Reality versus Ego: Weekly Flow Tarot, Nov 3 – 9

Weekly Flow Tarot Nov 3

The New Moon we just had in Scorpio, I resolved to mind my own business. Speak with my own voice, and concern myself with my own life. Not waste my time and energy obsessing or bothering about what other people are doing or thinking or being. Because sometimes, I do get caught up in that silliness.

As is so often the case, ever since I’ve had opportunities to do just that. Or not, depending on my choices. You say, “This is what I want,” and the Universe responds, “Are you sure? Because here are two dozen and one opportunities to either achieve or change your mind.”

What’s bothering you most about other people’s behavior, right now? Jealousy? Duplicitousness? Timidity? Weakness? Whatever it is, look for it in yourself. I see strong encouragement this week to become much more honest with ourselves, lots of opportunities to realize exactly how we’ve at times been revising reality to suit the ego. Oops.

Maybe not a fun theme, but unquestionably a powerful one. I’ll take powerful over fun. How about you?

Monday, Unconscious Desires – The Devil inverted: Is there a monkey you say you want off your back, but on some level….maybe not? This strikes me a bit like a victim mindset. Relishing one’s troubles. A temptation one does not want to be able to resist. Choosing helplessness. If you’re having trouble freeing yourself from an addictive feeling situation or a no-choice quandary, the question to ask is quite obvious. Do you truly want to be free? Or is there some secondary gain you get from remaining stuck?

Tuesday, Present – Eight of Swords inverted: Today has a window of opportunity for escape, and it’s a quick fix. Take it if you want it. If you do, and stay very centered in the current moment, you could make very big changes in a very short time.

Wednesday, Significator – Four of Cups: You’re daydreaming again! I have nothing against daydreaming. But I do think it’s important one knows they are doing it. In the position of “Significator,” I’d look to the content of the daydreams. They say something about who you are and where you are, in the moment.

Thursday, Clarification – The Emperor inverted: Some people will not be dominated. Some people will go left because you say “right.” Or maybe that “some people” is you. I know I have a tendency to be contrary when ordered around myself. When all is said and done, it becomes clear who is in charge, and who is not!

Friday, Advice – Six of Swords inverted: Don’t push too hard today to “get it all behind you.” Be satisfied with progress, not perfection. The whole picture is not clear yet.

Saturday, Relationship – Page of Swords: Talk. Plain, clear, and honest talk is your best bet here. Don’t criticize unnecessarily, but do be direct. There’s no need to belabor how to say what. Agreements in relationships made today should “take” pretty well, too. So negotiate if it’s in order.

Sunday, Problem – Eight of Pentacles Inverted: Oy. We’re tired of “working things out.” We’re tired of the pound, pound, pounding through, learning, striving, working through everything we need to manage. I get it, I do. I feel the same way! But we’ve got to do what needs to be done. No other way around it.

Overview/Advice: King of Cups: This week seemly to provide a significant window into our own subconscious. I’d take advantage of that. The King of Cups would have us acting lovingly, kindly and from the heart. He’s able to do so because he is acutely aware of what’s in his heart. Living that way can be harsh and raw at times. It means facing painful facts, acknowledging unflattering aspects of his own behavior without rationalizing away the edge. But it’s tolerable because of the soothing power of love, including self-love. Use it.

Affirmation: Pearl – Connect to the Divine: How often do we forget about this option? ASK for help! Ask for guidance! Tune in, turn on your radar and act on it. When you feel far away and disconnected is exactly the time you most need divine connection. Seek it and trust it will show up in the right way, at the right time. TRUST you’ll get what you need. We always do. It’s just not always in the package we would prefer.

Are you hearing echoes of the reality versus ego theme in your life? I am!



Illusion Ends! Weekly Flow Tarot, August 4 – 10

flow 001

Looking at this week at a whole. I’m thinking we’re talking a significant change of perspective…perhaps not entirely comfortable. Like when a child first realizes there is no Santa, it seems to be a week for outgrowing outmoded lessons. We’ve got a couple of Major Arcana (big deal) along with a mix of the other suits. But whatever form it takes in our lives, I’m really thinking it’s a long term re-orientation.

Monday, Question – Two of Wands: Black and white, this or that? While this art doesn’t show a faceoff, the Two of Wands usually implies one, although it may not be visible.  There is a choice of some sort. The job today is to clarify what it is you are choosing between.

Tuesday, Lesson – The Moon reversed: Looks like learning about some personal “crazy” – someplace where you may have been deceving yourself coming into focus. A little ouchy maybe, but good in the long run.

Wednesday, What to Take from the Past – The Hanged Man: Was there a time when your faith that everything would be okay was stronger? When you were more sure things would work out or you’d get exactly what you needed? That. That is good to bring with you into the now. Music, prayer and naps are saving graces. Showers and baths are also soothing.

Thursday, Relationship – The Fool Reversed: Don’t be petty, and don’t be surprised if somebody you’re connected to is a little petty. It’s a mood, it will pass.

Friday, Disappointment – Eight of Pentacles: Work can be so much…well, work. It’s not always exciting but responsibility can have it’s own rewards. If you’re not happy with where you are, start looking to take one step closer to where you’d like to be. It starts with now.

Saturday, Clarification – Four of Cups Reversed: Have your expectations been unrealistic? Daydreams gone amuck? Maybe what you’ve got isn’t so bad, really. It’s just not what you imagined. Maybe you can start imagining from today, huh? That’s a plan.

Sunday, What to Leave in the Past – Knight of Swords: Filters on the mouth are good. Being critical is not necessarily helpful. Saying everything you’re thinking when it is critical, not a great idea.

Overview/Advice, 7 of Pentacles: Everything this week, good bad and ugly, consider the long-term implications. You’re doing what you need to do to get where you need to get. It may not be where you expected, I got it. But hey, is it really that bad? Or does it maybe have possibilities you never imagined? Go there.

Affirmation: All is Well in my World. This is kind of self-explanatory, don’t you think? Appreciate what you’ve got, man. So many don’t have that. Be grateful. And be well. Have a great week!

How does your week look?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler

p.s. I had some help this week…

flow 003

Smokey did not approve of my weekly draw. But she doesn’t approve of a lot (except dinner).

flow 007

02/21/14: Can’t Say Why / 4 of Cups Rx

4 of Cups Rx

Damnit! More upside down Cups, with the Four of Cups reversed, paired here with “Others.” Seems like a persistent feeling of being “not quite what is expected.” And a hard-to-pin down feeling, too. As in somebody is a bit put off by others but couldn’t say why when pressed.

Realize it’s an emotional reaction—hello, Tarot cups!—and therefore likely to pass. At least the “cannot say why” part should pass. Make sure your own expectations are reasonable and that you’re not projecting. If it’s your neighbor doing the projecting? Well, not much you can do about that except not take it personally.

You feeling a divide but cannot say why?

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02/13/14: You want what!? / 4 of Cups Rx

four-of-cups-rxDamn you, Mercury retrograde! Left a hole in the forecasts I’ve done ahead, leaving me doing this one at the last minute. Ah well, will call on my mutable superpowers!

We’ve got reversed Four of Cups coupled with the “Heart of the Situation.” Not lost on me this appears right before the Valentines Day, and the full moon in Leo.

Whatever you’re trying to figure out? Be it your business, love life, direction, whatever the Hell it is? Well, the big thing is that you don’t know what you want. Don’t know your intention, your end game, your bottom line.

That is the heart of what muddies it up. Get clear on that, you’ll be in a position to move forward.

You feeling this? Because I sure the Hell am!

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01/10/14: Messages of Discontent / 4 of Cups

Four of Cups

“Discontent and boredom” is certainly one apt facet of the Four of Cups energy. It’s not my favorite aspect, but it’s definitely a real one. It show up with the reality of living doesn’t have that “pretty, shiny, unicorn” aspect, as one of my Tarot peeps says.

Okay. Got it. This isn’t what you expected! Fair enough. The question now is, “Is it worth it? Do you need to make changes? Will the changes really change things?”

I see this particular card as a call to take stock. LOOK at what you’ve got, and not just the parts you don’t like. Is it serving you? If not, use those feelings of bother to outline what you’d like to be different. If it truly is, then start looking at how it’s serving you. The goal here is to turn up what feeds you while turning down what feels oppressive. Sometimes that’s an easy thing, and other times not. But if you’re antsy and restless, it’s either mostly the situation or mostly the mental approach to it.

Any way you dissect it, though, this feeling is a call for action. The action may be simply an attitude adjustment where you recall to mind what you are grateful for in your current circumstance. Or the action may be planning and moving to prepare for a whole new approach. Either way, no point in suffering needlessly. And while this energy is not especially comfortable, it does serve us in terms of drawing attention to what is not working, so we can work with it!

Are you feeling discontented? What does it tell you?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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12/14/13: Drunk on Daydreams / 4 of Cups

“Beware what you wish for. You may get it.” –No Idea Who Said it First

Four of Cups

It’s not unusual for the people I work with to feel let down or bittersweet in the afterglow (“aftermath?”) of obtaining a long-pursued wish. The fantasy was perfect, after all. Reality is messy. Big difference! Mess sure didn’t come up in those drifting-off-to-sleep moments of wistful bliss, man.

And so much is pinned to those fantasies. Everything, and I mean EVERY-THING will suddenly and magically be all right, lovely, splendiferous and wonderful, just as soon as this wish is fulfilled!

Except it isn’t. That, my friends, is the Four of Cups right there. It’s the weighing out of what you don’t have versus what you do have.

I like this version including booze. The Four of Cups has a sense of drunkenness on daydreaming. Perspective is hazed. What you “don’t have” can overshadow what you do have.

If this is where you are at now, I’d say don’t get too drunk on the daydreams. Understand  life seldom lives up to the expectations of an advertising brochure, but often surpasses it in depth and breadth, true value.

Daydreams can serve a vital function of helping us imagine what we might do, see areas of our life we’d like to alter, or even just offering a simple, creative escape from the demands of reality. They aren’t always so helpful as a measuring stick, however.

Take what’s inspiring and upllifting from daydreaming binges and use it to inform your sober conscious decision-making. Discontent is useful as a stimulus for change. But whatever doesn’t fit into your life, you can discard as drunken aberrations.

You feeling day-dreamy?

Steampunk Tarot 
Barbara Moore and Aly Fell

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