02/10/12: How to BE the Magician!


“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Buddha

The Magician (Mercury) is self-directed and self-assured. It’s because he knows he has the tools and he knows how to use them. It’s instructive to note how.

He calls upon each element—fire for creative passion, water for emotional depth, earth for real-world results, air for considered reasoning—combining it with the infinite energy of Spirit to breathe life into his will. He is the personification of “As above so below.”

Energy doesn’t disappear. It only changes form. (I just love it when physics and Tarot speak the same language. Does that make me a geek?)

Physical, emotional and mental energy are married. If it’s happening on one level, it’s happening on all the others. It reverberates within the realm of each element.  So to direct it, get aligned with what you want.

Think thoughts consistent with what you want. Feel emotions consistent. Take action consistent. Live your life consistent. Call upon the Universe for consistent. Each bit reinforces the others, amplifies the vibration. With all this on your side, how could you lose?

Well, I can think of one way, I reckon…when your will is other-directed and it happens to conflict with the expression of free will. You may just run head on into a brick wall of vibrational mismatch, thank you very much. I consider it like the the Free Will rider: You get full access, provided you grant others full access. Anything less and it’s a power struggle in the making.

I see the Magician as a perfect embodiment of Free Will. He makes his own karma, precisely with how he chooses to use his power.

Can you see the Magician in how you call up your own power?

02/10/12: How to BE the Magician! 1 Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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01/14/12: You don’t make me happy…| The Sun Reversed

sun-reversed-meaningAnytime your happiness relies on someone else, it puts you in precarious position. You are not only handing over self-determination, but infringing! Your happiness is YOUR rightful load. In forcing over the weight, it’s exerting a form of control, manipulation. Responsibility for well-being is individual.

Today’s Tarot is the Sun reversed. Welcomed even reversed, the Sun is happiness, radiance, and inner light. No wonder people love it! The Sun reveals and shows everything in it’s best light. It’s a content, joyful card.

Inverted, maybe there are a few clouds in the sky. But the basic building blocks of “happy” are still intact. Maybe you’re overlooking the bright side? Maybe there’s been a little rain on your parade. It happens. But really, how big of a deal is it? Perspective is always helpful.

And if you’ve pinning your definition of happy on somebody else, is that your best plan? I know you care, but you can love without attaching that way, you know? It’s the difference between weighing down versus lifting up. You can cheer ’em on, be a support and encouragement, without getting mired in someone else’s mud. That helps no one.

We don’t know how the scene will unfold—that’s the material plane gig. So basically, you’ve got your good sense and faith to work with. Do it! If something’s not working for you, then work on it! It’s your job to work toward your own happiness. If you get distracted trying to do your neighbor’s job, you’ll never get anything done. And it isn’t really doing your neighbor any favors, really.

How much does your happiness feel dependent on others?

01/14/12: You don't make me happy…| The Sun Reversed 2 Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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Confusing Signs?

Confusing Signs? 3I’ve been having a conversation about identifying spirit signs. I have my personal “tells” — goosebumps, the three-times rule, an internal “click” and sense of knowing. I’ve written about this before, but here’s what I’m wondering today: how do you recognize for sure something is NOT a sign?

You know. Like when is a rose just a rose and nothing more than a rose? When does something pop into your head because somebody is thinking of you instead of because your guides are hitting the hotline to let you know something?

I am all about the free will,  and completely believe that you can get indications of what’s coming but sometimes, things change. Heck, that’s kind of the point of doing readings–to give yourself more options and insight based on the direction the energy is currently moving. It’s about choices! If you couldn’t make alternations in your course, there would pretty much be no point in reviewing your course, huh?

Complicating the field, we have imagination. Woo-Woo people have it in spades, because it’s the channel through which the info flows. That watery energy both gives you access to the etheral and obscures reality simultaneously. Blessing and curse, as they say. It’s like it’s not polite to suggest that some things people take as signs are just over-reaching, but truth be told, haven’t we all done it? I will ‘fess up! If I’m making a big decision, I may check in multiple ways over the course of multiple days, just to make sure I’m not seeing just what I want to see.

So between imagination and free will squaring off, I can’t go straight to physical manifestation as proof positive here. Just because it didn’t happen a certain way doesn’t mean the energy wasn’t in place for it. Only that it didn’t happen that way.

Which brings me back to the original question. Is it connected to the information itself? Is it about what’s empowering? Is it your state of mind? Other influences in your environment? Where do you look for this insight? I’m not talking about faith or lack thereof here. I’m talking about developing some confidence around where you put your faith, you know?

Do you have experience with something that felt like a sign but in retrospect, you  decided otherwise? How did you come to this conclusion? If you have any tricks, tips, or resources related to this question, I’d much appreciate hearing about it!

11/18/11: Beyond Blips | Rev. Justice, Rev. Hanged Man, Rev. Knight of Cups

Different points in my life, I’ve had very different ideas on the concept “Everything works out in the end.” On the one hand, it is a bit trite as advice and not terribly comforting. If someone is saying that to you, it’s probably because you’re not convinced of it! Annoying, like a pat on the head and signal to shut up. And sometimes, it sure hasn’t felt that way, either in my own life or observations into other people’s lives. But from the perspective of taking what you get and doing the best you can with it, I can be on board with the concept.

Life is a huge canvas and we’re the painter of our own landscape here. I think we may come into this world with a few, broad strokes penciled in, but most of it is a fill-in as you go, powered by the palate you’ve got on hand and judicious use of free will. Maybe that ugly piece of the composition becomes the basis for something spectacular before we’re done. Or not, I don’t know. But it probably could, if you decided to make it so.

IMG_1800 (550x284)

Well heck. Whenever I see all the cards reversed in a reading, I think to myself, “There are some blocks here.” To me, it means the energy is not free-flowing. Doesn’t mean the essence isn’t there—I generally won’t get the card at all unless it is in the mix. But inverted, I know it’s not freely expressing.

So with Justice reversed (Libra), Hanged Man reversed (Neptune), and Knight of Cups reversed (Air in Water)…well, I’d say there’s a lack of balance here. Do things not seem fair, and you’re lacking faith they’ll work out okay? Because that’s looking to be a bit of an emotional disruption. I can go back to the idea that some of the most painful bits of my life gave me invaluable lessons. But that’s still pretty cold comfort when you’re faced with the living of them.

I’m inclined to say life isn’t right or wrong, but just IS. Some pieces are easy and some are hard, but it doesn’t automatically follow that the easier pieces are better and the harder ones are worse any more than sweets are necessarily better than vegetables. I do believe we have the free will, though, to steer and focus toward that which is both healthy and emotionally fulfilling. Oft times, we make our jobs so much harder than they need to be.

So the message today for me is to remain in balance by shoring up my faith that all IS well, just as it should be. Doing so successfully lessens emotional volatility that could attract confusion, pain and trouble that’s easily avoidable. Each life has ups and downs. How good a life it is doesn’t depend on the ratio of ups to downs by any stretch. It’s utterly dependent on how we LIVE the ups and downs we get. The power remains our own.

How well do you manage to stay balanced amidst stressors?

11/18/11: Beyond Blips | Rev. Justice, Rev. Hanged Man, Rev. Knight of Cups 4 Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck
by Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan

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11/06/11: Digging into Choices | Seven of Cups


"Freewill means that the Universe never judges, never interferes with your own choices – and sees you as a being of equal creative power." –Joy Page

Some of the hardest and most worthwhile things I’ve done, after the fact I wondered, "Had I known, what all this really entailed, would I have made the same choices?" I’m not sure I would have! In that light, I’m kind of glad I didn’t always know. I did know, enough, however, to follow what spoke to me the clearest. That, I think, remains a saving grace.

Today’s Tarot is the Seven of Cups or Lord of Illusory Success, associated with Venus in Scorpio—dark (Scorpio) loves (Venus) are suggested.

The man here is choosing, between many appealing options. But is everything what it appears? The cup with the victory wreath has a skull on it. Everything he expected, and more? The snake may lie. Is that his inner light glowing under the cloth, or his self-undoing? Will the riches make him happy? Will that dragon protect him, or eat him alive? Care is in order, making this choice.

Your safeguard here lies in digging deep (Scorpio) to define your desire (Venus). Don’t go for the superficial. Sometimes, that’s just a veneer. Know what you most value, and use that as the yardstick. Make sure you stay in line, with WHO you are, who you want to be, and not the expected outcome of the choice. Focus on being present fully as an individual, and the outcome can’t go far wrong.

Have you found recent choices to be what the appear?

11/06/11: Digging into Choices | Seven of Cups 5 Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Asking Tarot, “Should I?”

Asking Tarot, "Should I?" 6I’m a little funny, about “should I” questions with Tarot. It’s not because I don’t think the cards advise well. Hell yeah, they give great advice! It’s the “should” part that bothers me.

We turn to the cards for help, when we’re worried and anxious and want to make sure we make the right decision. So they million dollar question is so often, “Should I?”

Uh, no.

Not you “shouldn’t.” Just that you shouldn’t ask like that. Because you know, we have an infinite number of paths. But we fixate at times, on the choice right in front of us. YES or NO, yes or no. Black or white, left or right. And the world depends on the answer.

If you don’t go out with the guy, if you don’t take the position, if you don’t make the investment, you’re engaging a particular chain of possibilities. If you do, you’re engaging another chain of possibilities. Each chain does not imply a moral imperative. It also doesn’t follow that one of the options of leads to eternal happiness, the other leads to certain death, one leaves us a good person, the other a bad person. Living is not a true/false proposition, and Tarot isn’t a moral litmus test. You own your own morality, along with your own future, thank you very much.

If you don’t take one option, then you’ll take another. Outside of fear, what makes you so damn sure the world will blow up if you don’t make the “right” choice now? I mean, sure. Some decisions are really important. And we do well to take care making them. We can sometimes screw things up. But a good 99% of our decisions that we agonize over aren’t about those kinds of questions.

Tarot cannot tell us what’s right–that’s abdicating our personal power to a deck of cards. Magical or not, it’s not up to the cards to tell right from wrong. That’s our job.

Most often, we ask the Tarot for reassurance, that our sensibilities are on target, that our intuition is trustworthy, or the ever-present “what’s going to happen.”  So often, we turn to Tarot to keep our fears at bay. That’s a legitimate use of the oracle, but honestly, we could get so much more.

Why not use the cards to grow, to get perspective? What can I expect if I make this choice or that? What’s underlying this situation? What will make me the happiest? What’s in the highest a best good of all concerned?

I’m not ragging on your should questions, really. And I’m here to help reframe ’em as need be. I’m just trying to give you a poke here, a reminder. YOU know best what you should be doing most of the time. People worry, if they make the tiniest misstep, the wonderful future available for them will somehow dissolve.

Oh, ye of little faith. How funny, you know? Source is a whole lot more imaginative than that. Tarot can be a crutch, or it can be a shovel to help you unearth your own free will. Don’t give your power to Tarot. Use Tarot to help you find your own power, your own voice. The choice remains yours. (It always was.)

How do you use Tarot helping make decisions?


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