12/25/12: Christmas Manners! | Rev 5 of Wands

inverted 5 of wands meaning

Merry Christmas!

Today, we’ve got the Five of Wands reversed. Can you try not to fight? And you notice in the image here, all those warriors are connected at the roots, right? Yep. Part of the same family. Whether it’s your biological family, family by marriage or family of friends, if you’re spending today with them, you share something in common. Consider that, before you haul off and punch somebody.

I sometimes read this particular version of this card as internal conflict, because it IS showing a single tree. But even if it’s not your kith and kin, or even if it’s not all in your head, we all ARE connected energetically. And that which makes us the most crazy often does so because it resonates with something ugly within ourselves we don’t care to admit.

If you get the urge to lash out, that’s always something to consider. Don’t forget your Christmas manners!

Do you expect a peaceful Christmas?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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12/01/12: Conflict Zen | 5 Wands

five-of-wands-meaning-housewives-tarot-deck When it feels like the world is coming at you from every which way and no matter what you do, someone is going to have issue with it? Something is going to break down or fall apart or there is just some struggle that cannot be avoided no matter how much you’d like to manifest otherwise? That’s a Five of Wands day!

I try—very, very hard—to maintain my Zen. Perhaps in the trying, I miss some of the point. Wouldn’t be the first time. Ha!

What others say and do is NOT about me. Or you! But damn if it sure doesn’t feel like it sometimes, you know? When the blender won’t work or the toaster burns out, it is not the Universe conspiring. It’s not the Source abandons us.

It’s the energy, either directly, personally manifested, or perhaps necessitated by lessons or the greater rhythms of the universe at large, is such as what appears.

I won’t say I’m immune to the influence. I can use the reminder as well as anybody. Understand, it’s a time to fight through, and do so with as much patience and good humor as can be had. If it’s a lesson, surrender to it to smooth the energy flow. If it’s outside forces working against you, understand completely and utterly it’s NOT about you, because it never, ever is. People carry their own issues and you can end up as a projected actor in their movie. But accepting that role is a choice.

So today, what I’m seeing is all about trudging through any conflict, not taking it to heart so much and working through the chores that come our way as we maintain our focus and equlibrium amidst the chaos that sometimes shows up.

And that is, indeed, a victory!

Are you feeling conflict around you?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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08/08/12: Branches of the Same Tree | Five of Wands


I just hate it when I need to take my own advice. I hate it more when I don’t see the need until we trip the “unavoidable” switch.

“Fast study, fast study, fast study,” I will myself. “Pay attention to the taps so you can duck the slaps,” is my motto. Doesn’t mean I’ll always live up to it.

The Five of Wands speaks of battle, but this version Legacy of the Divine tends to appear when there are elements of internal conflict, perhaps unrecognized. All the combatants are coming from the same tree—they are related,  whether they want to acknowledge that in the heat of battle or not.

Feeling frustrated? The internal component may be getting overshadowed by the wailing and gnashing of teeth over external foes. What do you have in common? In what ways do you behave the same as the other here?

If you feel yourself shrinking back, recoiling or retracting, frustrated or confused, ask WHY. Not worrying what the other person is doing, look at your own role and investment. I’m thinking today, right now, take whatever is bugging you to be a tap on the shoulder. Pay heed or expect a slap to follow.

You dealing with conflict?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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06/26/12: Release for Peace | rev 5 Wands

IMG_2253 The Five of Wands is associated with Saturn in Leo—limits (Saturn) on the ego (Leo) may be an issue. This version especially, from Legacy of the Divine, can suggest inner conflict as well as outer. At the very least, look for commonalities between sides. Each of the combatants are sprouting from the same tree. Forces fighting are intimately connected.

Reversed, how about looking to reconcile competing interests, clarify mixed feelings until you find the highest calling in the situation, the overriding force? Focus on objective, moral imperative, and look for action to best personify the purest expression of that will. Let details work themselves out.

Big picture thinking and prioritizing aspirations help to illuminate options. A little humility goes a long way.  Focusing first on what counts most helps your Zen, man.  That helps me release struggles.

What helps you release conflict?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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03/19/12: Conflict Mirrors | Rev Hermit, Rev 5 Wands

“No one wants to know how clever you are. They don’t want an insight into your mind, thrilling as it might be. They want an insight into their own.”
Mark Haddon


Today’s Tarot is the reversed Hermit (Virgo), and the Rev. Five of Wands (Saturn in Leo). If you’re having difficulty connecting with your inner voice, finding the search for higher truths murky, or just having a rough time overcoming a personal concern? Look at where you’re most uncomfortable in relation to other people.

Causes of dissention don’t come from outside. But triggers sure the Hell do. Sniff around your triggers and you’ll get some insight.

Yeah, I’m preaching about projection again. Sorry ’bout that! But it’s a basic fact of being human, we retreat from whatever hits too close to home. Whatever makes you maddest, most bothered or most upset in other people’s behavior? This tweaks you if it’s too much like you. The root of the conflict always comes back home.

Tarot is a path where ALL roads lead home. Always.

Do you find self insight from looking outside yourself? (I do.)

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Shadow Boxing–Late Tarot today! | 5 Wands, Rev High Priestess


Ooops! Lily pointed out I MISSED today’s Tarot. And so I did. Eeek! So here’s a quickie for y’all who came looking, with my apologies for being so darned late.

Are you embroiled in conflict and cannot seem to get undone? Question your assumptions. You may well be fighting a mirage, a shadow, a misconception. Many times, it’s in the perspective. Internal, not external source of conflict. You let go of your pre-conceived notions, the conflict can disappear as quickly as it showed up.  Shadow boxing!

You feeling this?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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