Rosemary: Essential Oil Workhorse

When I mix up my own essential oil blends, Rosemary oil is one of my favorites. I enjoy the smell, it blends well with other scents, and I like it’s metaphysical properties, so it’s among the first I reach for because it’s so versatile.

Also known as Rosmarinus Officinalis orĀ Rosmarinus Coronarium, Rosemary is a perennial shrubbery with silvery green leaves and lots of little, blue flowers. The essential oil is distilled primarily from the flowering tops.

Rosemary Oil Contains:

  • Antioxidants–reduces cellular breakdown associated with aging, helps circulation and memory
  • Camphor–stimulant and antiseptic
  • Rosmaricine–stimulant and anti-inflammatory

Rosemary is widely associated with love and remembrance for aromatherapy, as well as protection. It’s known as well as for it’s healing capacities, as Rosemary is both antiseptic and antibacterial. Since Rosemary stimulates the adrenal gland, it’s also used for depression, chronic illness and low energy levels. It’s also believed to stimulate hair growth and used for dandruff. In massage blends, Rosemary is added for relief from tired, aching muscles. In other words, it does a whole lot of stuff and it smells pretty darned nice, too!

Safety note: Pregnant women or people with Epilepsy or heart problems should avoid Rosemary oil.

Do you use Rosemary Oil? What for?