Um…Did I do something weird with the Everyday Foolishness email?

Okay, I was fiddling with my email lists. And I noticed I ended up sending out more copies of the Everyday Foolishness (i.e. posts by email) than I had been. I don’t know why, though. Which worries me a little.

So if I’m sending this to you and you did not want it, I’m SO SORRY! I will never intentionally send someone something that they didn’t want.

Please give me a comment, contact me, hit the “preferences” or “unsubscribe” links in one of emails, or just reply to it.

Are you getting the right messages from me? BZPZVDZVPY9R


Help – Questions for AFJ Readers!

Hey, folks, I could use some feedback if you would be kind enough to help…Please share in the comments or contact me privately if you prefer.

  • Do you like/use the Everyday Tarot forecasts? Would you rather see weekly forecasts with more frequent/varied articles or daily forecasts with occasional articles?
  • For those of you the read on shiny/mobiles/portables: Does the mobile-friendly version help or hinder your experience?
  • Are there special topics you’d like to learn more about? Within the realm of my woo-woo expertise, I’ll see what I can do.
  • How do you feel about the videos? Any special topics you’d like to see covered via video?
  • What about a Live Webcam Workshop on Tarot, developing your intuition or another topic? Freebies only? Or if affordably priced?
  • If you’ve considered getting a reading but have not, what stopped you?
  • Why do you read here?

I’m re-evaluating how I expend my energy and want to make sure I’m offering what is most helpful and what my audience is interested in. Sometimes, y’all are quiet and so I don’t know! So any other feedback on what you’d like to see is welcome.

And thank you for your help and support!