Law of Attraction Minus the Smug

Artist: Lapolat

Artist: Lapolat

I’ve had the Law of Attraction philosophy notably come to my attention a few times in the last week. While I absolutely see some validity to the notion, I find it grossly oversimplified as it’s most often advocated.

In other words, my personal interpretation of the Law of Attraction is not entirely mainstream.

There’s a shocker for you, huh? Har!

“Think perfect, happy, magic thoughts.” If you don’t have a happy, magic life, then you’re obviously to blame, right?

Bah! When I first started playing around with the Law of Attraction, the whole mindset me feel like such a loser. It’s a vicious circle! You come seeking a way to make your life better, but the drive itself to make your life better leaves you feeling bad because it’s YOUR FAULT things suck now, which means you feel even worse and cannot make your life better.

I do believe in the Hermetic Law, “As above, so below” and it’s corollary, “As below, so above.” That’s my starting point.

What we see in everyday life is to a considerable extent a reflection of our emotional life and vice-versa. When you start interpreting life events metaphorically, you will find countless parallels between your physical, real-world life and energetic state. This is not unlike how Tarot works, or dream interpretation, or magic, or talking to spirit animals. Whatever. I see my own life as one big, fat metaphor. It works for me because it holds true with my observations.

But I do NOT believe that if  your neighbor is an asshole or your bank account is low or you have illness, it somehow means your spirit is assholish or poor or sick! I don’t believe we should blame people for personal struggles–even though sometimes people are their own worst liability. Frequently, in fact. But rather than apportion blame, I prefer to focus on making things better where we can, or finding a more comfortable perspective where we cannot.

Now, if every relationship you have is a train wreck, or you are chronically broke, or somehow see the same problems over and over, of course you should consider the common denominator–i.e. yourself–and see what you can do about that. But I’m also willing to consider other options.

It’s my belief  we come to the physical plane for an endless variety of reasons, hoping to master an endless variety of lessons or serve others who are doing the same. Of all of the potential lifetime classes, the “Everything is Perfect all the Time” class with optional lab work in “Rich, Attractive and Youthful, Advanced” isn’t the only one open to the spiritually sound.

We are here not only to create perfection as some Law of Attraction devotees may assert, but also to grow!

If you want to grow deep compassion, you’ll probably have to endure pain.

If you want to learn serious generosity, you’ll likely somehow experience poverty.

If you want to become a healer, you’ll have to face your own wounds.

It goes on and on, just like that. Those who want flexibility must overcome obstructions. Those who want courage will get served threats. Those who wish for patience will be faced with frustrations. How could it be anything but? A piece of fur is pleasant to touch, but it won’t smooth out rough wood. You need the harshness of sandpaper for finishing wood. Muscles grow when they are exercised. This is the yang to the yin, how life works. It’s perfectly balanced. We develop those skills and abilities that we reach for and practice. We grow out of both desire and need. We grow through living! That growth, to me, IS the creative process of life, the beauty and wonder.

And I don’t need any Hippy-Dippy neo-do-gooders telling me that whatever pain I’ve got is due not thinking pretty enough thoughts. Often such suggestions are causally thrown out as a way to minimize the speaker’s discomfort–too often served with a side of smug.

Truth is, NONE of us have untangled the whole thread of the fabric of reality. We’re lucky to catch glimpses of it, understand small parts of the weave. The path for some is working to understand it just a little better. But I’ve yet to meet anybody who has the market cornered on truth, although plenty may think so. But “plenty” could stand to get the Hell over themselves, if you ask me.

I will encourage people to raise expectations of good, increase their vibration and improve the quality of the energy they put out. I do see like drawing like–along with, sometimes, complimentary. I know if you constantly focus upon and expect pain, then pain becomes–at least to a significant extent–your reality. I know that gratitude and joy draw more of what you are grateful and joyful for, into your life. I’ve seen these concepts at work, so I’m not trying to throw out the baby with the bathwater here. There is something to it.

But there is definitely an asterisk. I’m married to a mega Virgo. Worrying is his superpower. If the Law of Attraction worked without any asterisks, I can tell you right now, I’d be dead of some bizarre accident. Hell, we’d all be dead of some sort of global calamity. He could name off a dozen or more scenarios for the Earth’s demise. I could (and do) encourage him to worry less, but that’s like encouraging him not to breath so much. It is who he is and while it causes him grief, I am not about to suggest he is WRONG for being himself.

Nor will I suggest you are wrong for being who you are, however flawed, however wounded or pained that may be. You work with the raw materials of your life, and make the most you can of them. No reason to feel like crap doing so.

Do you subscribe to some version of the Law of Attraction yourself? 

05/26/13: Place in the Cosmos / Magician


What an awesome version of The Magician—here in the Psychic Tarot Oracle, titled “Awareness.” He doesn’t have the usual representations of the Tarot suits before him, nor is he acting out the Hermetic maxim, “As above, so below” that is suggested by the RWS wand-to-the-sky pose we so often see for the Magician.

And this divergence draws attention to an important point. His sense of control doesn’t come from without or within, strictly speaking. It comes from his understanding, yes, his AWARENESS that he himself is part of the universal energy stream.

He doesn’t question, he just KNOWS. He directly experiences the power of connection to all that is. He doesn’t just feel the Source flow within him, but understands himself as a part of the Source. This experience does not live in his head, but comes from his own divine spark that he consciously activates.

It’s a day to feel your power, not as a manipulator of spirit energies, but as a creator of spiritual energy. Think of it in terms of becoming conscious of your rightful place in the whole. The energy you possess as part of the natural order is significant and solid. Use it for the highest good.

Are you feeling your place in the cosmos?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
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04/13/13: Self-Directed / The Magician


In the avatar of “Awareness,” the Magician is in full control of his facilities—mental, physical and emotional. What’s more, the circle above his head that unites heaven and earth along with the flame of spirit identifies his connection to the greater truth of the macrocosm as well as the lesser truth of microcosm. His connection is fully operating. The action he takes in such a state is conscious and yes, aware.

Today, see the whole, not just the part. Stay in the moment and use that complete perspective to decide how to direct your will. This card signals the ability to control your own destiny. The only part that sometimes missing is realizing  the fact.

But we’ve just taken care of that, haven’t we? So go out there and direct your destiny!

Do you feel in control?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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02/10/12: How to BE the Magician!


“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Buddha

The Magician (Mercury) is self-directed and self-assured. It’s because he knows he has the tools and he knows how to use them. It’s instructive to note how.

He calls upon each element—fire for creative passion, water for emotional depth, earth for real-world results, air for considered reasoning—combining it with the infinite energy of Spirit to breathe life into his will. He is the personification of “As above so below.”

Energy doesn’t disappear. It only changes form. (I just love it when physics and Tarot speak the same language. Does that make me a geek?)

Physical, emotional and mental energy are married. If it’s happening on one level, it’s happening on all the others. It reverberates within the realm of each element.  So to direct it, get aligned with what you want.

Think thoughts consistent with what you want. Feel emotions consistent. Take action consistent. Live your life consistent. Call upon the Universe for consistent. Each bit reinforces the others, amplifies the vibration. With all this on your side, how could you lose?

Well, I can think of one way, I reckon…when your will is other-directed and it happens to conflict with the expression of free will. You may just run head on into a brick wall of vibrational mismatch, thank you very much. I consider it like the the Free Will rider: You get full access, provided you grant others full access. Anything less and it’s a power struggle in the making.

I see the Magician as a perfect embodiment of Free Will. He makes his own karma, precisely with how he chooses to use his power.

Can you see the Magician in how you call up your own power?

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Law of Attraction and Blame the Victim?

Law of Attraction Bad Things and Good People?

What do you see?

One of the more troubling questions when considering a Law of Attraction worldview is when things don’t go right. What if you haven’t manifested up yourself a reliable car or the perfect home base or trustworthy relationships or whatever it is you want, maybe after years of trying? What if, to put in bluntly, one or many parts of your life sucks?!

I mean, if I create my life and my life ain’t what I want it to be, doesn’t that imply I’m broken? Life sucks = me sucks? Which means I feel crummy about inferior performance in thinking perfect happy-thought-reality-making-beams, leaving me with even lamer thoughts until lo and behold, I now know I’m an utter loser! (Don’t interrupt Virgo hopped on the Guilt Trip Express, man. You’ll just get run over.) Vibration raising fail!

And then you’ve got to account for the whole crappy things happening to good people thing, or when something tragic happens to an infant or whatever. Occurrences clearly outside the range and focus of personal vibration. I mean, we can decide this must be a “soul contract,” a decision before incarnation to include certain touchstones in a lifetime to grow or serve in a certain way. But it’s not completely satisfying. And you still can’t help but feel unsettled, wondering if any of the crappy you’ve had in your life came from you somehow or somewhere along the way–an indication you’re not whole somehow?

I think some of the difficulty comes in seeing pleasant occurrences as good and hence, reward, painful as punishment. That’s over simplistic. So Old Testament, you know? We get a lot of useful growth from pain. It’s like Universal homework. We become better people through our pain, a lot of the time. It grants us access to perspectives and depth of understanding that we wouldn’t be privy to else wise. I’m not saying I won’t duck it if I have the chance. Hell yeah! But given a choice of paying the price and doing without, most of the time, I’d opt to pay my admission again if that’s what the knowledge cost.

Everything that comes in your life, you get something from it. Every bit of experience feeds you SOMETHING. Some experience tastes better than others, so we learn to steer our vibrational rate to up the percentage of desserts to bitter roots, you know? That sounds reasonable to me.

But beyond that…the vibration frequency you have, that’ the world you live in, you know? You carry it with you, you feel it whether it’s there or not. It becomes a larger part of your everyday experience. Over time, others that match that frequency will be drawn to you. That’s the range things will feel most comfortable in, for all sides. It’s like everybody is dancing to the same tune…a synchronicity. Energetic alignment is magnetic.

And as you keep expecting the same, consciously or not, the list of reasons to expect it continues to rack up. Empirical evidences accrues to support your reality. Vicious circle if you want to trade realities.

But you can call off the pity party. No point of teeth-gnashing regret. That feeds the energy you want to oust. Look to clear out the fears that are hiding underneath, whatever lurks below ground that you don’t want to keep in your experience. Cleaning house gives you a smooth, easy energy flow.

The gift with clearing those blocks, shaking out the fears, is that you instantly get protection. It provides relief. You don’t have to struggle to keep unpleasant thoughts at bay.When you’re relaxed and thinking clearly, your channel is clear. You can trust your gut. When there’s something you need to know, you will. And you’ll be turned off, warned, repelled by or otherwise separated from those who’s vibration doesn’t match yours. Severely mismatched energy is jarring and uncomfortable.  Energetic ties aren’t being formed. It’s not sticking to you! It loses it’s power when you can detach and instead,  and makes room for what feeds you instead. Faith takes over.

Change the inside, change the outside. Heal and be healed. The “who started it?” question isn’t especially relevant. Just keep growing. That’s what this Earth gig is all about.

What do you think?

Create Your Own Sancturary | Four of Wands

Four of Wands TarotFrom a client’s take-home message:

You can start by creating your own sanctuary and safety. You don’t need anyone else to do this.

You care for yourself, it does create a vibration. You think and feel good things about yourself, you nurture yourself, and thereby construct a sacred space for yourself. The stronger the energy space you create, the stronger vibration of love and acceptance, the more you attract the same from the outside people.

You don’t have to worry about how to get a specific person to respect you or act honorably toward you. Because once your energy is set very clearly in that direction, those who don’t sync up with it will fall away naturally, and those who do support you, those with similar vibration will be drawn in. As within, so without.

Do you see anything in this Four of Wands?