Legacy and New Stuff Around Here

200px-Runic_letter_othalan.svg I have a phone app that suggests a daily rune. Today is Othala. It means “homeland” or “ancestral lot.” It’s associated with the home itself along with heritage, inheritance, security and legacy.  Othala represents a richness, with the inheritance either material or not, creating identity. As the last rune of the Elder Futhrak, it suggests a culmination, a completeness.

How appropriate for a Scorpio moon, huh?

My family, as Jehovah’s Witnesses, raised me to value and preserve the integrity of staying true to beliefs regardless of outside pressure, including death if necessary. Being willing to die for your integrity is no small matter.

That was an incredibly powerful legacy to inherit–though I’ve no doubt spent much of it in a matter not approved by my benefactors.

You can leave your kids a fortune, but you don’t get to dictate how they spend it.

Of course, I inherited much more than that. As we move into the Full Moon in Scorpio, matters of value, legacy and heritage are highlighted.  What we’ve inherited but may forget or take for granted, what we’ve passed on ourselves, and what of all that energy it may be time to recycle. That’s what’s bouncing around in my mind.

What’s on your mind?

 In Other News

Don’t forget, I’m doing my forecasts in a weekly format now. I’ll probably bump it up tomorrow so you don’t lose track midweek, as that’s the downside I’ve found of doing them all at once. The feedback has been pretty good so far. Are you digging it? Would you like to see something different? Let me know.

I’m doing another  Woo-Woo Wonderful! show tomorrow with Josi on Magic Gardening. It’s been 6 months now! You don’t want to miss this one. It will be available via recording or on iTunes if you’re not available live. But have sunglasses ready because I just did my hair and it ROCKS. Har!

I’m thinking of starting a study group on Lenormand with private video meetings. It would be free to join, but I’d like to work with a fairly stable group and may seek permission to use clips from the discussions at some point in the future. It’s just a thought right now though, but if there’s enough interest, I think it could be a lot of fun. If this sounds intriguing to you, give me a holler.

I do have some other fun stuff in the works, but it’s all top secret at the moment. Make sure you’re on my mailing list if you don’t want to miss anything!

Be well.






Approval vs. Joy & the Healing Secret Within (Aquarius Full Moon)


Seeking the approval of others hinders my joyousness. If the way you feel depends on anything outside of you, you’re in trouble—but if you depend only upon your connection with your own Inner Being, then everything in your experience falls into alignment.” – Abraham/Hicks

I’ve said it many times: Any time your happiness depends on factors outside yourself, you are in trouble! We want the Magician working here for us here, not the Devil.

That doesn’t mean we must lack emotional connections or interdependencies. It merely means taking responsibility first and foremost for your OWN happiness and well-being. In truth, there is no better way to positively influence others’ happiness and well-being than to take charge and responsibility for your own.

Happy parents help make happy children. Happy wives and/or happy husbands help create happy marriages. Happy bosses make for happier employees.

The most powerful healing comes from within—fueled by a deep acceptance of who you really are inside. The really cool thing about self-healing is that in the process, your example, your energy, your joyful vibration lifts and helps heal OTHER PEOPLE. Like ripples in the water, that energy expands whomever it touches.

Some will approve of you, and some will not. That’s SO not about you (or me). But if you maintain the righteous freedom of being who you truly are in every way possible, full of love and acceptance for who THAT person is, a truly life-affirming and healing energy that opens up as a direct result.

Make no mistake: Living as true to yourself as possible, seeking your own joy instead of approval, will definitely make some people disapprove! But you know what? That is their right, their path to walk, their confusion to clear. Don’t own that. Own YOU.

This message brought to you by the Full Moon in Aquarius, 8:45pm CST.

You feeling the drive to live more true?

Ask and It is Given Cards

Moonflower Sees Me


Blurry, waterlogged Moonflower

I saw my first Moonflower bloom. Moonflowers are a relative to Morning Glory that bloom at night. It amused me a little, that they bloomed the first time at the full moon. Aptly named, huh?

Gifted with a pack of seeds, I had planted them way back in March, I think? Soaked the seeds and plopped them in a pot with my Morning Glory that went crazy. (I credit CJ’s Lunar home and Garden help for the Morning Glory’s liveliness. Looking up the site to link, I laughed when I saw the background picture she has up. Hello, Moonflower!)

I had believed my Moonflowers just didn’t make it. I had already mourned them.

“Ah, it’s because they are Moonflowers,” I said, maybe aloud. “They finally bloomed for me because I’m looking at my shadow.” Because you know, in my world, NOTHING ever “just is.”

Parts of me are just like these Moonflowers. I have hurts I thought were long dead and gone, losses I’d thought were already mourned and done with. I’m an awesome psychological gardener, after all! But some have taken root deep in the soil of my psyche. Alive and well, the wind through my everyday world unnoticed, hiding amongst the louder, sunnier flowers. I had no idea what was still growing. I also had no idea how they may have impacted any of the other flowers.

Moonflowers are supposed to be fragrant, but I didn’t think to sniff. It was early morning when I took this picture. I’d been up the night already, excavating in my gut, hoping I did what I needed but too muddled to know and too tired to figure it out. I tried very hard to face my own faults and even harder to feel like I’m good enough despite them. I felt every bit as blurry and waterlogged as this picture.

Now, I am feeling better. I ‘m thinking that knowing what’s growing in your psyche’s garden is the most vital information. The Moonflowers have a place, just as all my experiences have a place in making up who I am and what I value. If I’m able to not deny their existence, I can care for them appropriately and appreciate what they really have to offer. My history gives me a compassion and understanding that was hard-earned; failure to integrate the difficult parts makes it impossible to also appreciate the blooms.

Do you have Moonflowers (physical or metaphorical)?