will be, truth be told.

I never planned to redefine “family” every other Christmas! More than anything, people coming and going from my life have forced me to redefine my tribe, lest I find myself seriously lacking on that front. This works pretty well, unless or until remaining family disowns you.

Today’s Tarot is the Inverted Ten of Pentacles, aka “The Lord of Wealth,” associated with Mercury in Virgo. Like all Tarot tens, we are simultaneously ending one cycle and beginning another. Often, this card heralds family celebrations, along with a sense of prosperity and community. It’s all about what makes you feel abundant and prosperous, centering on home and heath.

I talk sometimes about my biological relatives. They are Jehovah’s Witnesses and in case it’s not glaringly apparent—well, I am not. This makes me persona non grata at family functions. Oh well, you know? The break happened over a quarter century ago, so I’d be a mighty slow processor if I was still mourning it much. But that’s not to say it never tweaks me.

Instead, I turned to other sources for a sense of community. My husband, children and friends have all served at times, as well as a number of “online families.” In the rare event I actually feel at home, I mentally adopt those folks! This works pretty well, except when it doesn’t.

My seventh house can Saturn in Pisces can erase relationships as if they never existed. Square a 10th House moon, this process is generally painful and very often, public. For example, upon leaving the Witnesses, it was publicly announced I was being expelled “for conduct unbecoming a Christian.” (Translation: not claiming I still believed the doctrine.) On the rare occasions where it doesn’t go down that way, I’m terribly grateful. But however it goes down, it is and always will be difficult. That’s the nature of this beast, you know?

The inverted Ten of Pentacles suggests that love (Venus) can indeed be a practical (Virgo) matter. While those we recognize as family may not always wholeheartedly accept us as such, we can continue to welcome those who do, and focus on the elements of family and abundance still present in our daily lives. If you’ve distanced from your family for whatever reason, look for other kindred souls to take their place. Individual perception of family may not be more powerful or than blood ties, but it certainly can take the edge off. Get your dinner where you’re best fed.

Does your sense of who your family is change?

Morgan Greer Tarot Deck & Book
by Morgan Greer