Sun: Finding Happy When it’s Nowhere in Sight

Being unhappy isn’t wrong. It’s not evidence you’re not exactly the right place, in the right time. It’s not evidence of a failing. It’s a perfectly normal part of the cycle of life.

It’s not fun. But it’s not in any way inappropriate, either.

Unhappiness often helps us break free of situations no longer serving and imparts crazy levels of crystal-clarity on what we actually would like to live. All our experiences become an integral part of shaping who we are. They feed our desires and start the foundation of the better our lives will become.

You can’t simultaneously love who you are and hate the experience that created you. And it doesn’t really matter how you got here anyway. Right now, you’ve got “here” to work with.  Best to make peace with it as a first step in being able to move forward.

But you can make the transitional time to better flow smoother and faster. And it’s not so difficult to accomplish.

Just do your best to give as much airtime as possible to anything that feels even a little bit better to you. Of two options, always take the one that feels better. Of two thoughts, choose by what feels better over what may seem more likely or more true. FEEL your way through.

Attention turns up vibrations. Turn up the better feeling vibrations by looking for the little bits and pieces of life you can appreciate, wherever you can find them. The topic doesn’t matter–only the emotional tone  matters. Give love the priority. Give appreciation maximum airtime.

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This week, we have the Sun, from Good Tarot, and HoneysuckleDomestic Happiness and Devoted Affection–from the Botanical Inspirations deck.

The Sun is one of my favorite Tarot cards. Living the Sun–your own Sun–is nothing short of being true to your inner spirit. The Honeysuckle is another of my favorites. The intoxicating Honeysuckle has long been associated with love and fidelity.

The Sun in Astrology speaks to your identity, the real self: not a reflection as seen outside you. It’s that inner spark of light, of heat, of pure energy that IS the foundation of who you are. Your own Sun is nothing short of your personal divinity. Pure love, in a nutshell.

This week, declare wherever you are at as okay. Feel love for yourself. Appreciate the goodness that represents the truth of who you are. Calling forth as much love as possible helps you connect to your joy.

Dedicate yourself to being the most authentic, appreciative and loving person you can manage to be in any given moment. And it doesn’t matter how thoroughly you manage. You cannot get it wrong, because it only matters that you are reaching for it. Consistently live this way, and your life will to get better and better.

I promise.

Peace Out.

Queen of Pentacles Rx: Self-Care & Slack

The world is not imperfect or slowly evolving along a path to perfection. No, it is perfect at every moment, every sin already carries grace in it. —Herman Hesse

The Queen of Pentacles makes things happen. She gets it done and looks after all those pesky details that may escape most people’s notice. But reversed, she’s not as effective as she’d like to be–and she’s not very happy about it.

Looking at getting her back on her game, clarification came in the form of the Five of Pentacles. The folks here are alone amongst a crowd and judging themselves as being “out in the cold.”  They are feeling lack, constriction, with the fear filling up the emotional space and blinding them to the help that’s readily available.

“How did I end up here? What did I do wrong?”

It doesn’t help.  Try, “How can I feel a little better, right now?” Because that will lead out of the cold.

Reaching out for a little emotional support is highly recommended. Look around you with the intention of finding encouragement and it will show up. Ask and let go. Maybe follow up with a nap.

We sometimes set arbitrary (and near impossible) standards for ourselves and get rather agitated when things don’t go exactly as planned. But what about setting the standards around giving our best effort? In the given moment, do what you can with what you’ve got. That’s do-able.  That’s a way of being true to yourself regardless of what else is going on. It’s a commitment worth making into a practice.

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Declaring yourself “enough” is an act of love. And when you do that first, then you don’t have to go looking for validation outside yourself. See how much that simplifies life?  You can find an unflappable freedom if you can train yourself to see the perfection in the moment instead of the flaw. Every moment has both, but you can choose, which you want to breathe in.

And the only way to attune to the perfection in a given moment is to be as loving, kind, and appreciative to yourself as you can.

Pretty awesome homework, if you ask me.

You cannot give what you don’t have. So first, give to yourself what you want to share with others and your cup will never run dry. And have a great week.

Are you good to YOU?

Video Transcript

The real perfection is just doing what you can and getting the best you can out if it, you know?

Hey, this is Dixie from A Fool’s Journey. The coming week looks like there is some stress involved. Overall, I think everything will get done that needs to get done. But there’s a possibility for people kind of shuffling off the whole self-care thing. Um, which I wouldn’t recommend.

And in order to keep things going smoothly, I would suggest prioritizing, not feeling like you have to do everything perfectly. Do what you can as well as you can. And also, what you’re focusing on. If you’re focusing on what you’re not getting done as well as you would like, or if you’re, you know, focusing on what you don’t have, what’s not ready, what’s not where you want, it’s gonna be more stressful than it needs to be.

And feel comfortable, okay? Go ahead and reach out to those that are closest to you if, if for nothing else than reassurance and a little emotional support. Because there is assistance available for you if you are willing to take that step.

Reach out and ask for it. Okay. So, I would advise that. And not be too hard on yourselves. And give, give yourself just a little bit of slack. Okay?

And the week will go better. Hope that’s helpful for you. Take care. Peace out from the Goddess.


This week features the Cosmic Tarot and Botanical Inspirations decks. Contact me if you’d like a 1-on-1.