In the Moment, Best We Can: Weekend Flow Tarot, July 5 – 6

Weekend Flow Tarot, July 5 - 6

I am not a huge fan of The Tower for an overview/advice card! However, you get what you get, you know? Look at these cards as a whole, I am inclined to say to stay fully present in the moment, best you can.

Saturday, Career – The Hermit: A day off will be good for your work mojo. If you do have something to accomplish, best to withdraw and do it alone. Possible follow-up could be a rewarding, relaxing self-indulgence. Naptime in your future? A good meal, an evening of relaxing, or the coveted luxurious bath are all good options. Also: Be super in touch with yourself, how you feel, what your personal triggers are all about, and the state of your own psyche. This knowledge can come in handy.

Sunday, Romance – Page of Wands: An outing with your sweetie should fill the bill nicely! But even if you don’t go anywhere, doing something together is a win. If you don’t have a sweetie right now? Well, get out and about, be active and DO something anyway. It’s good for your heart to move.

Overview/Advice – The Tower: Geez, really Tarot? Okay, okay. With the Tower as overview, it looks like an intense weekend even without harsh dailies. Something coming apart at the seams over the course of the weekend? Because if it is, it was destined to do so. Acceptance, flexibility, and picking up the pieces are what we’ve got to work with. You know how to do that, right?

Affirmation: I am a vibration begin in a vibrational environment. What we feel is not always about OUTSIDE events or other people’s behavior. In fact, by and large, it almost never is. How we feel, what we focus on, the referential framework though which we view our world, makes ALL the difference here. Maybe you cannot “fix” everything in your life this very minute. I can’t, so I hear you.

But can you improve how you feel about it? Can you raise your vibration, just a little? Can you bring a little more love, and little more joy, a little more appreciation, even it’s a tiny bit, into where you are at right this second?

Because I promise you, if you can do that, even just a little bit, you will feel better and your prospects will brighten immediately. So that’s your mission, should you choose to accept it! Improve the vibration surrounding YOU, just a little bit, just for now.

How’s your weekend looking?

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Family Ties: Weekly Flow Tarot, Jun 30–Jul 4

Tarot Forecast Jun 30 - Jul 4

Looking at this weekly spread, we have an interesting, alternating mix of Pentacles and Cups. It’s coming across as sort of do, feel, do, feel, do, feel. Plenty of opportunities for emotional processing. Most cards are upright, which brings a little extra attention to those that are not.

The Sun in Cancer shines brightly on familial sensibilities: what we do for one another, what we’ve learned from those closest to us, and what all these back-and-forth feelings mean will be highlighted this week. This is not terribly surprising with a week ending in a holiday in the states. Just make sure the fireworks are in the sky and not over dinner!

In other news, I am SO ready for Mercury to go direct (July 1st)! Although it continues to be in a shadow period for another week-ish, I have already begun to feel the retrograde vibes lightening up. Although I have not figured out what is making my phone calls go straight to voicemail yet.

Monday, Past – Nine of Pentacles: You’ve learned a lot getting to this point in your life, so acknowledge it! More importantly, put it to good use. This is an excellent time to take stock of the skills you’ve gained gradually but failed to account for in your self-image, you know? All that “little bit here, little bit there” adds up without us always becoming conscious of the fact. In the context of the entire weekly forecast, I’d say put special emphasis on what you have learned due family connections especially.

Tuesday, Answer – Knight of Cups: Answers are available, if you listen to your inner vibes. You know in your heart, you feel it in your gut. These are the pathways for answers today. he downside to all that tuning in? It can make a person a little punch drunk and oversensitive. Don’t forget to turn off the flow intentionally when you’re done plugging in, and ground, baby, ground!

Wednesday, Lesson – Ten of Pentacles: Today’s lesson is all about the value of the people you love. Whether your family was built by birth or by choice, they are a treasure. Spend a little time appreciating the people you feel most at home with (and treasured by). Keep track of family in terms of true value, not something to take for granted. Act in accordance with family values—your own family values. What does being part of a family mean to you? Where is the value to you? If you find yourself lacking on this front, look to begin creating it or build on what you have so far.

Thursday, What is Hidden, Queen of Pentacles Rx: The personal costs of always showing up, carrying whatever water needs to be carried day in and day out, are not readily apparent. This queen could represent you, or it might be someone else. Either way, be sensitive to the invisible price of caretaking. Give a little extra love to any caretakers you know. Even if that is you!

Friday, Clarification, King of Cups: The ups and downs of daily life become not only more bearable, but take on a function of generating closeness when we live in our heart. Generosity, compassion, and kindness heal tremendously, even if they cannot make everything “easy.” These are all lessons we learn in Earth school, you know?

Overview, Knight of Pentacles Rx: Beware nitpicking and unnecessary criticism. As always, this includes self-criticism especially. I suspect for many of us, a generally critical attitude starts with a look in the mirror and gets slopped outward via projection to avoid some of the pain. By seeing faults in others, our own seem lesser. That’s an unfortunate optical illusion.

Affirmation: Behind my every desire is my desire to feel good. At times, we get caught up in the details of some personal story. Who is right, who is wrong, who is good, and who is evil. It’s very human. We may worry about what we deserve or resent what we do not. But how does this help? Focus on yourself, what you can do that’s right, that’s good, that’s helpful and kind. If you keep your heart full and your focus on living a loving, uplifting life, you’ll find the nature of personal desire changes. You’ll feel better! You’ll also find yourself developing a magnetic quality that attracts more of your desires. It’s a win-win.

What are you seeing coming up this week?

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Risks and Rewards: Weekend Flow Tarot, June 28 – 29

Weekend Tarot Jun 28 - 29

Wow! Three Major Arcana cards for the weekend draw! That tells me it’s going to be a heavy-hitter. Are you ready for this?!

Saturday, Goal – Wheel of Fortune: On a mundane level, looks like someone is trying to get lucky. Probability of risk-taking behavior is pretty high today. Go ahead and indulge, but make them measured risks. As we used to tell our kids, one of the house rules is “no unnecessary risks.”

Sunday, What to Use in the Future – The Tower: What falls, know it falls for a reason. Look at what does NOT work in a big way today and take notes. The cracks you can see in the foundation will inform your actions down the road.

Overview/Advice – The Devil Inverted: Beware over-indulgences, escapism and addictive behavior! It’s also advisable to remember you have a choice, so don’t think you don’t.

Affirmation: I must be selfish enough to align with well-being. Say “no” when you need to and don’t let anybody kanoodle you into doing otherwise. Take the time you need to take off, and make sure your needs are met first. Bad influence can lead to poor decisions, but you’re the one that bears the consequences. So yes, put yourself first to the extent it’s necessary and anybody who depends on you will benefit just the same.

What do you have going this weekend? Does this fit?

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Rewriting Your Childhood: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 23 – 27

Tarot Forecast, Jun 23 - 26

Mid-week bump:  This week has been…odd. I guess that’s the word for it, odd. Nothing happened, really. Nothing to speak of. But the vibe is…off. Like a video where the sound is just a little off sync, you know? Even today’s Gemini moon, which I was looking forward to, didn’t do it for me. I generally love Gemini moons. Today, I have the attention span of a 3-year-old hopped up on soda and Pixie stix.  I did the best I could with it.

And I took a mini-nap. Because one of my intentions has been to value and honor my natural rhythms. And my natural rhythm said stop trying to focus for a minute and just be…

As far as the forecast this week for me, personally, mostly I’ve just been thinking about these family issues. What being a mom means to me, how my mom and family has colored who and how I am. Wondering if I’m a good mom sometimes, butting in not too much, not too little, but “just right.”  I was one of those people that didn’t seek out becoming a mom. I wanted to play! Being a mom found me. I think I’m pretty good at it, most days. But then again, I have a reasonably high opinion of my opinion.

And I’ve been trying, really hard, to pick up more Lenormand! I enjoy the group we have and am really glad I opted for a private venue. It feels like coffee with some friends or something. Very nice vibe.

How y’all doing out there?

With the appearance of 3 Majors in 6 cards drawn, I know we’re looking at a week whose events reverberate for a long time after. I want to suggest you treat this week as sort of a microcosm of the life you’d like to build for yourself, you know what I mean? This week is like a play, and in extemporaneously acting it out, you’re writing the script for the coming months. Don’t script anything you wouldn’t like to sit through in reruns.

It’s also notable that the week is flanked with the Empress (as “What to Avoid”) and the Emperor (as “Negative Influences”). Venus and Mars will each have their say, and tend to a bit more than their say, apparently. With appearance of the Queen of Cups reversed (another maternal card), the Seven of Pentacles (in the “Friends and Family” position no less) and the Six of Cups reversed as an overview (nostalgia), it looks to be a week utterly brimming with issues having their root in childhood.

Is that a chorus of rejoicing I just heard? Har!

I just pull ‘em, I don’t pick ‘em, man.

Monday, What to Avoid – The Empress: Don’t fuss, muss or over-mother. Don’t jump into someone else’s creative process. Don’t pick up that pencil and finish the paper yourself if it ain’t got your name at the top. Meddling is a bad idea today! Take care of yourself and let others do the same. As I often say, butting out is an act of respect, demonstrating your faith in others to handle their own business.

Tuesday, Positive Influences – The Fool: Beginner’s mind and a fresh, unjaded outlook are the keys to exciting discovery. Curiosity and stepping forward without fear or preconceived conclusions take you the furthest. Consider the day an exciting experiment, and you are the scientist. No telling what will turn up!

Wednesday, Friends and Family – Seven of Pentacles: The emotional color of your inner circle relationships was planted long ago. If you feel good about how it has blossomed, awesome! If not, time to do a little weeding. But understand, we are definitely reaping what we’ve sown in this arena. Do you need to rethink your gardening plan?

Thursday, Future Life – Queen of Cups Rx: It’s not easy going forward. Emotional tides (sometimes enough to make you feel crazy) are to be expected. This is HOW you grow, so don’t think you’ll be able to sidestep it. But do know it’s temporary. What washes in, also washes out. Let it flow. A hot bath, peaceful music or a glass of wine are Dixie-approved coping mechanisms today. Drunk-dialing, not so much.

Friday, Negative Influences – The Emperor: Control freaking, a BAD idea. Dictators can expect a coup. Don’t put your foot down unless you’re okay with a potential revolt resulting. Ultimately, the person it’s most important you be able to control is yourself. But you know this!

Overview – Six of Cups Rx: Nostalgic moments from eons ago aren’t quite a magical the second time around, you know? I want to say a lot of the function of this week is learning to see our past with new eyes—adult eyes. Some bits of the past lose some of their luster looked at from an adult perspective. But some of what towered as insurmountable, you’ll find much less imposing. There’s a bittersweet feel to this process to me.

Affirmation: It is natural for my body to be well. In the context of the weekly flow, seek to heal whatever is “unwell” instead of living your life with a limp. This can be (and often is) an emotional limp, naturally. But the task this week is realizing that you don’t need to walk funny anymore. If you’ll skip the bossy-boss routine and focus on yourself, you will be able to make strides potentially releasing some very old angst. That’s worth a few scrapes over, if you ask me.

The bonus here is that your physical health may well improve for your efforts.

Do you see something different in this week?

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End of the Fight? Weekend Flow, June 21-22

Tarot June 21-22

Damn! This weekend draw has all the characteristics of resolving a long-waged dispute. Whoa.

Saturday, Resolution – Justice: Cut to the chase. Take your lumps gracefully, and hand out whatever blame there is to be handed out just as gracefully. Justice is always (to me) an even-handed, dispassionate recounting of events. Credit where credit is due all around is the way to solve issues today.

Sunday, Partner – Two of Swords: You make choices, your partner makes choices. Today is one of weighing matters out.

Overview/Advice – The Chariot: Focus on what matters. You may not be able to budget for everything you’d like, but know what is at the top of your shopping list. Prioritize.

Affirmation: My emotions are vibrational interpreters. How you FEEL tells you what’s going on. Your gut won’t steer you wrong. So why do we argue so damn much with it? Keep looking for the next best step up.

Does this weekend’s forecast fit with your life? (You don’t have to say how, I’m just curious…)


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Wants and Do Not Wants: Weekly Flow Tarot, June 16 – 20

Weekly Flow Tarot, June 16-20

When 4 out of 5 of daily draws agree—let’s be inverted—well,  you can expect a “walking through mud” kind of week. When the suits are a split of Wands, Swords and Majors, you can also expect a sometimes frustrating and potentially raw kind of week. The word that comes to mind looking at this mashup is “thwarted.”

But underlying that theme is also a thread throughout of choices. They are not necessarily always choices you like, mind you. Some you may not consider choices at all, but look to think in terms of choices this week and see how that impacts your experience.

Monday, Problem – King of Wands Rx: “I don’t wanna!” That’s what the reversed King of Wands says. Chances are there’s something on your plate that you’d rather not deal with. In these situations, I often say, “The anticipation is worse than the event.”

Just do what you need to do, do what you’ve committed to doing, and allow yourself a reward when you’re done. Problem solved!

Tuesday, Underlying Influences – Queen of Swords Rx: Don’t say it’s okay when it’s not. Don’t say, “Whatever you want is fine,” when actually only certain options are acceptable. Otherwise you have nobody to blame when others take you at your word. I don’t care what you thought they’d do.

Maybe it takes you aback to realize you haven’t let go of old baggage. Fair enough. But if you’re getting funny feelings today without any idea where they are coming from, look for the hidden attachments .

Wednesday, You – Four of Wands Rx: Exhale already! This strikes me as anxiety, not leaving well enough alone, and fussing to the point of messing up what was already fine. Advice for the day runs along the lines of drop it, let it be, and take a chill pill. Not necessarily in that order.

Thursday, Past – Ten of Swords Rx: It still hurts, but it’s getting better. This can be a day of healing from old wounds, a little bit at a time.

Friday, What to Use in the Future – The Devil: What an interesting pull for future advice! And this is actually my all-time favorite Devil card. However, much as I would LOVE to interpret this draw as an ethereal command for an orgy of self-indulgence, it seems a lot more cogent Tarot is suggesting we be aware of areas where we have difficulty saying “no.” It’s important to remember the choice factor.

Overview – The Lovers: Another choice card, associated with Gemini. Besides speaking to Lovers (duh!), this card talks about harmonious connections and the choices of who or what we align ourselves with. In the context of this week, I’m seeing this as a reminder that our environment is mirroring our internal state. If you don’t like what you’re seeing around you, look at where you are at emotionally, energetically, the impact of the company you keep.

Affirmation: Since every request is granted, I feel no competition. Mmmm, I’m not really feeling the love for this one as-written (although I agree with the premise that there is “enough” to go around.) I’m considering this an exclamation point on the notion, you can and do make your experience by virtue of your perspective. You are competing if you feel you are competing. You are stuck if you feel stuck. You are without options if you feel without options. You tell me you cannot do something, and you know what? I believe you. As long as that’s where a person’s head is, they won’t. But of course, that’s a choice, eh?

Damn. “Personal responsibility” isn’t a very sexy forecast theme for the week. But what I’m seeing is a contrast between what we want versus what we don’t want, what we’re willing to speak up for versus what we hope to be handed over without any effort on our part.

Make solid choices and be patient through Mercury Retrograde annoyances. We’re getting there.

How’s your week looking, folks?

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