09/18/11: Love Relfected

lovers“Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others. –Buddha

Today’s Tarot is The Lovers or Children of the Voice Divine, associated with Gemini. When the lovers appear, I always take special note of the reflective aspect—like Gemini, you and the object of your love mirrors one another.

The Lovers carry a very simple, but nonetheless powerful message: Be strong, compassionate and loving. You’ll attract those of a similar vibration. Who you’re attracted to is a reflection of you, just as you are a reflection of them. So start within, building yourself up, living as well as you know how. That’s how you maintain the most love in your life. This is true whether the love is romantic or otherwise. What you put out definitely is reflected in what you attract back into your world.

Do you see the Lovers at work in your world?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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08/17/11: Heartbreak to Hope | 10 of Swords, 6 of Swords, Page of Cups

IMG_1528In the middle of crisis, every trial feels permanent. Every problem feels insurmountable. And every cloud in the sky looks like a killer storm brewing. It’s not really, but it sure looks that way.

Today’s Tarot forecast is a 3-card spread from the Transparent Tarot that seems to capture that feeling in the air while still suggesting a bright spot to sail toward. I like that!

  • Ten of Swords or Lord of Ruin, associated with Gemini Sun (Sorry, Gemini—it’s not personal!)
  • Six of Swords or Lord of Earned Success, associated with Mercury in Aquarius
  • Page of Cups or Princess of the Waters, associated with Earth of Water

The upshot—yeah, there have been betrayals, overreactions, possibly double-dealing and in general, folks in the vicinity have not always acted in good faith or with your best interests at heart. Whether it was conscious or not is a lot less relevant than we may care to admit.

The worst is definitely over—time to start pulling the swords out and let the healing commence. You are moving toward new shores here, but those wounds are still healing and sometimes, they still hurt.

Know the pain is both temporary and indication of a deeper understanding. Facing up  doesn’t permanently scar emotionally—it allows you to detach so you can sail away.

The best news, though—the Page of Cups promises heartbreak heals. The sense of newness, passion and emotional openness that may seem inaccessible in this moment is coming—that’s the point of all this letting go and moving on stuff, man. That’s how you get there.

Are you feeling this? How’s your trip?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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Everyday Tarot, 06/15/11: Finding Home Under the Eclipse

lovers-psychic-tarot-oracleA friend asked a really good question yesterday: “What’s home to you?”

She wasn’t talking city or town, brick and mortar. When do you, in your heart, feel “at home?”

As soon as I heard the question, I knew the answer. And it’s one I’ve been looking for.

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Love and Reflecting a New Reality

Tarot Lovers from Legacy of the Divine DeckI just got this Take-home message for one of my Tarot people, and thought others may benefit. She said I was welcome to share it with you, so I am!

The Lovers are not always a romantic couple–this card can speak to any deep bond. Specifically, a Lovers’ pairing is always going to be transformative in some way to participants. In a Lovers-type relationship, each defines reality largely through the other person’s eyes–it goes both ways. Changing where you fix your gaze alters how you both feel. So you could focus on seeing what you’d want the other to see in themselves, and end up with a new vision of yourself in the bargain.

What do you see in the Lovers card?