06/15/12: Activating the Law of Attraction | 4 Cups, Temperance

four of cups, temperence

I’ve played around with manifesting and the Law of Attraction off and on for years. Sometimes, it works stunningly, magically well and other times, I can’t seem to get a handle on it (and end up feeling like a vibrational loser in the process). Today’s cards suggested to me a practically, useful approach for working it.

Yeah, you dream what you want and see where your life doesn’t match up (Four of Cups). But don’t stay there! Focusing on lack amplifies the sense of lack. Instead, up the vibration by mixing (Temperance) what you’ve got with what you want—emphasizing elements of the ideal with the everyday.

Do you work the Law of Attraction? What approach do you take?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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05/12/12: Who makes you unhappy? | Reversed 4 of Cups


“Happiness depends upon ourselves.” Aristotle

What’s good enough?

If you’re a hundred pounds overweight, the person who says they need to lose 10 pounds may annoy you. If you’re struggling to pay bills, the person who feels poor because they are not currently making three times what you do doesn’t engender much sympathy.

But it’s all relative: there will always be people better and worse off than you in some way. It’s a big world! You decide your place in it.

“Really, Tarot?” That’s what I said about today’s card. It’s been just a day or so since we got the upright Four of Cups. So today, we’re doing reversed? Really?!

Shut up and write, Dixie. Shut up and write.

Evidently, it’s time to look at personal satisfaction, what we’re acknowledging versus what we are not acknowledging in our worldview. In the Cosmic Tarot deck, Tarot Cups are very blue, and this guy appears to be blue, both literally and figuratively!

It’s also interesting to note the surroundings.  Lotus flowers symbolize purity and non-attachment, growing up from the mud to beautifully bloom un-sullied. A castle sits behind him (wealth, safety), along with mountains (achievements), a lush field (prosperity), and a horse (power, freedom).

He has an awful lot going for him, already, but he doesn’t seem to notice. If anything, his posture is one of despair. In short, a sense of satisfaction is is never going to come from external circumstance.

Whether I’m happy or not doesn’t come down to my job, my marriage, my kids, my car, my house, my IQ, my weight, my schedule, my health, my friends, or my outward circumstance of any shape or form. Our spirit is contained in a physical body, but it’s not to be confused with the physical body.

Contentment is not dictated by outside circumstance. It may be eased or impeded by outside circumstance, but it’s definitely not determined by it!

If you’re not feeling content and satisfied, stop looking for people or situations to blame. Start looking for what you really want in your life—what you want to create in this physical plane, who you want to be, and how you want to live. If there is a disconnect between who you want to be and who you are, you WILL be unhappy. Instead of finding excuses, start looking at alternatives.

Then, you can be the Lotus flower that springs up from the universal mud.

Are you mostly content?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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05/10/12: How could I have been so blind? | 4 Cups


“Because you’re not what I would have you be, I blind myself to who, in truth, you are.’ Madeleine L’Engle

We’ve got the Four of Cups (Moon in Cancer)—the man is dressed in leaves, suggesting a cycle of active growth. Yellow, as the sky is here, often symbolizes intellectual or mental understanding, although since we’re in the suit of cups, we know the outcomes he considers have emotional significance for him. The three full cups on the ground show what he already has, while the other, offered ethereally, shows an outcome that’s captured his attention, not yet materialized.

I often see the Four of Cups when one is dissatisfied with life, looking for something very different from what they have. It can also indicate you’re missing what’s right under your nose, not appreciating what you’ve already got, or just full-on dreaming something up.

People see what they’re ready to see, when they’re ready to see it. Nothing more, nothing less. So very much is perspective, informing emotional response and flavoring experience.

That’s how you can live something, clear as crystal plain as day in front of you, and not understand it until 20 years later. Because that’s how long it took me, to figure out what happened.

I was 19. One of my father’s friends was there, banging on the door of my beat-up, trailer. I was dressed for bed, because I worked nights.

I desperately wanted him to go away. I was in horrible pain at the time, and he knew it. He was one of the ones deciding my fate.

He kept banging. So eventually, I poked my head out the door, trying to hide my thighs. I didn’t want to completely alienate him—but I did want him to leave.

So I tried to get him to leave. At first, politely. He kept pushing. He insisted I talk to him, insisted I let him in. I said no, still trying to be polite.

He physically pushed past me, into my house. I was stunned! He wasn’t even supposed to be visiting me alone—I knew protocol, and this wasn’t it. But to push his way in when I said no? When I wasn’t fully dressed? Really?

“You need to go! I’m not even dressed. You need to go!! You need to leave.”

Talking, talking, he just kept talking. Louder, he said I had to listen to him, I had no choice.

“No, I don’t HAVE to do anything!! We are NOT having a conversation! Get out of my house! You need to leave now!”

He wouldn’t shut up and he wouldn’t leave.


In between the arguing, he wasn’t budging. I just snapped, and started hysterically screaming at the top of my lungs.


He left. I don’t think it went down quite like he’d planned.

Now, I’m thinking most people hearing this story have a pretty good idea of what was going down.

Me? It took me literally TWENTY YEARS to realize it. I am not a stupid person, either.

And that, my friends, is a very long Four of Cups/How-could-I-have-been-so-blind? moment. It took me twenty years to be ready to see what was right in front of my face.

Have you had some of those “How-could-I-have-been-so-blind?” moments?

Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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02/11/12: Taking Score | 4 Cups, 3 Pentacles, 7 Pentacles


Although we welcome growth, seeing results of long-undertaken efforts (Seven of Pentacles/Saturn in Taurus) and start putting all into place as planned (Three of Pentacles/Moon in Capricorn), understand there will still be questions of satisfaction (Four of Cups/Moon in Cancer).

Is this really what you want? Did you make the best decisions? Is it everything you dreamed it would be?

Maybe so, or maybe not. But the questions themselves are proper and right. Matching up what you have with what you dream seems a pretty relent signpost, don’t you think?

Just don’t forget to acknowledge what you’ve got. It’s a time for review, learning and reassessing. But always, the time is appropriate for gratitude.

Have you been assessing your course? How’s it holding up?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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01/15/12: Discontented Lens | Reversed 4 of Cups


“The world is full of people looking for spectacular happiness while they snub contentment.” Doug Larson

When I was young, our family had very little money. That didn’t much register until after I was grown up. Not really. Until I was looking at pictures with my Mom one day, noticing she was saddened by a particular photo. It was of my brothers and I, in the yard of the house I grew up in.

For me, the picture evoked only good memories—I spent many hours getting pushed around the yard on that old wheelbarrow by my brothers. I loved it!

But Mom saw something completely different: the too-small shirt I wore, the hand-me-down pants, several inches too short with patched knees.


Never been a fashionista!

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Four of Cups (Moon in Cancer).  There’s a sense of discontent, dreaming for something other than what you’ve got! Inverted, there’s reasonable possibility you may be looking in the wrong place. Seems like we’ve got a theme running here, eh?

It’s worth noting that like other Tarot fours, this situation is stable. It’s not a Law of Attraction situation where you’re dreaming your way right into a new future; this card doesn’t show a feeling of connection to what you want, but a sense of lack. Lack can only attract more lack, according to universal law. While the object of desire may remain the same, the energetic vibration between lack and hope is markedly different.

If you have faith, you can look to the future with joyful anticipation—what you want OR something better, big picture, is on it’s way, right? But without faith, there’s only longing; this is the definition of poverty.

If you’re feeling discontent, look to expectations. Does everything have to be one way—yours? Are you writing the script down to the smallest detail, lamenting the rest of world for ad-libbing? Can you open heart in appreciation for what you DO have now, how you have it? Can you call upon faith that what will come forth will be right, exactly as it should be?

If you don’t dig your picture, try altering your perspective.

You feeling discontent?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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12/18/11: Difficult Decisions | Four of Cups, Ten of Cups

"You are in integrity when the life you are living on the outside matches who you are on the inside. –Alan Cohen


Today’s Tarot is the Four of Cups (Moon in Cancer) and the Ten of Cups (Mars in Pisces)—a rather watery duo, but certainly a nice departure from yesterday’s Crisis of Faith! Though often with the Four of Cups, there is dissatisfaction, and a decidedly undecided feel, even though as a Tarot four, we would expect stability in the current situation.

In other words, there is time to safely make this choice. The man on this card has reached a decision point; he must either decide to be satisfied with what he has or take up a new direction. And I do love this version of the Ten of Cups—the expectation of conflict (Mars) has been erased (Pisces)! The dog and cat found themselves some higher ground, you know?

I’d expect a lovely, harmonious, Ten-of-Cups- style outcome explicitly when decisions are made in close concert with your deepest values and priorities. So if you’re looking at a choice now, here’s the approach: take your time, knowing you have time to take. Identify your highest ideals and most important values, and do NOT let go of them for the sake of a dream or a passing, emotional pull (Cancer moon). That’s what gives you the best outcome—and lets you sleep at night. Any trouble you find taking that path, you can get over. Taking the other, not so much.

Are you seeing the Four of Cups at work in your life?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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