Root Chakra Gift and a Deal (for a minute)!

After doing all those Mini Chakra/Tarot reading videos, it became clear to that a LOT of people have issues with the root chakra. I do!

And of course, most of y’all won’t be taking the workshop. But I’d like to help anyway. So in the interest of public service, I’m sharing the Root Chakra lesson as a gift to AFJ readers. Grab it here!

Download the ROOT CHAKRA lesson (PDF) :present:

And if you’d like to hit the other Chakras, you can get the full Workbook independent of the workshop. I had planned on charging about $25 for it (and will likely increase the price at least some next week), but right now, I’m in a generous mood-so let’s call it $11.

I’ll leave the Workbook price at $11 until Monday at Noon CST. But after that, I’m pulling the offer to reevaluate. Even a Tarot-slinging diva’s gotta eat, man!

The workbook is now available for $17.

As soon as PayPal processes your payment, you’ll get a link for immediate download of the PDF format workbook.

Thank you to those who ordered while it was on sale. :-*

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