Eight of Cups: Cutting Emotional Tethers

I’ve been on a quest to pay less attention to outside world and more attention to my own world and what I’m doing within it. Being rooted in the now. Trying to live my life in ways that feel good instead of backseat driving the world.

I’d call this more of a practice than accomplishment–because honestly? It’s tidal. I have to practice every single day!

Tarot This Week

Here, we have the Eight of Water (aka the Eight of Cups) –that ship has sailed, baby! And our friendly flower, the Violet, adds the message of Faithfulness and Modesty to the mix.

This speaks of letting go of preconceived notions, over how the world should run. Not everything is yours to decide. Disengage emotional tethers to whatever isn’t working for you and aim your sights on best care you can of your own damn self instead, okay?

You are free to engage in whatever interests you want. Of course, there aren’t right or wrong things to care about. Just make sure your emotional energy is engaged primarily in ways that benefit you. Don’t tie yourself to anything that doesn’t feel good. Cut the emotional tethers if it’s beating you up. Love it and wish it well on it’s way and you’ll be free.

Peace Out.

p.s. This week featured the Good Tarot andBotanical Inspirations deck. For a 1-on-1 with Dix, holler.


Sun: Finding Happy When it’s Nowhere in Sight

Being unhappy isn’t wrong. It’s not evidence you’re not exactly the right place, in the right time. It’s not evidence of a failing. It’s a perfectly normal part of the cycle of life.

It’s not fun. But it’s not in any way inappropriate, either.

Unhappiness often helps us break free of situations no longer serving and imparts crazy levels of crystal-clarity on what we actually would like to live. All our experiences become an integral part of shaping who we are. They feed our desires and start the foundation of the better our lives will become.

You can’t simultaneously love who you are and hate the experience that created you. And it doesn’t really matter how you got here anyway. Right now, you’ve got “here” to work with.  Best to make peace with it as a first step in being able to move forward.

But you can make the transitional time to better flow smoother and faster. And it’s not so difficult to accomplish.

Just do your best to give as much airtime as possible to anything that feels even a little bit better to you. Of two options, always take the one that feels better. Of two thoughts, choose by what feels better over what may seem more likely or more true. FEEL your way through.

Attention turns up vibrations. Turn up the better feeling vibrations by looking for the little bits and pieces of life you can appreciate, wherever you can find them. The topic doesn’t matter–only the emotional tone  matters. Give love the priority. Give appreciation maximum airtime.

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This week, we have the Sun, from Good Tarot, and HoneysuckleDomestic Happiness and Devoted Affection–from the Botanical Inspirations deck.

The Sun is one of my favorite Tarot cards. Living the Sun–your own Sun–is nothing short of being true to your inner spirit. The Honeysuckle is another of my favorites. The intoxicating Honeysuckle has long been associated with love and fidelity.

The Sun in Astrology speaks to your identity, the real self: not a reflection as seen outside you. It’s that inner spark of light, of heat, of pure energy that IS the foundation of who you are. Your own Sun is nothing short of your personal divinity. Pure love, in a nutshell.

This week, declare wherever you are at as okay. Feel love for yourself. Appreciate the goodness that represents the truth of who you are. Calling forth as much love as possible helps you connect to your joy.

Dedicate yourself to being the most authentic, appreciative and loving person you can manage to be in any given moment. And it doesn’t matter how thoroughly you manage. You cannot get it wrong, because it only matters that you are reaching for it. Consistently live this way, and your life will to get better and better.

I promise.

Peace Out.

King of Swords: Clarity through Play

I’ve worked for myself for many years. Working from home, it’s very easy to completely blur the lines between work time and off time.

And by “blur,” I mean: consciousness becomes the equivalent of work time. Sleeping, eating and basic self-care may become the totality of off-time. Because there’s always something that could use doing!  Knowing income relies on your efforts, there is a tendency to just offer more and more and more effort. It wears a person down.

If you read business advice, life advice, sometimes you’ll see people recommending you work harder than everyone else. Put in the hours! Put in the effort! Go above, beyond and do it again tomorrow, day after day, as a path to success.  I just move on, when I see that sort of advice. It doesn’t ring true for me.

When I felt like I was struggling, I used to just chastise myself to work harder. It didn’t help and felt pretty crummy in the process. That sort of approach burns a person out. It sucks the spark right out of everything you’re doing.

Eventually I got more serious about investing in time off–and make no mistake. It is an investment. Once I became more generous with fun time, the work time became suddenly (and exponentially) more effective. The difference was night and day.

But you have to accept the idea that you deserve the happiness. If you feel you have to earn joy? You’ll never be able to work hard enough or long enough to feel worthy of  that. If you’re working to quell your fears over lack? Those drives cannot be satiated long from external effort because they are not externally generated. They are a function of your perspective and faith–in yourself and the bigger Universe.

Counter-intuitive as it may sound, my most successful stretches by far have never coincided with when I’ve been working the hardest. They’ve always been when I’ve felt the happiest. That doesn’t mean I don’t work. But if I’m working most diligently when I’m feeling inspired and excited, and playing other times? That is what pays the highest dividends, every single time. It’s so much more effective, I decided that time for play is a vital investment in my work life.

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Notice how repetitive Tarot is repetitive? I’ve you missed the King of Swords here or here, this is your chance to catch up. Hello, Mercury retrograde! Yes, this week features the King of Air (aka King of Swords) from The Good Tarot and Hyacinth–Playfulness–from the Botanical Inspirations deck.

So we’ve got clarity, vision, rationality, even-handedness, bright ideas, and fairness from our king. Couple that with playfulness, fun and joy from the Hyacinth. I really like this combination!

Sometimes, we’ve a tendency to minimize the importance of play. Time away from responsibility, to just enjoy ourselves and replenish, is vital. It clears out and helps quiet the mind, allowing the empty space necessary for inspiration to come a-calling. Without play, your work is much less effective. Play fosters brilliance!

Make time for fun, and protect it. It’s more valuable than most people know. And even when it’s not fun-time? Undertake work tasks with a lighthearted air. Focusing on problems and hammering away a those problems is not going to yield solutions. For solutions, we need inspiration. Looking for the fun, the joy, the lightness? This will clear your head and allow that inspiration to light. Advice that’s fun to take!

Do you find ways to play every day?

Give me a holler for a 1-on-1.

Chariot: Finding Your Way No Matter What

It’s not what happens to you that makes up your life. It’s what you do with it

Struggle never lives outside you. It doesn’t matter, if you are the rightest of right. It doesn’t matter, if your case is irrefutable and the world wholeheartedly agrees, you’ve been wronged.

Because no matter the issue, suffering over any issue doesn’t serve YOU.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with feeling hurt, frustration, anger or sadness. Whatever you feel can serve, actually–as long as it’s a stepping stone from feeling whatever it is to feeling a little better. That’s the secret, right there. Whatever feelings you’ve got, embrace them with the idea they are one step on a path to feeling better.

The caveat, though? The act of feeling better cannot be contingent upon the external circumstances, over which you have no control. Which leaves you with nothing but your own perspective to work with.

Because what if all those stubborn “others” won’t cooperate? If you NEED others to do something in order to feel better, you’re screwed, plain and simple. You can only control YOU (and sometimes, that’s a challenge unto itself).  Now, one’s own emotions can be managed for sure, but it takes practice. It takes intention. Mostly? It takes a dedication to focus in a way that brings relief irrespective of anything external.

You can focus on what’s wrong and how wrong it is. Nobody would blame you for it. But it gets old after a while and it tends to feel pretty terrible, at least in my experience.

Or you can do your best to tune in to what works–on the topic or an entirely different one, for that matter–and count the rest as “not so interesting.”You don’t have to fight your way through a problem to improve it. You have to improve your vibration. There are infinite ways to raise your vibration and leave your energy brighter and it doesn’t matter which one you opt for. Just pick one, whichever is easiest, and run with that!

This is using the power of focus to your advantage.

This Week in Tarot

[bctt tweet=”He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. -Marcus Aurelius #Quotes” via=”no”]

Much like joy, I consider harmony to be an inside job. But then again, I consider everything to be an inside job!

These cards do create a quite harmonious pairing. We have the Chariot from the Good Tarot, and one of my favorite flowers, Phlox–Unanimity and Harmony–from the Botanical Inspirations deck.

It’s a good week to use your power of focus. The Chariot suggests intentional direction–the driver steers both her light and shadow powers (white and black horse) consciously. The different parts of who she is are harnessed to work together in making progress towards a singular destination.

Often with the Chariot, people will reach a goal through indirect routes. They may go around an obstacle or take a side path, but they don’t lose the way because they retain solid focus on the end goal. The roadblocks are a non-issue to the Chariot driver. Because the Chariot is never about HOW or WHEN or WHY we get to wherever we’re going. The Chariot is about continuing on towards the goal, regardless.

BarbeeAnne / Pixabay

As I write this, a mess of grackles appeared, clamoring at the feeder outside my window. Grackles (for me, at least) are a reminder look at how emotions color thinking. Their iridescence surrounds their head, where all the important stuff is going on. Grackles don’t require perfect conditions to thrive–they are highly adaptable. They are also known for dipping their food in water to soften it. We can deal with tough issues the same way, consciously guiding our thoughts to “soften” the harshness, making it all easier to go down.

To “do” Grackle, make the best of where you are. Acknowledge the importance of your emotions. Be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstance and soften up any harshness wherever you can. Make the best of what you’ve got.

While struggle doesn’t lie outside you, it’s good to remember: neither does the harmony. Generate your harmony within. The outer harmony follows.

Hook up with Dix to get a leg up in reclaiming your inner harmony.

King of Swords: Finding Those Greener Pastures

Some days, it’s very hard to stay positive.

I’m about as Pollyanna as anybody you’ll ever meet, when it comes to looking for elements of any situation to appreciate. I’m frequently preaching the case to focus on what you love to make what you love a louder, more salient part of your experience.

I repeat this suggestion to everybody (including myself), because it’s sound advice. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

Don’t fault yourself if you’re not there. And it doesn’t mean that you’re doing something “wrong” if you can’t drum up some optimism to save your life.

Where you are is always right. Because it’s where you are.

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Where you are is where you are. Making peace with being wherever you are doesn’t trap you there. It makes it possible for you to move beyond.

This Week In Tarot

Repetitive Tarot is repetitive: I drew the King of Air (aka King of Swords) from The Good Tarot and Peony/Prosperity and Compassion, from the Botanical Inspirations deck.

Be compassionate with yourself. Assign yourself the best of intentions. Judge yourself worthy of good, without needing to earn the right to thrive. Mentally list reasons to be optimistic. Appreciate every single iota of good you’ve got going and commit to the intention here and now to be on the lookout for more.

Give yourself every opportunity you can find to be encouraged and uplifted. This will offer you some immediate relief as well as help turn the energy around.

And cut yourself some slack, please. Quantum leaps sport intense birthings. Sometimes, a crisis is required to blast free of a firmly entrenched energy pattern. Through a big, fat mess can be the easiest, most direct route to fairer pastures. There are flowers on the other side of that haze!

But if your life is abounding with suckage right now? Please realize, this doesn’t mean you’re broken or screwed up or that you should have tried harder. It just means your in the middle of a transition. Sometimes, big transitions wear us raw.  No good comes from beating ourselves to boot. Just ride  the waves that are hitting you as best you can.

Reach for the outlook that feels even the least bit better. Try to be a tiny bit kinder, a little gentler with yourself. When you’re recounting what’s wrong, give what’s right some airplay. And if you can’t find any “right” just now? That’s okay, too. Just decide to yourself to be open to seeing good as it presents itself. It will, I promise.

Basically, make any adjustment you can that helps you feel a little more centered, grounded and loved. In doing so, you’ll be making the adjustments needed to make your way to those greener pastures and enjoy the flowers that live beyond the fog.

Want some help getting oriented on your trek? Give me a holler for a 1-on-1.

Three of Wands: Journey to the True You

People think they’ll be happier when circumstances get better. Whatever “circumstances” bothering them at the time.

Really, it’s the other way around. Get happier, and watch those circumstances improve.

I’ll understand if you wanna slap me for saying that, though. Sometimes, I’m tempted to slap myself over such things coming out of my mouth.

And if it makes you feel better? Then you can think about slapping me. Just don’t do any real slapping. That’s assault, damnit.

When you’re neck deep in the craptastic, it’s hard to get a whiff of optimism. It’s hard to see anything but the mess that’s all over the floor. I understand.

You can usually ease it a bit though. Decide to do the best with what you’ve got right now, getting through it. Don’t have much choice anyway, right? So make peace with where you’re at. Don’t look for who is at fault or who is being ugly or what’s right and wrong. Blunt the pain a little bit by reminding yourself, it’s okay to be where you are at. You won’t always be there, but being there right now is okay and you’re doing what you can with it.

You don’t have control over the outside circumstances. You DO have at least some control over your perspective on it. Use that control to be as generous with yourself (and everyone else) as humanly possible.

And yes, you’ll want to set your sights on the future. You can expect it to continue major suckage, or you can expect it to brighten up.

Take a wild stab as to which one I’m going to suggest?

Next Week in Tarot

The Three of Wands/Fire from the beautiful (but still poorly-photographed-by-me) Good Tarot, is paired with Lilac from the Botanical Inspirations deckFirst Emotions of Love. Together, these cards suggest expecting good to come your way.

Start looking ahead optimistically. Specifically seek out what you love, what brings you joy and what you can appreciate.

I mean, you could expect the worst. Many people do and can make a solid argument to expect suffering. But why on Earth would you want to argue for that?

Looking for the goodness and the glimmers of hope just feels better. But it helps in a more substantial way, too. It helps you tune in to the flow. You connect easier. Guidance is more readily available. And an attitude of optimism is also more authentic, in that it’s more representative of who you are, at a core level.

I love the quote here on this lovely Lilac card.

“Love is the magician that pulls man out of his own hat.’ -Ben Hecht

Love DOES transform people, into purer versions of themselves. Nothing is more beautiful than eyes shining with love.  Love makes people grow and glow and their light ripples out to everyone in the vicinity.

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If you’re feeling crummy, that’s okay. Just begin to expect a little relief. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Seek out what you love on the horizon like a kid looking for the ice cream truck. Tune in to it. Expect it. Listen for it. Be alert to it.

And you’ll see that good coming. That’s how you write your own story.

Need a little help getting tuned in? Give me a holler for a private consultation. And be well, friends!