Welcome Healing Stone!

Infinite /Infinity Healing GemstoneI was in the bedroom on the phone, complaining to a friend how much I missed my Infinite stone. This piece, I love and he’d been in hiding for MONTHS. Couldn’t find him anywhere, although I looked repeatedly. That happens, I know.

But it made me sad anyway–this is the best healing stone I’ve ever had! I was completely smitten from the minute I saw the picture in an eBay auction. I knew he would be a good match for me.

Well, he must have heard me lamenting the loss. He showed up the next day, on the floor next to a footstool in the bedroom. You know, someplace I’d  looked a few dozen times. Someplace I’d walked by at least a thousand times.

I was so happy to see him!

I’m also thinking, maybe I should be cleaning him regularly. In my research on Infinite, I was getting mixed results on the need for clearing this stone and since it never stopped working for me, didn’t much bother. But considering his vacation…well, maybe I will rethink that. A little moonlight, or sun, or some time with the Selenite should do it. Maybe he just needed a vacation.

I think he still loves me, though–that’s why he came back home!

Do your stones act like this?




Using Infinite: The Healers’ Gemstone

Infinite /Infinity Healing GemstoneAt a psychic fair eons ago, before I was actively working with cards or much anything metaphysical, I got a very, very good reading. So I asked the reader about progressing on my own path since she clearly had a hotline here, and she suggested I start getting gemstones.

At the time, it seemed kind of crazy to me. “Rocks? Rocks are going to help me develop spiritually? Really?!?” Dumbfounded but sold by the quality of the reading, I went ahead and picked up some rocks that day and eventually, learned to appreciate the energy stones carry. I’m glad I did!

One of my absolute favorite pieces is this sizable hunk of Infinite (or Infinity) gemstone–a type of green Serpentine and Chrysotile found in South Africa. It comes in different shades. The lighter green is the more gentle variety, the darker green more concentrated energy. I was lucky enough to find a piece that has both. Well worth the $15 it cost me to win it on eBay.

Infinite gemstone draws out pain, both physical and emotional. (And what pain isn’t both?)  Some use a small piece of Infinite as a Worry stone, or sleep with it under their pillow. These stones have a very gentle, soft energy. Some say it helps connect to the angelic realms, drawing out negative energy and mending holes in the aura and very grounding.

I can tell you from personal experience it helps eliminate pain. I’ve used it for nausea, cramps, headaches, backaches, you name it. Whatever hurts, it’s helped. Most effective seems to be simply laying the Infinite stone on body wherever it hurts. You don’t have to have skin contact, but I prefer to whenever practical. It’s fastest that way. Once you’ve placed the stone, divert your attention from any discomfort and let it go. Within a few minutes, when you remember to check, the pain has vanished. It really is that simple.

I’ve seen a few sources suggest this stone needs frequent clearing, but others say it’s one of the few that’s perpetually self-clearing. I’ve never felt the need to energetically clean or charge my Infinite stone in any way and it continues to work just fine, so I’m voting with self-clearing camp. Of course, if you’d prefer to clear yours, it certainly wouldn’t hurt anything. As always, your own intuition is your most reliable guide.

Have you used Infinite or are you interested in trying it?