Six of Swords Reversed: Who’s to Blame?

There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path. Don’t allow yourself to become one of them. –Ralph Marston

I’d even go so far as to say, you present yourself the only possible obstacle. All roads lead home.

The Six of Swords speaks to making a transition–sometimes after a long, stressful cycle. Reversed, the transition isn’t necessarily direct or smooth. I’m seeing this as lacking consistency, not being grounded or steady in the process of a transition. Emotional flux in the process. With this card reversed, you’re falling in the (emotional) waters!

Eclipse season, folks. To be expected so don’t sweat it if you’re finding yourself a little waterlogged lately.

Not that you cannot get there–from overwhelmed to steady–and usually it’s pretty easy, for that matter. Provided you’ve decided to find your center and you keep reaching for that center to the exclusion of all else.

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The more you practice reaching for steady and centered, the easier it is to regain your footing when you slip, as you will again and again and again. Because that’s the nature of centering. Much like steering on the car, or tacking on a boat, you’ll spend more time correcting course than on course. This is how we move. And as you practice with little things, the bigger things fall into line more naturally, because grounded and centered become your default state.

So often, we congratulate ourselves when things go smoothly and fuss at ourselves when they don’t. We are happy when life shows us what we want, and upset with ourselves (because we “should have known better”) when what we want is not yet there. What would it be like, if we decided to love and accept ourselves NO MATTER WHAT? What would that look like? What if we were to recognize the perfection in every moment–not because we are eternally satisfied with our now, but because we understand we’ll always be reaching for more and the only way to acheive more is by making peace with here?

We are in transition. How do I know? Not because of the sky or my vibe-reading skills, mad though they may be. Because we always are! Transition is a constant state–a side effect of being alive. Stasis is an illusion: it’s merely the act of recreating the same thing, over and over. Can’t stand still, no matter how hard you try. But you can tread water, in place.

When you can look at your situation and no longer blame others, you’ve made progress moving forward. When you no longer blame yourself, you’ve made more progress. When you no longer look at whatever you’ve got without need to blame or explain or justify or condemn it? When you can just BE, and appreciate what every situation has given you and love yourself, knowing you’ve done the best you can as you’ve gotten to wherever you are? That! That is when you open the path for real shifts.

As long as you explain, justify, and wallow? You’re recreating the circumstance in your experience. You’re living it through your attention to it. Over and over and over again. And it doesn’t help anything or anybody. Not to mention, it feels awful. So why do it?

Every step you’ve taken up to this point is part of who you are. Every step you will take is part of who you’re becoming. And there is no way to get that wrong. It’s a constant refining and adjusting and deciding. Because this is the process of being in this physical world.

Each of us lives in the Six of Swords, more or less. It’s the human condition. We just get to decide if we are jumping out of the boat and flailing around in place, or enjoying the ride.

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Incremental Improvements – Eight of Pentacles

The amount of energy most adults spend criticizing themselves–for something, anything, everything!–it absolutely stunning. Usually when things aren’t going as we want, when being kind to ourselves could offer salve for battered feelings, we start in on the “why’s” and good chance, we’re gonna blame the face in the mirror for doing something wrong.

Not successful enough. Not thin enough. Not spiritual enough. Not smart enough. Not dedicated enough. Not kind enough. Not efficient enough. Not busy enough. Not organized enough. Not a good enough parent.

Not enough, not enough, not enough.


You ever notice how little kids don’t do that? Babies aren’t born into bodies, feeling “not enough.” Which means it would have to be something we pick up along the trip. Feeling Not-Enough isn’t something that’s part of who we inherently are.

I suspect the absence of self-criticism has a lot to do with why small children are usually so tuned in–and why it can be so refreshing and healing to soak up that energy.  Babies don’t criticize themselves. And they don’t criticize you. They just are, you know?

You’re at where you’re at. You can find fault with it–and you, for being there. Or you can just be there, and look at ways to make wherever you’re at, better. More like how you want it. More comfortable. More fun. Easier. Softer. Smoother. More peaceful. More joyful.

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Video Transcript

Hey. This is Dixie from A Fool’s Journey dot com. I’m going to bring in the, the vibe of the moment to you, what’s on my radar for you to kinda get a clue about what maybe to expect this week.

So hang on.

I got the eight of pentacles. The eight of pentacles. This is Virgo. Basically, this is just keep working it out. You’ve got what you need. You have the skills. You’re refining the skills. Okay? It’s just do a little. Do a little. Do a little.

Look at it and see where it needs to be adjusted. So this is a pretty comfortable vibe to me. Of course, I’m a Virgo, so, you know. I get that.

Don’t look at the whole, like, what has to be done, the big picture, blah blah blah. Just, you’re chunking it out. Like, a little bit at a time. Just like, this item on the list, and this item on the list, and this item on the list.

Just a little bit, a little bit, a little bit. And trust that all of these little additions are gonna add up to what you need to do.

Do your thing, and then, kind of evaluate. And say, okay, well, I can improve this a little bit. What can I do a little better? How can I put this a little better? And look for incremental, gradual improvements. That’s what’s gonna get you where you want to go. Okay?

I hope that’s helpful to you! And I hope you go out there and have a great week! Take care, peace out from the Goddess. Ommmmmmmmm. Bye bye.

[Outtakes] Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

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Queen of Cups: Mind Your Own (Emotional) Business

I’ve made much more of a practice recently, of looking to mind my own business. And it’s tougher than I initially would have imagined.

I have no issue keeping my mouth shut–much to the surprise of those subjected to my mouth. Har! They have NO IDEA how much commentary flits through my brain that somehow doesn’t escape the hole in the front of my face.

Mars in Scorpio can keep a mouth shut.

But the emotional end–not becoming directly invested in what other people say or do or feel, themselves? That’s much, much tricker. We equate caring with winning others over to our conclusions, “fixing” something. But caring is not the same as asserting your own belief upon someone else, no matter how much you think your belief will serve in the situation.

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The drive to help, wanted or not, or the drive to correct or clarify or fix what’s going on in someone else’s world can be strong. Even that habit most of us have, of dividing life into piles of good and bad–and often, campaigning for others to accept our definitions? This all is minding the world’s emotional business, usually to the exclusion of our own emotional business.

And I’m not saying it’s wrong, if you decide to do this. (See what I did there? I’m staying out of it!)

I’m saying I’ve decided, for me, that I’m much happier if I’m not trying to recruit the rest of the world to be me. One me is plenty.

I’m much happier, trusting the people I care about to have the resources they need to figure out their own lives. (They do.)

I’m much happier, focusing on my own emotional state and remaining as healthy and stable and happy as possible.

This is a big world, you know? There are plenty of things you could focus on. If you’re fearful or angry or upset, you can find lots and lots in this big world to not only justify those feelings, but grow them exponentially.

There is also plenty in this world that is beautiful and encouraging and uplifting. And you can find lots and lots of that to focus on, to grow those feelings.

The choice is yours. As for me? I’m looking to mind my own business and keep my own focus on what helps me stay happy, in the flow and connected. Because that’s the most important thing ever, to me.

Video Transcript

Hey, this is Dixie from a fool’s journey dot com. I’m here with a thought for the energy of the moment. So hang on. Let’s see what we get.

Okay. Queen of Cups! Queen of Cups.

Really, really a good time to go with the flow. Now, that’s easier sometimes than we give, we give credit for. Because…this is a theme I’ve been on lately, I’m sorry. But basically, we try to manipulate the rest of the world.

Rather than trying to fix other people, just live yourself. Okay? Just live yourself! Just do you.

Just look to stay in the flow. Just prioritize how you feel and particularly your sense of connection. So that when you get those subtle little bumps here and there to try this or to do that, that you’re ready.

This can be a very comfortable week. Or a very emotional, kind of upsetting week. Really depends on you and how you direct your focus and thoughts as far as what it’s gonna be like.

So I would really suggest that you mind your own damn business. Okay? And that you stay focused on being in the flow, being connected, doing your own emotional state. Finding as optimistic and as positive an approach or perspective as you are capable of. And things will go better for you.

Okay? So that’s the snapshot of the moment. I hope it’s helpful to you. I hope you have an awesome week! Take care, peace out from the Goddess. Ommmmmmmm. Bye bye.

How are the things most important to YOU going? 

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After it Dies: Tarot, May 22 – 28, 2017

There’s that moment, when you just know without question, something in your life is getting ready to implode. It’s a sick feeling in the pit of the stomach, full of fear and uncertainty. It’s unmistakable and inescapable.

Some of us stubborn sorts don’t accept what we haven’t plotted unless we have no choice. (I mean, that’s my theory, anyway. HAR!) But there are those times, no amount of duct tape is gonna hold it together and all you can do is accept.

You accept because you don’t see any other choice.

But so much of the time–dare I say almost always?–that very feeling portends the most direct path to the next, best step. It provides a clarity that the thickest fog of denial cannot obscure. It cleans out the much of what’s not working or ready for transformation.

Even if it’s not what you wanted. Even if you did everything you could think of, to fix and repair and prop up  and mitigate and delay and avoid. Even if you would give anything you could to change it. Sometimes, momentum progresses beyond our ability to steer.

And when that happens? You feel your feelings, and let them flow. And you look for bits to appreciate. Bittersweet as they may be, those nuggets of appreciation you can find in the chaos will save you.

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Tarot has sense of humor. Don’t let anybody tell you any different. Last week, it was “Let it Die.” This week? We’re in the grieving process with the Five of Cups.

In this video, I take a very brief look at grief.

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And be well out there!

This week’s forecast features The Gilded Tarot and one befuddled Dixie, who was hoping for an easier card this week.

Let it die…Tarot, Week of 5/15/17

The Death card is associated with Scorpio. I have no issues with Scorpio–he’s a player in my own chart and I have mad respect for his willingness to get his hands dirty, you know? He’s REAL and he goes full in. He does the dirty jobs that need doing and he does them well. What’s more, his skill with rooting around in the energetic muck and cleaning it out means something fresh can grow there. In removing that rot, the soil becomes ready for new life.

And that IS a beautiful thing, even if the process itself is not very tidy.

I am feeling and seeing this energy quite clearly right now, so I suspect many of y’all are as well. This week, I’m going to be looking to focus on where I’m going and not the old news of where I’ve been. I’d suggest the same for you.

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Dix from A Fool’s Journey. I’ve got another micro forecast for you this week. With the Gilded Tarot. So stay tuned.

Howdy, this is Dix with A Fool’s Journey. I’m just gonna pull a card, a single card, and see where we go from there.

Oh geez. Ugggghhh. I got death!

What do I want to say about death?

Things begin, things end. A lot of times, an ending is, well, always in my opinion, but, generally speaking, an ending is part of a new beginning. And once things hit critical mass, you know, if it’s gonna blow, it’s gonna blow.

So you can feel however you wanna feel about it, but understand that the endings are just as necessary, if not more so, for moving forward, as the beginnings. Endings are important, too.

And sometimes they’re scratchy or, or raw. Or uncomfortable. But almost always, there’s a cleansing that comes with it and things are better for having gone through that transformational process.

Because the, it has to die before it can be resurrected. You know? Before something new can grow in it’s place. So you might see some of that this coming week. If it’s uncomfortable, I’m really sorry. But remember that it’s just part of the natural order of things and in the long run, it’s all okay.

I hope that’s helpful to you or interesting or whatever. If it is, let me know! Otherwise, just have a great week, take care. Peace out from the Goddess. Mmmmmm. Bye bye.

Cats. Please. [snap] Ohhhhh. Stop! Cats. They’re worse than kids…

Are you seeing Death energy in your world? (I am.)

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Refined Approach: Weekly Tarot, May 8-14, 2017

I’m going to cut to the chase this week and let this (brief) video do the talking. Transcript below.

Transcript from the Video

Howdy! This is Dix from A Fool’s Journey. I’m just gonna do a quick [snap] to the point check in for next week. Okay?

Stay tuned.

Howdy, this is Dix from A Fool’s Journey. I’ve got my Tarot deck. I’m gonna pull one card and [snap] riff on it and just get right to the point.

Nine of Pentacles. Wanna tell you to be refined. Not, you know, not stick your pinky finger out when you drink your tea. Graceful. Kind. Understanding. Take a broader perspective.

My sense is that there’s a lot for you to watch if you’re not trying to jump in there and control other people or run the world or decide what’s right or wrong. Look at everything that comes up like a learning experience. Or like a potential, a potential education for you. Way to open your eyes.

And you’ll make the most of the week. Hope that’s helpful for ya! If it is, let me know. If not, okay. Maybe next time! Take care, peace out, bye bye!


Excuse me. That’s the sound of the cats. Tttttooo-tooo-tooo. Ohhhhhh. Cats! Can you not do that? They’re worse than kids.

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