Does Tarot Predict the Future?

Does Tarot Predict the Future? 1

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” –Lao Tzu

That’s what everybody wants to know: what’s gonna happen? Will I? Will he? Will they? People turn to the cards when they’re looking for guidance and reassurance about their path into the future.

It’s a tricky question, anytime you’re talking about predicting the future. There’s always that pesky “Free Will” thing, getting in the way of predictive accuracy!

Reading the cards is a lot like predicting the weather–it helps assess the character and nature of energy flow, much as satellite helps the meteorologist track the ebb and flow of weather patterns. The cards reflect energetic weather.

Neither the reader nor the weatherman can predict with 100% accuracy, because all kinds of weather is prone to change. But sometimes, the markers are clearer, making for high probabilities.

The advantage with Tarot is that you have direct say in the outcome; Free Will insists you decide on your own conduct and attachments, as do all parties involved. You get to decide what you feed and what you starve.

So “yes and no,” it seems to me. Tarot does predict to a point–if the energy is moving like a freight train, barreling full steam in a particular direction, it’s a massive undertaking to change course. But other times, the flow is more malleable, change more easily afforded.

Free Will is central to my Tarot philosophy. To pick up the cards and ask for insight is, in and of itself, a direct expression of Free Will. Living is our job– working the energy, transforming, living and loving along the way. We create experiences and vibrations. Tarot is merely a snapshot of truth as it exists in the now. The cards cannot live your life for you, any more than whatever you call divine source will live your life for you.

So don’t look for Tarot to hand you the answers to all your exams. Best you can reasonably expect is a syllabus.


What do you find regarding Tarot and prediction?


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