Everyday Tarot, 05/07/011: Past Mother’s Day Mourning / Inverted Five of Cups


[This is from Mother’s Day, 2011. I ran across it tonight, and figured maybe somebody needed to hear it. ♥ ~Dix]

It’s almost Mother’s Day. And while countless images of  impeccable Stepford-style family bliss march through our collective consciousness courtesy marketing, it’s enough to make anybody feel inadequate. For too many, Mother’s Day is just another reminder of something they don’t have.

Today’s Tarot is the Five of Cups, inverted. Known as “The Lord of Loss in Pleasure,” this card is associated with Mars in Scorpio. Like all Tarot fives, there’s disruption and conflicted feelings. Quite simply, this is a card of mourning losses. Inverted, expect the mourning to be  cushioned, limited or short-lived.

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Inverted Six of Wands: In the Moment

inverted-six-wandsSlightly edited, from a reading. Sharing because I think many could benefit.

“Stop worrying about if you’re a winner or loser; stop focusing on the end game. Instead focus on where you’re at right now, what you’re doing right now and who you’re with right now. Stay in the present! Not in the past, not in the potential future, but in the present.

But the beautiful part here is that you’ve already done the work. You just are not giving yourself credit. There’s a few thought patterns to change, a few habits to change, but those are relatively simple measures. If you stop trying to juggle so much of  how it ‘has to be’ and focus instead on the individual moment, you’ll know what to do.” -Dixie

Do you see yourself?

Learning Tarot: Dealing with Reversals

Lots of Tarot newbies wonder when, how or if to incorportate reversals into readings. Dixie hands them a strategy.

Short answer: Get clear with the cards upright first. When you feel ready, experiment with options for interpreting reversals after clearly setting your intention to do so.

Do you work with reversals?

07/14/12: Mercury Retro & Watch Your Mouth | Rev. Knight of Swords


Reader Alert: It’s Mercury Retrograde in effect for the next 3 1/2 weeks. Double-check communications, travel plans, anything Mercury related. Pack your patience and you should be fine. Great time for reflect, review and redo! (I’m going to be editing the next volumes for the Everyday Tarot Archives books during this time…)

And what a great card to usher in Mercury Rx—the reversed Knight of Swords! Be aware of communication misfires, errors in logic, or reasoning that’s “not quite right.”

As always, extra love and patience is very helpful during this time as others are often fussing with the exact same types of annoyances you are. I have started to see this Knight reversed when there needs to be special caution to watch your mouth, so you know. Forewarned and all.

I will say, though, I usually start feeling Merc Rx periods at least a week in advance, and this one is much quieter and gentler than most. I’m grateful for that.

Are you feeling Mercury Rx yet?

Everyday Tarot Archives: LIVING the Major Arcana
by Dixie Vogel

Something to entertain you while you’re waiting out Merc Rx. Ha!

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03/18/12: Risky Business?| Rev Ace Pentacles, Rev 4 Pentacles

“Expect to starve for the first six months.” That was advice given to me from an experienced colleague, when I was first going into the web design business. “It takes that long to build up a clientele, and people usually aren’t ready for that.”

I’d contacted some folks who were successfully doing what I wanted to do, meeting to get acquainted and, of course, see if he had need for any subcontracting work. Ha! I did get some subcontracting work, but the advice lasted a lot longer than the cash I earned. He cautioned me not to become discouraged, and I took heed his words. (My 11th house Jupiter graces me with excellent support from mentor-types.)

When you start to work for yourself after leaving cubeville, it’s…disconcerting. The make your own choices, live your own schedule part, that comes easy! But there’s more. Paychecks appearing in with predictable regularity is history.For projects, each takes about three times as long as you imagine. Waiting for checks to arrive can be even worse.

Fear is the entrepreneurs’ nemesis, I quickly learned. That is what came to mind, when I saw today’s cards…


Seeing the reversed Ace of Pentacles (root of Earth) and reversed Four of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn), risk—or the aversion thereof—is up for discussion. Especially financial risk. People go to school, move, or work beneath their earning power for many reasons. To build skills, break free of an oppressive situation, adapt to the needs of a loved one. The list goes on. But still, there’s a purpose for the decision. Best not to forget that.

The Capricorn energy of the Four of Pentacles can be quite bothered by risk taking. So maybe you won’t call it “risk.” Maybe you should call it an “investment” instead. That’s what is, you know. Not unnecessary risk. Taking a chance, making a move to give yourself options, follow your heart, or find the freedom to distribute your energy how you see fit.

Besides: you can PREPARE for these risks. Set a little cash aside. Stock up your pantry. Organize your support network. Do whatever you need to do, in order to walk forward knowing you have some kind of backup plan. Then, if it takes a minute to find stability as you travel your new path, you’ll be okay with that.

I will tell you one thing, I’ve learned working for myself for over a decade now…once I developed a sense of faith surrounding my work, a trust that I would always have what I needed, I pretty much have. Lose a client? Get two new clients, often within 24 hours.  I’ve always had food and shelter and love freely available. All my needs have continued to be met, despite any momentary fluxes. That’s what faith brought me: the freedom to take risks.

How are you with taking risks? Why?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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01/20/12: Emotional Clues | Reversed Ace of Cups, Rev Knight of Pentacles

“Fortune and love favor the brave.” –Ovid


Today’s Tarot is the reversed Ace of Cups (Water Element) and reversed Knight of Pentacles (Air in Earth).  If you’re not feeling the love, it’s due  the details—and they are details of which you may not be consciously aware. Missing the feeling spark is your clue, there’s more for you to explore. And I’m not talking about looking in someone else’s house. The feeling is yours, so the significances is likewise yours.

Any time we feel emotionally drained, there’s a reason. Look to when and where the spill starts to begin piecing it together. You’ll have a better understanding of yourself by the time it’s done. If you off-load responsibility to someone else’s actions, you’ve missed the point. How you feel belongs to YOU, not anybody else. While those feelings can certainly extend to include others, the meaning of it them is yours and yours alone.

It’s not always easy, taking this one. But it’s pretty much always worthwhile from what I can see. Don’t you think? The answers for my life lie within me; the answers for your life lie within you. The cool part is when we can walk together, sharing insight as we find our own answers.

Do you find connection between external, emotional cues and internal work you need to do?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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