02/02/11: No more Fight | Rev 5 of Wands


“Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.” George Carlin

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Five of Wands (Saturn in Leo). While the traditional take focuses largely on conflict between ourselves and others, the quirky Housewives Tarot deck shows a woman overwhelmed by all she’s got to handle. Where to start?!?

Sometimes, battles are important and right. But seeing this card reversed, I’m wondering if the conflict is all it’s cracked up to be? How important are these matters of principle, anyway? Are you being constrained (Saturn) by ego (Leo)? Are you digging in your heels out of pride, or because it’s worth what it’s costing you?

The Five of Wands reversed may be a nudge you can slip away from the fight. Maybe you’ll do the dishes but skip the ironing. Or maybe you’ll hold fast to what’s most important and skip sweating the little stuff. You probably can now.

Are you trying to get away from a fight?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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01/01/12: Happy New Year! | Advice for 2012, Zodiac Spread

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.” –Tom Peters


In honor of the New Year, I did a simple Zodiac spread for 2012! One card for each of the houses and an overview card to pull it all together from the fun Housewive’s Tarot deck. It looks like we’ve got some challenges ahead, but Tarot’s advice should help us skim the most difficult with minimal bruising. So let’s get busy!

Houses 1 – 4


1st House/Self– Rev Page of Swords: Cutting edge? Only if you’re not slicing indiscriminately, friends. No snarky for sheer shock value; that backfires. Push outmoded boundaries, yes, and you’ll get somewhere. Elsewise, you may be sending a message you didn’t intend.

2nd House/Value – Five of Pentacles: You may not be able to hold on tight to every plate you’re juggling. Fair enough; it happens, man. But you can ask for some help sweeping up. That will make you feel better. And don’t forget, broken plates or no—you still have dinner. It’s worth being grateful over.

3rd House/Communication– Rev Ten of Swords: The worst has already been said. No place to go but up from here. You can get started by acknowledging what’s really about you and what’s SO not.

4th House/home and Family – Eight of Cups: You’ve had more than enough emotional stimulation. Back off already. Better yet, switch to decaf, and your loved ones will thank you.

Houses 5 – 8


5th House/Pleasure – Five of Wands: Everything competes for your attention! Schedule downtime, fun, and especially time with a partner. It keeps your stress levels below critical mass. Recreation is a constructive outlet for tension.

6th House/Health – Rev Temperance: Eat better, get some damn sleep already, and go easy on the booze, okay? You can fit exercise into your schedule more easily if you combine it with other activities.

7th House/Partnerships –Rev Page of Pentacles: Don’t be too nitpicky with others, and don’t take them too seriously if they’re nitpicky with you. Mars is going to be in Virgo and while, and anal retentiveness is just unnecessary fighting, right there. Be discriminating.

8th House/Reincarnation –Six of Pentacles: Whatever you give out reproduces and multiplies like mad this year. Bear that in mind when you’re deciding what treats to hand out.

Houses 9 -12


9th House/Philosophy – The Hanged Man: Drop the constraints on what you “know” to be true to expand your perspective. “Infinite” is a lot to grasp, after all. Release ideas, people and situations that limit you.

10th House/Social Status – Ace of Cups: Your reputation proceeds you. And it’s precisely rooted in how you make others feel. Be gracious.

11th House/Friendships – The Fool: Friends help you find a whole, new you. Especially those who you hook up with through do-gooding enterprises. Being a good citizen of the Universe pays dividends.

12th House/Self-Undoing – Seven of Cups: Beware seeing only what you want to see or think it’s safe to see. You may be operating unconsciously by rules that no longer apply. Avoid drunk-dialing—fewer hangovers that way.

Summing Up 2012

IMG_1928Eight of Swords–It looks to be a demanding year on many levels. But I’ve got to say, if you feel like the kabob, it your own doing. Not trying to be unkind—I consider that good news! What you’ve done, you can also undo.

I won’t lie to you. It will take a little work, and you could get nicked up in the process. But if you make a point of staying kind and connected, you’ll have plenty of support through the rough patches. There will also be fewer rough patches. And the best part is, the growth you do en route sticks. It’s SO worth it!

What are you expecting for 2012?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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12/27/11: Sneaky Fights! | 5 of Wands, 7 of Swords, Hierophant

“Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather. It is your inner image of yourself, and if you look in there and see a man who won’t cheat, then you know he never will.” –John D. MacDonald

When things get ugly, that’s when you really find out what people are made of. Especially yourself. I know many hold the idea the ends justify the means, and sometimes they win the battle with that philosophy. Personally, I’d rather lose the battle and retain my sense of who I am.


5_of_Wands7_of_SwordsTarot_5_The_HierophantToday’s Tarot is from the non-traditional Psychic Tarot oracle, so the cards are a bit different than we’re used to seeing. “Obstacles and Challenges” is better known as the Five of Wands (Saturn in Leo), “Deception and Envy” as the Seven of Swords (Moon in Aquarius), and “Wisdom” as the Hierophant (Taurus). But it’s a great example of how using a non-traditional deck along with your old-school favorites can help expand your interpretations.

These three cards? They are kind of a microcosm of life at times. There is conflict—and sometimes, it gets ugly. Dishonesty rears it’s head, and it can be quite off-putting once we realize whom or what we’ve put our trust in hasn’t lived up. (For the sake of argument, I’m assuming you’re not the sneak!)

So what now? Turn back to yourself. Look for the wisdom in the experience, and I’m not talking about better understanding the other person. (Oy Vey, if I had a dollar for every person who wanted me to psychoanalyze somebody else! I’d be rich, man.) Look to YOU. That’s where you have the power, that’s where you have the control, that’s where you have the right. That’s YOUR path, so walk it.

And if you are the one doing the sneaky? Well, look at that as well. It’s liable to be a little ouchy, but in your best interests regardless. Look to how you contributed to the conflict, how you made the decisions you have, and how it fits in (or doesn’t) with your personal spiritual tradition. Take the next step to integrate the behavior into your own morals, and you’ll have a real “teachable moment.”

Have you learned from sneaky fights?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

10/12/11: Give it a Rest | Five Wands, Nine Swords


5_of_Wands9_of_SwordsWe’ve got the Five of Wands and Nine of Swords from Shadowscapes. The conflict and struggle gets under your skin. Guilt, worry or a sense of being alone amplify the discomfort. On the plus side, the feelings that visit in the night are internally generated, not from outside yourself. I guess that makes it better. At least, it makes it more managable.

Make sure you’re picking your battles wisely. And get some damn rest already! Not getting enough sleep is making you cranky.

So sayth the Tarot according to Dixie.

How y’all doing?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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10/10/11: Staying on-Task | Rev. Queen Pentacles, 3 Wands, 5 Wands


Today’s Tarot forecast is the inverted Queen of Pentacles (Water in Earth), the Three of Wands (Aries sun), and the Five of Wands (Saturn in Leo).

Look at how you’re channeling your resources. Is your focus on all the wonderful things you have in your life, or areas of lack? Is it on your own business, or what others “should” do? Do you expect immediate, permanent results from shifts you’re making? Remember, work often pays dividends gradually. Sometimes, the impact is dramatic and quick, but that doesn’t mean you can just check it off our list and consider it a done deal! Finer points will come into focus as you develop a higher level of mastery.

Understand, conflict will arise as you grow along your path. This is natural, normal, and to be expected. Whatever the dynamic that’s become established, even if it’s less than a healthy ideal, people become comfortable with it and invested in maintaining their roles (yes, even ourselves).  Like sandpaper, the conflict refines and smooths the way. It forces clarity, prompting you to own the qualities you’re looking to integrate.

Find those attachments that interfere with your joy and progressing toward your goals. (You do know what your goals are, right?) That’s where we’ve been looking to let go—time and energy sinks that don’t add value. It distracts, interferes with doing the most possible with what we’ve got. So yes, bring your energy and attention to bear walking your own path and addressing WORTHY conflict. Cut out that which doesn’t matter or doesn’t really belong to you. Stay on task.

How’s your time on-task coming?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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09/24/11: The Point of the Fight | Five of Wands


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” –Philo

Whose fight is it, anyway? That’s always the question, at least for me. What’s mine and what’s not is the ever-present query. Because even if I need to do some fighting, knowing where my emotional responses come from, detaching from other people’s vision and choices, allows me not to take discord so damn personally. It whisks away a lot of the sting.

5_of_WandsToday’s Tarot forecast is another pretty card from the Psychic Tarot oracle—maybe too pretty. “Obstacles and Challenges” is better known of the Five of Wands or Lord of Strife, associated with Saturn in Leo. Got to control (Saturn) the Ego (Leo)!

Tarot folks will recognize the traditional image, while today’s Psychic Tarot Oracle version suggests a more internal struggle than I usually read for this card. The Legacy of the Divine version likewise emphasizes internal conflict, showing all the warriors growing from the same tree. It’s a good point, though—reactions are internal, even if the disagreement isn’t.

Fighting through our own issues prepares us, to take the next step forward. It’s only through releasing the drive to control anybody else that we gain true control of ourselves.  Peace doesn’t come from convincing the world to revolve according to our dictation. Obstacles and challenges appear for a reason—they are attachments, lessons, pockets of energy that have to be worked through before we can move through to another plane, experience a new level of mastery (Saturn) and shine (Leo).

It’s an opportunity. Tarot fives are conflicted, but there is always a lot of energy and movement afoot. We can use that! Thinking back on the times in your life when you’ve made the most significant changes, when you’re grown the most, weren’t challenges and conflict an integral part of the process? Personally, I’d have been lost without them.

What point do you see in your obstacles?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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