08/07/11: What’s in that drink? | Four of Cups

four-of-cups-tarot-housewives-deckToo much “things can never change” leaves people depressed and unmotivated. Too much “living in a dream world” leaves people unmotivated and ill-equipped to deal with current situations. We fare best with a balanced diet of now and then.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Four of Cups or Lord of Blended pleasure, associated with the Moon in Cancer. We’re talking one serious drink, man! Our housewife is thinking it over, but somehow, I suspect there’s no way for her to gauge how that drink is going to go down. And also little reason to think it would be substantially different than the other three she just threw back, you know?

The Four of Cups reminds me that all is not always what it appears. Fantasy has a way of being so…perfect, you know? There’s not dishes and bills and dirty laundry to soil the illusion of bliss. Day-to-day isn’t always so neat but to me, it’s superior because it’s real. And not just in the physical, time-space kind of reality, but “real” in the sense it’s not predictable and tidy and already wrapped up with a bow.

I grow from reality! I am surprised. I bend, I flex, I learn and I change from the cups I’ve actually drinking. And if I don’t like the drink? Then let’s check the recipe, to see what all went into making it. Then, I’m equipped to mix up a tastier drink. :drink:

For me, the Four of Cups is about being fully present, wherever you are in life. Right here, right now, experiencing and understanding what is first—then, some attention directed toward where you want to head provides guidance on your next step. Not all your attention, but enough to see and act on the potential.

So we’re searching for the sweet spot, to merge dreams with present for the most fulfilling overall experience. Because neither a life without dreams or dreams without life satisfies. Let’s drink a little from both. But responsibly, please!

How are your dreams looking?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Seeing What? Four of Cups, Inverted

Inverted Four of Cups

What do you really see?

Take home message from a reading:

There’s a difference between dreaming about the future, versus seeing only what you want to see. When you get very emotionally attached to one possibility, it can be incredibly disruptive if your scenario doesn’t work out.

The secret doesn’t lie in finding some mystical gift from outside that you can’t quite reach. It comes from letting your heart overflow with love and joy for what you DO value in your life, without needing to deceive yourself over what you don’t. That path will allow real joy, not as a function of fate handing over  your your prize, but as a function of faith you can create your own prize.

What do you see?

Everyday Tarot, 06/16/11: Planting a New Garden / 4 of Cups

tarot-forecast-four-cupsAre you a “grass is always greener” sort?  Or do you tend to stay with what you’ve got, maybe even long after you’d have been better served moving on?

Today’s Tarot is “Discontent and Boredom,” better known as the Four of Cups or “Lord of Blended Pleasure,” associated with the Moon in Cancer. And it’s true, sometimes this card can signal being stuck in a rut. Mostly, I see this fellow pop up when more attention is being paid to what is not than to what is.

Now, we talk about the Law of Attraction, and tuning in to the vibration you want. And what you want may not exactly be reflective of current experience. Ouch. Feeling like you’re missing the boat  doesn’t exactly put you on the frequency to fulfillment, huh? So you need another approach.

Instead, start with elements that have the essence you want, and turn them up. Since form is irrelevant at this point, you can be creative. Work your way backwards, starting with the feeling you want.

If I wanted a partner, I’d look to what I expected to get from having that relationship. Companionship, security, and love? Get a dog! A sense of shared goals and dreams? Volunteer, or work on a cause. Your enjoyment is much more important that how you activate that vibration. The more joy, the higher, quicker, and louder the energy echoes into other other areas of your life.

But—and this is important—don’t dog yourself for feeling restless or unsettled sometimes. It’s not a failing. It’s a gift! Uncomfortable feelings are like a warning buzzer that something’s out of alignment. Or maybe we have extra challenges—difficulties give us powerful insights and potent energy. Our wounds grant us compassion, empathy and ability to heal.

Any difficult energy can operate like a a pent up spring—an invitation to burst forth in a new direction. It may be a challenge to master, but it’s a potent force for creation. “Discontent and Boredom” reminds us if we don’t like the view, we can plant a new garden, using whatever seeds we’ve got on hand.

How are your flowers doing?


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The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

Everyday Tarot, 05/25/11: Emotional Radar for New Solutions / 4 of Cups

daily-tarot-forecast-4-water-osho-zenOne of the best compasses I’ve ever found for how I’m managing is emotion. It’s like reading the energy in the room—if I feel jarred and uncomfortable, reacting out of proportion to stimuli, I know something could stand shoring up. One the other hand, peace and contentment lets me know I’m staying in the flow, in sync with my desires as much as I can be.

While outside events (and the state of the sky) obviously impact stress levels, they don’t dictate how the stress is addressed. Tracking your emotional response can provide solid feedback in that regard.

cups04sToday’s Tarot Forecast is the Four of Cups, the “Lord of Blended Pleasure,” associated with the moon in Cancer. Some non-traditional decks illustrate this card with meditation; Osho Zen calls it “Turning in,” picturing a meditating woman,  connecting with the spirit realm. Or is she just turning out other voices to find her own truth? Watery patterns on her dress suggest a complete immersion in  the internal, ethereal realm.

Since Tarot Fours refer to static situations, this card sometimes appears alongside a feeling of stagnation. Are you not considering all the options, not fully tuned in, or missing an opportunity right under your nose—maybe because of emotional (cups) attachment? Even if it’s not everything you want, the familiar has a lot of comfort. Often, the path to change here (i.e. the Tarot Fives) requires you to consider something you haven’t up to this point.

emotional-waves-tarot-water-elementAs you’d expect for a Moon in Cancer card, emotions are the prime avenue of communication here—and protection. Where do you over or under-react? Where is the water not flowing freely in your life? Where do you feel stagnant or tired? This is the energy that needs attention. Uncomfortable feelings are an early warning system that can guide you where to focus light.

With the Four of Cups, needed insight IS available. You just may have to look outside your typical avenues before it hits your radar. You know when you’re getting warm by how it feels—relief, peace, or excitement, the internal “click,” or anything that amps up your positive expectations helps you know you’re plugged into the right energy stream for progress.

Does your emotional state provide you valuable feedback?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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