12/17/13: Stuck in a Stick Fight / 5 of Wands, 2 of Pentacles

Treating your adversary with respect is striking soft in battle. –Samuel Johnson

Five of Wands Two of Pentacles Steampunk Tarot

These two cards flopped out of the deck together, so I am reading them together. We’ve got the Five of Wands and Two of Pentacles from the Steampunk Tarot staring us in the face.

Sometimes people get frustrated because other people cannot or will not remotely approach their own expectation of “reasonable.” Beyond a potential rush from a dose of righteous indignation, this approach doesn’t offer much in the way of net gains.

You MUST effectively juggle conflicting perspectives or goals to navigate effectively today. In other words, you may be expected to take in consideration strong feelings or viewpoints that in no way, shape or form resemble your own. You may be asked to transcend your personal, strongly-held belief structure to function within a group or resolve a seemingly unresolvable issue.

You can do this, but it takes effort—and self-control.

It’s not about abandoning your identity or core values. It’s about knowing exactly what those issue are, and being generous with what those issues are not. You dig?

Don’t dig your heels in unless it truly matters, and be prepared to let go of the rest. That’s the only way you’ll be able to avoid spending the whole day whacking and being whacked with a bunch of sticks.

You stuck in the middle of a stick fight?

Steampunk Tarot 
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

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04/02/13: Keeping Your Own Counsel in the Fight / rev 5 of Wands


Yep, it’s there. The tension is in the air, but nobody’s acknowledging it. I’m seeing gritted teeth and slightly forced smiles. Not that is right or wrong, really. I mean, seriously. There are times to lay it all on the table, and times to hold your own counsel, you know? I’m a Scorpio Mars; I fully understand the benefit of not over-sharing.

The light from my flash that shows up atop this picture strikes me as reminiscent of the Sun. Because of that, I want to say that good will come out of conflict, although it’s not yet manifested. Also, being reversed, it’s easy for these wands the fellows are fighting with to just fall away…and hence cease to be an issue. Ammunition for fights can disappear if you give it a little time.

The conflict itself seems like it will shortly become a moot point. Certain words said in the heat of the moment cannot be erased.  Best to keep some things to yourself right now and let this play out lest you deliver blows that could not easily heal.The clearing that comes with the new day will do a lot more good than anything you could come up with now. Trust and wait.

Are you feeling an under-the-surface heat source?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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03/16/13: Scrap the Snark / 5 Wands, Page Swords


When overwhelmed with stressors, it’s easy to become careless. Remarks may be more cutting than intended. Unintended consequences from even off-hand remarks could be an issue. Childish behavior is quite possible. Don’t get annoyed and snap and for God’s sakes, watch those 60/40 jokes (60% joke, 40% smack). Hilarity does not ensue!

Take challenges on ONE at a time, carefully thinking each through to avoid overload. Weigh words before speaking and focus on your own chores to fare best.

Can you feel the impulses pulsating?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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03/11/13: Don’t Pick up that Stick! / 5 Wands, Rev 10 Swords


So, some battles going on? Don’t overreact to all the drama, man! That’s what I’m seeing in the combo today of Five of Wands and reversed Ten of Swords. You can see it without being a player here, you know?

Now, if you’ve got the Five of Wands energy going down, you know. It’s clear, open conflict. Kind of like orgasm: if you have to ask, it doesn’t apply. Associated with Saturn in Leo, this card often shows a battle egos. How invested is your own ego in your emotional reaction?

The reversed Ten of Swords can speak to a healing that’s started, an over-reaction, or a betrayal that really isn’t. Today, I’m thinking of it like getting elbowed but acting as if there’s a knife at your throat. Too much defend! Responses need to match stimuli. You may not be able to tell the difference in the heat of the moment.

Since we’ve still got serious Pisces action with the Full Moon and planet pileup, we’re still swimming in murk. Irritations may ultimately amount to precious little if you ride them out instead of taking up arms. Once you’ve started whacking, you can’t easily reel it in.

So…you have the urge to pick up a wand and beat someone over the head with it? Try sleeping it off. See how you feel in the morning.

Know of anyone escaping beatings because of this advice? 

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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03/05/13: Unnecessary Drama / 5 of Wands Rev


Today is the Five of Wands reversed, associated with Saturn in Leo. Dramatic (Leo) work (Saturn) would be a useful way to expend this energy, but how many of us do that?

Seeing this version from the Zodiac Tarot, I’m inclined to tell you not to let your ego (Leo) run amuck. It could be limiting (Saturn) via conflicts. Fives are conflicted cards. Be especially wary of temper tantrums because you know what? It’s probably way unnecessary.

Time makes a lot of things seem way less important. Often, just a little bit of time, you know?

Use your dramatic skills for good and not evil. Okay? And if you’ve got drama showing up, recognize it as such and take a step back. Every play ends.

You witness to unnecessary drama?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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01/15/13: Testy! | 5 of Wands


Okay. I grabbed the Housewives Tarot deck because I thought, “Hey, this might cheer folks up!” The sky is pretty Saturn-heavy at the moment, and people are feeling oppressed.

Well, Hell, The Five of Wands isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy, huh? But at least here, it’s a lot less confrontational than normal.

One thing that stands out to me about this version–she’s not fighting with other people. These appliances are more like situations, realities, stuff in the environment. I mean, okay, I’ve been known to anthropomorphize with the best of them. But stuff like toasters and blenders are not overflowing with personality, either. You know?

But the danger is when dear hubby walks through the door. After doing battle all day, she’s liable to snap at him, you know?

Be kind to your housemates. And the people you run across in your everyday life. (You are welcome to give the Toaster Hell though. Damn thing has it coming.)

Are you testy?

P.S. Just because the site is still a mess, do NOT think I’m not doing readings–or that you’re free from listening to me go on about those Zodiac Tarot 2013 Forecasts. You’re not! I really love the way the different houses from the reading come together to form a cohesive picture of the coming year. I’m finding a lot of the time, what’s going on in one area suggest strategies for handling other areas. It’s very cool. So if you’re thinking about getting one, it’s still on!