02/01/13: No Favors | Rev 6 Pentacles


“Only when you give from the heart does it make the giving whole.” – Stephen Richards

Funny thing, about using all these different decks. Not only does Tarot have a language of it’s own, but I find every deck has a special vocabulary as well! While this card usually speaks of generosity in general or charity in particular—for love questions, I call it “the Charity Dating” card—the Six of Pentacles from Legacy of the Divine  shows up for me especially when there is jealousy afoot, or giving with mixed motivations.

Green with envy, you know? Maybe the recipient resents the giver, or maybe the giver resents the recipient for not having to hustle up the resources. I don’t know, but it’s worth watching.

Reversed, material facts are likely withheld, something’s not quite on the up-and-up. I’d say, look that gift horse in the mouth today! Make sure it’s not got a cavity problem, lest you be spending more on vet bills than you would have picking out your own damn horse.

The same goes for examining personal acts of kindness. Are they really kind? Nothing wrong with a win-win, absolutely, but don’t try to sell a win-win as a “favor-win,” you hear?  Always be honest, first and foremost with thyself. The better you understand what drives you, the better your internal GPS works for you. Keep it all clear and clean.

Make sure your favors really ARE favors today, on both sides of the fence. If you offer a hand, be sure it’s really serving the greater good and not alleviating your own discomfort or emphasizing your own status. If you take a hand, make sure there are not massive strings attached.

Keep your own gifts from the heart, and accept only those you trust and you’ll make out well.

You have experience with questionable gifts?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

Jealous Much?

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars. ” Gary Allan

jealousyI’d planned on writing about jealousy for the full moon. It’s a Leo topic, you know? Instead, it sat in draft while I ended up talking to one of my Tarot peeps about–wait for it–jealousy! Har!

Aside: Nadia over at Ruby Slipper Astrology wrote a great (and succinct) post that covers being unappreciated. Good reason it was on my radar, I guess. Fits the sky.

Maybe it would be more semantically accurate to call it “envy,” but I’m talking about resentment over someone else having what you don’t.

The interesting thing to me about jealousy (or whatever you call it) isn’t what is says about whomever deemed “unduly blessed.” It’s not even what it says about the person feeling jealous, although it says something to be sure!

I’m interested the practical outcomes, energetically.

If I am jealous of your status, I am setting myself apart not so much from YOU, but from that status specifically.

I’m attaching a negative vibration (read: repelling energy) between myself and the coveted status. I’m defining having that status as evidence of wrongdoing, or the effects of dumb luck.  I’m finding reasons why you did not get there honorably, and excuses as to why I am not there myself. This is what we do to comfort ourselves.

By not crediting you directly, I’m relinquishing my own power to obtain similar outcomes. It is a shallow comfort.

I’m not saying I never feel jealousy. I’m as human as the next gal! But whenever it crops up, I know it’s a poke for me to look deeper and ask myself, “Why?” More times than not, it’s because I fear myself lacking.

And fear IS a great saboteur of success, having not a damn thing to do with anybody else. The good news is, fear is a problem that can be solved!

If someone else accomplishes what I would like for myself, there is encouragement! That means I could do so, too! If they worked harder than I am willing to work to get there, or have skills I do not possess, then it is not my path. But someone else’s shininess doesn’t detract from my own shine. Many beautiful flowers can come together to make up a garden.

Fear and resentment are repulsive energies. Appreciation and gratitude are magnetic energies. It’s not hard to guess which will bring the most success. Instead of rolling around in jealousy, I’m looking to up my own game and raise my own vibrations. That gets me where I want to go!

What do you notice about jealousy?