10 of Cups: Quest for Harmony

A happy person lives a better life. Being in harmony makes for a happier person.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.


The Ten of Cups (10 of Water in the Good Tarot) teams up with Hydrangea–Thankfulness for Understanding–from the Botanical Inspirations deck. This is some serious, feel-good energy if we follow the cards’ advice.

Happy Buddha is happy! He lets life flow around him and doesn’t look like he has much to complain about, huh? And I love Hydrangeas! Usually, I also love the quotes on this deck. But this quote, saying we must understand one another to forgive? Eh. It’s not my favorite.

I don’t believe we have to understand anything. Maybe believing you understand another’s motivations makes it easier to move on. But to me, the entire concept feels off. We barely understand ourselves, let alone anyone else! So much goes on inside of a person that another could never even begin to know. So a goal of “understanding” always strikes me as illusory at best.

But there’s a bigger reason.

For me to be in a position to forgive, it means I’m holding on to something yucky. It’s still an active vibration in my world. Stockpiles of complaints and unsettled scores don’t do anything but block personal flow.

If I’m holding a bag stuffed full of anger, blame, resentment, or what have you? That is an issue for ME. It impacts my life. Not so much an issue for whomever I have tagged the perpetrator. It’s weight I carry on my own back and nothing else useful comes of it. So why carry it?

I’m not suggesting it’s a great idea to attach yourself to unkind people. Just the opposite! Anger or blame is an attachment that’s every bit as powerful as any other flavor of connection. I’m suggesting evicting the entire mess from your head, your energy field, and your life.

And the only way I know how to evict is letting it go. Not giving it thought to “understand,” not trying to shame or convince, not collecting sympathy from supporters. Just letting it the Hell go, period. None of us will ever be able to get the rest of the world to behave according to our standards. So it’s a good idea to stop trying.

Reach for your own harmony first and as you find that, the rest begins to click into place.

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Video here.

This week, seek harmony and start your search in the mirror.

Looking for your own harmony? Give me a holler for a one-on-one if you would like some support in the process.


Two of Cups: Syncing Up with Dreams

What energy are you synced up with? Your dreams? Or your nightmares?

I’ve decided life is more or less a big, fat Rorschach test. What someone sees tells me nothing about “reality,” but much more about where their energy is focused.

Do you see the world as an unrelentingly ugly place? Do you find a lot of fault with what you consider around you, every day? Because if you do, you’re syncing up with the ugly in the world.

Now, I’m not going to say it’s not out there. Of course, it is! And I’m not going to say you should not care. It’s up to you, what you care about. And yes, you’re certainly contributing to the change by amping up the desire for change. You’re doing a service.

But man. It’s not a very comfortable way to live. And while adding your voice to the call for change is one route for service, it’s not the only path.

We live in a big world with endless variety. There is just as much beauty as there is ugly! Turning toward the beauty is not contributing to the ugly. It’s contributing to the beauty! Looking for the good and participating in it is another, equally valid path to service. It’s a way to move to the front of the crowd, leading others into the future those cries for change have helped define instead of hanging around in the middle of the pack to continue sounding alarm.

My primary objective is to live a happy life. And when I assume the best about people (without worrying how likely it is or not), I just feel better. It’s truer to that happy, loving person that I am, at my best. I want to express who I am, as purely as I can. When I can find a loving lens to look through is when I shine brightest. So it makes good sense to take every opportunity I can find to see the world kindly. It’s always going to feel better.  And it’s a pretty damn good way to live.

I choose to sync up with (and therefore live) my dreams over my nightmares. I choose to see the best I can find to see wherever I look, regardless of anyone else’s intentions.

It doesn’t matter if anybody else deserves it. I deserve it!

Being kind to yourself is the easiest way to orient to this perspective. Feeling bad about yourself makes it pretty much impossible to feel good about anybody else. Let yourself off the hook first! The energy will start flowing more smoothly after that. ♥

Your vibration will always be in harmony with SOMETHING. What is the “something” you want to be in sync with?

Next Week in Tarot: Getting in Sync

Two of Water Good Tarot

We’ve got the Two of Cups (aka the Two of Water in the Good Tarot) and Garden Heliotrope–Devotion and Dreams Fulfilled–from the Botanical Inspirations Deck. This is a very sweet combo! It’s speaking very clearly to me on aligning with your dreams emotionally–and therefore, energetically.

Those two little fishes (often associated with abundance) are in sync, in harmony.  This card often denotes a fresh new relationship or budding love. Even when it’s not discussing romantic love, however, it does indicate a coming together in harmony. When you see this Two, there is a complementary union. Expect an ease and flow to this energy,  forging a natural (and powerful) pairing.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. –Eleanor Roosevelt

Together, we’re being advised to emotionally sync up with our dreams. The easiest way to do this is to tap into the feelings associated with your dream, utterly unencumbered by the details of reality.

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Syncing up with your dreams isn’t very hard, at least for a minute. The snags start when you begin asking, “How? When? What?” If you start asking questions you have no answers for, you will harmonize with obstacles instead of the dream.

Leave the how-to up the Universe, okay? Not your job. Your only job is to line up your energy.

This week, decide to find as much of what you want as you can find with ZERO concerns about “reality.” What might be considered objective truth is irrelevant. What feels best, truest to who you are at the core, is what counts. And this you can steer by the perspective you choose.

What are you harmonizing with?

Four of Cups: Flowers in the Weeds

When life is not coming up roses, look to the weeds and find the beauty hidden within them. –L.F.  Young

What do you do, when life is not cruising along in line with your preferences? 

Maybe you sell for a living, and the world doesn’t seem to be buying. Or maybe you got a new job, and it’s just not what you’d hoped.  Maybe your relationship isn’t full of relating. Or maybe your kids are giving you fits. Whatever you’re looking at you don’t like, and it’s got you wound up in knots.

But here’s where it gets interesting. You have a choice, in every given moment.

You can focus on what’s wrong and work up a full-blown emotional explosion. You just start ramping up what you don’t like in your head and it grows.  Or you can reach for whatever feels the least little bit better and look for some beauty in the weeds.

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How you feel about an unwanted situation is never, ever dictated by that situation. It cannot be by definition, because reaction is never external. A sense of well-being is not something that life bestows upon us, by doling out superior circumstances.

We generate our own happiness, through actively and consciously focusing on what pleases us, what we appreciate in any situation. This has nothing to do with outer circumstances and everything to do with what we practice every day.

We give the outside world far too much credit for (and therefore, too much control over) the state of our own well-being. Well-being is always an inside job, friends. When you don’t like what’s in front of you, fair enough. Your flowers aren’t blooming. You’re in the middle of the weeds. So start looking for the beauty there. Understand when life isn’t flowing smoothly, you are getting a nudge–maybe a hard nudge–to shift your energy. And that’s truly a helpful thing.

If we habitually complain and fuss (even internally) about everything that’s wrong in our world? Rough times are going to hit harder.  But if we have a habit of looking for the beauty anyplace we can find it, weeds or not? Life feels better, right then and there.

The less it feels like you have to appreciate in a given moment, the more important it is to do just that.

It helps. Every single time, it helps.

Next week in Tarot: Dream it Up

We have the Four of Cups (or 4 of Water from the Good Tarot) and the Venice Mallow Hibiscus from the Botanical Inspirations deck: Delicate, Fleeting Beauty.

I just got back from flower shopping with my daughter. She took home some Hibiscus that was speaking to her. Hibiscus is associated with love, dreams and divination. The Venice Mallow variety is sometimes known as the “Flower-of-an-hour” because of the short time it opens its blooms in the morning.

If you see a bloom? Take it in, right then and there.

The Four of Cups is always a dreamy energy–here, we’re considering what we don’t have, or perhaps imagining what we might want. You are the dreamer of this dream. It’s up to you to guide it.

This week, I expect we’ll have opportunities to dream up, or dream down wherever we are standing. This active steering of attention and imagination is a very effective way of flowing energy.  Make a practice of putting out what you want to get, because that’s how you tune this. And a very easy way to find the sweet spot here is looking for the good, the flowers, wherever you are.

Weeds or not, look for the flowers!

Are you finding flowers in your weeds?

If you want some support re-orienting, give me a holler for a one-on-one.

Seven of Swords: Under Wraps

Still on the “don’t overthink it” train here, as I hear myself dishing up versions of that advice left, right and backward.

Which also means, it still applies to me. Or I wouldn’t find myself in the position of amplifying that message.

Damn it.

Go with the flow.

Be easy, Breathe. Give yourself time to let the details fill in for you.

The path is yours and just yours. FEEL your way through.

Nobody knows what you’re doing better than YOU. Even if you don’t know quite yet. Because you will.

In the Cards for This Week

We have the Seven of Swords–that’s a card of holding your own, being true to yourself without weighing in outside opinion.

And we’ve got Nasturtium–Victory & Conquest. We don’t win by defeating other people. We win each time we are true to who we are, in the purest form of our spirit. When we act in harmony with the spark of the divine that is who we are, at the core?  That’s how we win.

Steer with your feelings, and keep the details to yourself. (Video here.)

It’s not necessary to get outside confirmation of your thoughts. In fact, it’s counterproductive and you can’t travel far on borrowed confidence. You definitely want to grow your own confidence this week by letting the details fill in on their own. They will. Just breathe deeply and give it a minute.

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That’s all there is to do. Relax and lean into the faith you’ll figure out the best path as you travel it. You not only can, but you will. Look for the signposts of blessing along the journey and it’s sure to be sweeter than it would have, otherwise. It helps you create a more beautiful now-reality.

Do you have some changes brewing? 

This week’s forecast features the Good Tarot (because I’ve been digging on the artwork) and the Botanical Inspirations Deck (because it’s been speaking clearly to me). Want to look at your personal business? Give me a holler.

Page of Swords: Gaining Clarity

“Stop trying to think it all through and figure out all the potential avenues yourself. Leave that up to the Universe. Trying to map it all out is slowing you down.”

Damn it!

I’m talking to one of my Tarot people and realize, I’ve been giving out versions of this advice repeatedly lately. Whenever I notice that happening, I know that Tarot is also talking to me.

And the cards I drew for the weekly seem to be putting the punctuation right on this message.

Damn it.

This Week in Tarot: Getting Clearer

Good tarot page of air

Here we have the Page of Swords (or Page of Air) from the Good Tarot, along with Phlox from Botanical Inspirations.: Unanimity & Harmony. (I was going to say Phlox is one of my favorite flowers, but I realized: I always seem to say that. I do love ’em, though!)

This combination says good ideas are afoot. Clarity is within your grasp. You can easily receive inspiration now!

But honestly? I’d keep those ideas that are percolating primarily to myself. Let them develop and brew. The harmony you really want to reach for here, right now, is internal. Be of one mind about something and let your thoughts settle in before you start broadcasting your message.

I would not go looking for a broad agreement this week. I’d be looking for internal agreement. Don’t work on convincing other people in order to reassure yourself. Borrowed confidence never lasts very long anyway. Instead, be reaching for clarity. That’s never going to come from any place outside yourself. You may be inspired to clarity, from something you hear or see. But the click happens inside your head and inside your heart.

Once you are feeling the clarity, though? Sure, run your mouth as you like. Because by that point, you won’t really care what anyone else has to say about it. And in the case of tuning in to your own truth, not giving a damn about what anyone else has to say about it is a really good thing.

Are you in the process of getting clear?

If you need some help, give me a holler for a one-on-one session to assist you in sorting things out.

Three of Swords: Defining Moments as Doorways

When I was young, I thought the defining moments of my life would be made up of joyous milestones. Turning 21! Graduations, weddings, and promotions would somehow tell me who I was. Rituals and accomplishments would bring these pinnacles to be served up on a silver platter, or so I thought.

I had it utterly backward.

My defining moments have not been made up of smiling pictures and pretty dresses. They’ve pretty much always come when I’ve been alone, feeling beat up, beaten down and tired. They’ve come most clearly in struggle, not in peace. How we deal with pressure and transition does more to shape us than the bows we take when we’ve reached a goal.

I’ve come to the conclusion that defining moments are forged most clearly as we do what feels right in our hearts, despite any pressure otherwise. Outside voices do not matter. This is 100% an inside job.

[bctt tweet=”Life’s defining moments come from listening to the song of the soul. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

I’d advise doing that, this week for sure. And every week thereafter.

This Week in Tarot

In order to move toward something new, by default something old must be left behind. We’re looking at this kind of motion right now.

Three of Swords Tarot, Apple Blossom

Here we’ve got the Three of Air–better known as the Three of Swords from the Good Tarot, along with Apple Blossoms from the Botanical Inspirations Deck.

The Good Tarot uses the phrase “Rejection is God’s protection” in describing this card. The Three of Swords often denotes a painful separation. While I’d probably never put it quite that way to someone in the middle of a heartbreak, there is a lot of truth in that perspective. The apple blossom is associated with choices, knowledge, and illumination. It compliments the Tarot’s message nicely here, emphasizing separation is sometimes the result of choices, growth and increasing clarity.

When things don’t work out, there’s almost always a very good reason why. There’s also almost always an opportunity for a defining moment.

There is a metamorphosis underway. Consider whether you want to (or have to) let go and move on at this point.

Armchair astrology note: I’m not surprised to see this sort of message like the cherry on top of a Scorpio full moon. Full moons are a time of release and Scorpio is an intense, emotional energy. Not lightweight! People are under significant pressure and stressed, so make allowance for that as much as you can.

Appreciate the contribution of what you’re leaving behind to where you are, right now. All that clarification has helped you grow into the “new you.” It helped shape you and you cannot love yourself while hating the events that defined you. But always, make your choices based on what your heart says is true and right. Then, what feels like a mess turns into a defining moment.

Take a deep breath, and walk through the door with appreciation in your heart for all that’s come before. Make this transition a defining moment.

Looking to reorient your perspective? Give me a holler for a 1-on-1.