08/22/11: Conflict Zen | Reversed Five of Wands


“A conflict begins and ends in the hearts and minds of people, not in the hilltops.” –Amos Oz

I do make it practice, to “live Zen” much as I can, because¬† I’m so much happier! :yinyang: Even (especially?) with little things, I consider job to keep my intent pure, leaving the Universe to sort out the rest. I maintain faith that as I send out any energy, it will go where it needs to go, whether or not it’s how I’d have anticipated.

It’s is a very freeing perspective. Once I hit send on an email, hang up the phone, even once I write an Everyday Tarot column, I make a conscious effort to let that energy go without “outcome strings.” It’s not a guarantee I’ll never become frustrated, but it is a guarantee I’ll skip some ego-driven, internally-generated drama. If you always do the best you know how and put that out infused with good intent, it’s like Karmic insurance.

Today’s Tarot is the Five of Wands reversed or Lord of Strife, associated with Saturn in Leo. This lovely version from Shadowscapes features feisty foxes fighting. And you know, there is kind of a “pack” feel to the Five of Wands. It’s a crowd mentality‚ÄĒeverybody is going at it with all they’ve got. Reversed, though, I’d expect an opportunity to end the struggle, perhaps simply by dropping out of the fray.

What if someone is being unkind or hurtful? Obviously, aggression doesn’t endear folks to us, but how much does it change, practically speaking? Is the threat real? Are the issues at stake relevant, or is it about hurt feelings? Restraining (Saturn) ego (Leo) may be in order. Because if we find a situation disagreeable, we can often choose not to pay attention. I try to feed the energy I like in my life, and starve unpleasant frequencies. It’s like an energetic volume setting.

There are an awful lot of fights we can escape by simply disengaging. Just because we’re nearby and get a shot aimed our way doesn’t mean we have to opt-in for a full-blown war. Certainly, there are times when it’s appropriate and necessary to fight. I’d never suggest otherwise. The question is, “Is this one?”

The reversed Five of Wands suggests reviewing battle zones. Is this a fight worth having? Can you easily erase it from your life by ceasing to pay attention? If it is a worthy battle, hold tight to your highest intention throughout and maintain kindness even as you step up to the challenge. Keep your integrity intact regardless. But if it’s not worthy of your attention, send good wishes to your would-be adversaries and leave the trashy vibes out on the curb. The stench lingers.

Do you have a battle afoot? How is it going?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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