Serpentine! Weekly Flow Tarot, Oct. 12 – 18

Weekly Flow Tarot Oct 13 - 18

I currently find myself in a very strange position: becoming successful in a venue I had given up on. It’s something I put a huge amount of energy into several years ago, doing my absolute best to make it work, but failed to turn it into what I’d envisioned. I’d let it go and (I thought) moved on. But somehow, when I wasn’t really looking, boom! Pretty much overnight this all-but-abandoned venture is now taking off and I’m in the center of an energetic swirl.

I’m still adjusting. And you know, I probably should be celebrating, but I’m not so much. I am incredibly grateful, don’t get me wrong. I know it’s a gift and I’m not one to intentionally waste gifts. But I’m also terribly confused. This is nothing like what I imagined! There is plenty of ugly that goes with the flowers. And I honestly don’t know why it showed up in my lap. There are people so much more qualified, more deserving. Who am I? That’s what I ask myself. But for better or worse, it’s here and it’s my job to make dinner out of what’s on my plate. Us woo-woo folks get just as confused by life as everybody else. Maybe more sometimes because we straddle more than one world.

But the forecast this week? Totally smacks of that vibe. Confusing success with a side of what-the-Hell?

Because it’s that time of the year, I am pulling out the Zombie Tarot for the next few weeks. This deck being who it is, I also set the intention to only read the cards upright. Reversals in this deck are unnecessarily difficult to decode for me, so I’m reading upright. Duly noting, however, that almost all the cards stubbornly appeared reversed before I put them aright. Oy! So the week is still not easy—not surprising with the pesky Mercury rx. But we do what we can, huh?

Monday, Goal  – Ten of Cups: An optimistic start to the week, with a goal of idyllic bliss. That’s nice. Kind of wish I could end the forecast right here, huh? Unfortunately, if you get a look at the picture, chaos is not too far away and there is a zombie making progress in reaching the shore. Oops.

Tuesday, What you can Change – Four of Wands: Who has a key to “your house?” Who is in your intimate circle? Who gets invited to your party? That’s what the Four of Wands is talking about to me here. What you can change is who you open your door to and let into your psyche. Choose wisely.  

Wednesday, Disappointment – Six of Wands: Since the Six of Wands is generally a card of victory and acclaim, having it paired with disappointment is an especially poignant combination. “Empty victory” comes to mind. To avoid disappointment with accomplishments, it’s a damned good idea to firmly bear in mind with what you really want to achieve. I can pretty much guarantee you, “success” looks different when you get there than it did in your head. Maybe not the main part, the meat-and-potatoes part, but the sexy, dessert, won’t-this-be-ever-so-keen-when-people-cheer-me? part. Keep your priorities foremost the whole time and you’ll know what’s up as you continue to climb the mountain.

Thursday, Problem – Three of Pentacles: We’re back to things not being as we’d planned. Life is off-script. Damn it! Work on your improv skills.

Friday, Relationship – Eight of Wands: Ah, too much going on to track! This feels somewhat frantic and confused to me. I know we’d all feel better with clear-cut, well-defined lines. Well, they ain’t there. Color pretty anyway and worry about the lines later. You’ll find them soon enough.

Saturday, What to Leave in the Past – Wheel of Fortune: I know sometimes life doesn’t work out as we’ve planned, but that doesn’t mean we’re excused from goal-setting completely. For me, the trick for effective goal setting is to focus on what I want to accomplish, the outcome more than the process. I do know the “close your eyes and hope for the best” process isn’t always advisable, though.

Sunday, Conscious Desires – The Hierophant: Oh my. This looks like a wish for somebody to just “lay it out” for us with a step-by-step how-to. I get that, I really do. But always, it’s about the individual choice. Alternatively, we could be talking an awareness of the need for alone, quiet time That would be a worthy indulgence.

Overview/AdviceQueen of Cups: Keep your emotions in check, while still honoring them. Listen to your feelings, and get quiet enough you can hear the inner voice. This looks like a week where there will be some surprises, and where staying balanced and centered requires specifically directed effort. Do I even need to say that effort is worth it?

AffirmationAqua: “Experience Peace & Calm.” Translation? Meditate! Downtime. Ground, center, devote some time to yourself and your own peace of mind.

Flexibility is key again this week. If someone shoots at you, don’t just stand wondering why on Earth they would do such a thing, when you’d never have guessed it coming. Serpentine! I have the distinct feeling those who adjust quickly, stay tuned in, and are quick to correct course when things don’t work out just so—while continuing to make rational steps towards things working out “just so”—will be the winners overall. My advice? Stay frosty and be ready to serpentine!

Damn. These cards are awfully loud and it feels like they are talking straight to me. Do you hear them talking to you, too?

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Riding Fast: Weekly Flow Tarot, July 7 – 11

Weekly Flow Tarot, Jul 7 - 11

Mid-week bump: OH MY GOD! These cards have been utterly and completely spot on in my personal life so far this week. I am used to this, but it’s stunningly so. I did not stop moving all day Monday.  The wedding was lovely, by the way. Tuesday was intense and emotional (and I had to keep myself from getting said emotions all over the floor).

And it’s officially Woo-Woo Wednesday, with our next episode of Woo-Woo Wonderful being recorded live (5pm Central, 6 Eastern) where we are talking about the Element of Water.

I really could not have come up with a more appropriate personal reading for this week.

I have to say, I’m looking forward to that Wheel of Fortune tomorrow, but the reversed Seven of Swords on Friday, not so much! I am trying very hard to grab those quiet moments when I can and focus on what I want to happen. I can do that. And you can, too.

How’s your week shaking out?

p.s. I’m in the process of finishing up a big project, which I am excited about and it is the reason you haven’t seen many videos from me lately. It’s sucked up my free time! All hush-hush for the moment, but if you want to be among the first to know about it, make sure you’re on my mailing list.


The mix of Tarot Suits suggest a week with a lot of variety. Only one Major Arcana card is showing up for Thursday under action, and it’s a friendly one. Woot! I also like the fact we’ve got a mostly upright week. So much less confusing than those weeks with too many inverted cards to sort out.

While I’m fairly happy with this mix, I’m not saying it will necessarily be a gravy/easy week. Setting the pace is two Tarot Knights; you can count on brisk. With the exception of Wednesday’s “Answer” card and the weekly overview card, these are all fast-moving energies we’re talking here. Busy week! So grab those breather-breaks where you can find them.

Monday, Clarification – Knight of Wands: We’re on the move! Things ARE happening, in case you weren’t sure. I happen to be taking a day trip for a kid’s wedding today, and have another kid starting a new job the same day, so it’s a very literal draw for me!

For the rest of y’all, though, I’ll say this—if you’re wondering if you are getting anywhere, you are. If something is happening or not? This is a card of fast, decisive (and possibly impulsive) movement. Yeah, it’s on!

Tuesday, Lesson –Knight of Cups: Learn to hold your liquor! Okay, maybe not quite so literally. But the lesson is centered on responsibly managing feelings, even when they get all…sloshy. Are you leaking your issues on others, dripping sarcasm or hurt feelings or overwhelm on the floor around the house? Try to clean up after yourself.

Wednesday, Answer – Nine of Pentacles: Study up and pay attention. That’s where the missing piece lies today. Hit the books (or the internet, or the phone-a-friend option,  whatever). The information you need is out there and you can identify it because you’ve studied the issue already. You’ve got this.

Thursday, Action – Wheel of Fortune: Very straightforward indication, reasonable gambles pay off. I’m never going to suggest to put the rent money on “Lucky Lady” in the 5th. But if you see an opportunity to reach a little outside your normal comfort zone, I’d expect it to be supported and pay off. Word to the brave!

Friday, Unconscious Desires – Seven of Swords Inverted: There’s an undercurrent here of just wanting all the crap to come out in the open, even if it generates some drama in the short term. I’m feeling this as a tiredness surrounding what’s not being said, and a lack of patience especially with dishonesty. Like accidently “letting something slip” due unconscious desire for it TO slip, you know? Just know that whatever comes up, it’s because it probably needs to come up. Do the best you can, acting from the heart. You can pretty much never go wrong living from a heart-centered place.

Advice/Overview –Four of Wands: Grab those naps when you can. Know your “safe place,” whether it’s a physical place, within a particular community, an emotional place, it doesn’t matter. This looks to be a very busy, potentially demanding week and you want to bring your best to it. So look for those opportunities to retreat, powernap, decompress and gear up for the next round. I’m rooting for you!

Affirmation—Every subject is two subjects: wanted and not wanted. How often do we focus on the “not wanted” part of this equation? I know I’m guilty of that, and it sure doesn’t do much for my performance in obtaining the “wanted” variable. This isn’t just prettified wishful thinking we’re talking. I want to maintain a pragmatically optimistic outlook.

People would call you delusional if you focused entirely on best-case scenarios. Why not acknowledge it’s just as delusional to focus entirely on worst-case outcomes? Of course, look to prepare for life to be less than perfect. But accept that it will generally be more than disastrous! The less time you mentally and emotional live in “disastrous,” the more prepared you are to accept and enjoy any awesomeness that finds its way to your door.

What’s your week looking like? Does this fit it?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Wants and Do Not Wants: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 16 – 20

Weekly Flow Tarot, June 16-20

When 4 out of 5 of daily draws agree—let’s be inverted—well,  you can expect a “walking through mud” kind of week. When the suits are a split of Wands, Swords and Majors, you can also expect a sometimes frustrating and potentially raw kind of week. The word that comes to mind looking at this mashup is “thwarted.”

But underlying that theme is also a thread throughout of choices. They are not necessarily always choices you like, mind you. Some you may not consider choices at all, but look to think in terms of choices this week and see how that impacts your experience.

Monday, Problem – King of Wands Rx: “I don’t wanna!” That’s what the reversed King of Wands says. Chances are there’s something on your plate that you’d rather not deal with. In these situations, I often say, “The anticipation is worse than the event.”

Just do what you need to do, do what you’ve committed to doing, and allow yourself a reward when you’re done. Problem solved!

Tuesday, Underlying Influences – Queen of Swords Rx: Don’t say it’s okay when it’s not. Don’t say, “Whatever you want is fine,” when actually only certain options are acceptable. Otherwise you have nobody to blame when others take you at your word. I don’t care what you thought they’d do.

Maybe it takes you aback to realize you haven’t let go of old baggage. Fair enough. But if you’re getting funny feelings today without any idea where they are coming from, look for the hidden attachments .

Wednesday, You – Four of Wands Rx: Exhale already! This strikes me as anxiety, not leaving well enough alone, and fussing to the point of messing up what was already fine. Advice for the day runs along the lines of drop it, let it be, and take a chill pill. Not necessarily in that order.

Thursday, Past – Ten of Swords Rx: It still hurts, but it’s getting better. This can be a day of healing from old wounds, a little bit at a time.

Friday, What to Use in the Future – The Devil: What an interesting pull for future advice! And this is actually my all-time favorite Devil card. However, much as I would LOVE to interpret this draw as an ethereal command for an orgy of self-indulgence, it seems a lot more cogent Tarot is suggesting we be aware of areas where we have difficulty saying “no.” It’s important to remember the choice factor.

Overview – The Lovers: Another choice card, associated with Gemini. Besides speaking to Lovers (duh!), this card talks about harmonious connections and the choices of who or what we align ourselves with. In the context of this week, I’m seeing this as a reminder that our environment is mirroring our internal state. If you don’t like what you’re seeing around you, look at where you are at emotionally, energetically, the impact of the company you keep.

Affirmation: Since every request is granted, I feel no competition. Mmmm, I’m not really feeling the love for this one as-written (although I agree with the premise that there is “enough” to go around.) I’m considering this an exclamation point on the notion, you can and do make your experience by virtue of your perspective. You are competing if you feel you are competing. You are stuck if you feel stuck. You are without options if you feel without options. You tell me you cannot do something, and you know what? I believe you. As long as that’s where a person’s head is, they won’t. But of course, that’s a choice, eh?

Damn. “Personal responsibility” isn’t a very sexy forecast theme for the week. But what I’m seeing is a contrast between what we want versus what we don’t want, what we’re willing to speak up for versus what we hope to be handed over without any effort on our part.

Make solid choices and be patient through Mercury Retrograde annoyances. We’re getting there.

How’s your week looking, folks?

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Zen Muscles: Weekly Flow Tarot, 5/19 – 23

Oh. My. God.

I just realized that it’s been 3 days since I’ve posted something. That may not sound like much, but that’s actually the longest time I’ve gone without publishing anything–for over three years?

This kind of blows my mind.

I’ve spent the last few days doing some serious letting go and cleaning up, as sort of a preparation for Mars going direct. Prepping for what’s coming next. That’s a good thing. Exciting but also scary as Hell. But overall, a good thing.

However, thought y’all might appreciate a Weekly Flow forecast anywho. Ha! This is for Monday – Friday. I’ve got something different lined up for the weekend.

mayforecast 002

Overall, I’m liking most of this week, although I do have to admit the start looks better than the finish. We’ve got a mix of the elemental energy, so I’m expecting a balanced week in terms of focus, with Monday having the most kick, coming in with a Major Arcana card. The challenge this week as I see it is carrying your Zen within to the very end, you know what I mean?

Monday: The Empress
Mars is going direct with a bang! Great day to take DEFINITIVE action on getting what you want or diving in head first to creative projects. What you lovingly birth or care for today has some staying power. Fortune favors the brave and the nurturing with this energy. Do something beautiful with it!

Tuesday: Four of Wands
Is this an event I see?  Meetings, parties, or socializing with loved ones can build an atmosphere of security and enhances a sense of “being in this together.” In business negotiations, agreements reached today will likely be harmonious and long-lasted. This is another day when you want to focus on what you’re creating but rather than it being a personal project, it’s done with someone else.

Wednesday: Ace of Cups Reversed
This is striking me as being kind of PMS-y, like a collective “Midol moment.” Possibility of emotionally overreacting to external stimuli. So think twice before you have yourself a meltdown because who wants to be making apologies the day after? It feels worse than it actually is, so I’d opt for distraction (or my favorite, a nap!) until you feel better.

Thursday: Seven of Swords
Great day to keep a low profile and not draw undue attention to anything you don’t want changed by the powers that be. On the flip side, if YOU are the “powers that be,” scrutinize the Hell out of everything that crossed your path. Something may well be hidden therein. Ha!

Friday: Page of Pentacles Reversed
Watch spending today. It’s very easy for it to get away from you, with small expenditures adding up before you notice. Double check receipts and bills, too, to make sure it all adds up properly. There is a possibility of errors or overcharging that could easily be missed.

Affirmation: I am at peace.
Remember, it’s not what’s going on around you that creates your peace. It’s what’s going on INSIDE you. Controlling what’s going on around you is nothing but a big, fat illusion! Controlling what goes on inside you means that no matter what, your mojo cannot be disrupted. You’ll probably have some opportunity to exercise your “Zen muscles” this week. It will help keep you from overreacting or missing important information as the week winds up. So keep a clear head, folks!

What are you expecting for the coming week? Does this line up for you?

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Weekly Flow Tarot, May 4–10th: One Step at a Time

mayweekly 001

Welcome to my first Tarot forecast experiment, which I’m calling a “weekly flow.” I pulled a card for each day, looking at the overall flow for all of them along with the daily energy.

It looks like this week is going to demand some stamina, with solid follow-through and a dash of faith to fare the best. With over half of the cards inverted, I am expecting  impatience and frustration about slow-moving situations and the inverted cups in particular suggest the delays and frustrations can be emotionally draining at times. If you already know to expect this, you can factor it in.

Sunday, The Wheel – Be on the lookout for a lucky break today and hop on that train if it pulls up outside your door! Even if you don’t notice a specific opportunity though, do use some part of the day to do any necessary prep for the week ahead since it looks to give you a good leg up on following days. This day is the kiss of the coming week.

Monday, Queen of Swords – Stick to business and  forego editorializing in conversation. It’s liable to be misunderstood or taken too harshly. Prioritize; focus on the facts and especially the most important. Let anything irrelevant to the main objective go. Detach and rise above conflict if it doesn’t further the agenda.

Tuesday, King of Cups Rx– It’s looking squishy today!  You may have some of those messy ol’ feelings, about which there is absolutely nothing to do. Potential for self-pity or someone arriving with a sob story looking to divert you from your better judgment. Set aside major decisions until your emotional mojo is refilled. Chocolate would probably help… (But then again, I always think chocolate will help.)

Wednesday, Four of Wands Rx – Potential for cranky housemates or feelings of isolation and alienation in general. Cleaning (with the intention of evicting stale, disruptive energy along with grime) will help considerably. Order in your surroundings makes a big difference. I do mean literally and in every sense of the concept. If you get an email that bothers you, clean out your inbox. If it’s an argument in the kitchen, do the dishes. If you feel bothered at work, organize desk drawers. If you can find a physical action that’s symbolic of the bother, that’s even better. Follow up with adding something special to the space—a rock, a plant, a pillow, whatever that symbolizes being “at home” again.

Thursday, Queen of Wands – You’ve got this! You’ve made it through most of the week. The capacity to get your $*%$ done is in high gear. You have access to creative solutions and nobody’s getting one over on you. Be confident and bold!

Friday, Ace of Cups Rx – Damn, this looks like tired to me! Great day for a little escaping into music, a movie, a good book or even a nap. Eat well and rest. Exhale.

Saturday, Five of Pentacles Rx – It’s like the stressors you haven’t had time to process so far sink in. Don’t wait for others to know you could use some support or skip the asking, assuming there is none to be had. Reach out for what you need, or offer it to others if you are not in need. You’re not on your own today with whatever’s weighing you down unless you insist on being on your own.

The affirmation for this week: “I trust the process of life.”

Despite the demands and emotional blips, what needs to happen is happening. Stay present, stay optimistic, and stay on task. All materializes at the right pace. You got this…

So what do you think?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Tarot Video Forecast, 2/10: Not what you expected!

Next week’s video forecast? Got you covered!

Short version: It ain’t all sewn up and you may not be too happy about it. Accept what is, focus on the FEELING you want instead of the form, and do what you can with it.

Are you feeling unsettled?