01/12/14: More with the Tough Choices / 2 of Swords, Judgment

two of swords and judgment

Have you noticed how prominent the Judgment card seems lately? After I pulled the Two of Swords, I drew a follow-up because really, do we need Tarot to point out what everybody already knows? What I am looking for is something to DO with it!

Yes, there are choices in the air! And not easy, clear-cut choices. They are the kind of choices that stimulate mental conflict. To deal with the situation, we have to stand back, weigh it out (always a good Two of Swords activity anyway), and make our call based on what a detached, balanced weighing of multiple factors involved.

My advice is to start at the end of the maze: what is your end game, goal point, the desired outcome? Work your way backwards from that. That won’t make decisions for you, but it does keep the attention to where you’re going and helps eliminate potential responses that serve no purpose. And that in and of itself is helpful.

Are you facing tough choices?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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01/09/14: Setting Aside Your Story / Judgment


Tarot_20_JudgmentI will say what I so often want to say when I see the Judgment card—here renamed “Beyond Illusion”—blame is not especially relevant. Declaring blame irrelevant seems almost sacrilegious in discussing this card. Judgment Day, right?

A free pass is not what I’m looking at. Not even close. What I’m advocating is actually much harder than handing out free passes.

There is a difference between dispassionately understanding situational dynamics and emotive finger wagging. Pinning an “At Fault/Broken Human” badge to yourself or someone else is pointless. Not constructive. I cannot learn anything when I’m knee deep in rage or overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacies.

Assigning blame so often brings unnecessary complications, attachments. But more importantly, schlepping blame around can distract from processing the whole of a situation, in full color.

Judgment can move beyond illusion precisely because this sort of judgment (at least to me) is fully without attachment. It’s dispassionate. It’s intellectual and if we’re lucky, compassionate. The goal is understanding, not punishment. Sometimes, just desserts may feel like punishment, but that’s another issue altogether.

We are human beings. Our days are crammed full of victories and missteps. That’s the bittersweet beauty of being human. The Judgment card would have us move beyond the illusion of old stories we may wish to cling to, such as they are, for a broader, more celestial perspective.

Today, look at everyone’s role as an angelic outsider might. Be willing to set aside your own story in order to gain useful information outside the story’s context. Think not in terms of protagonist and antagonist, but in terms of dynamic systems where each component has a part. That approach promises the most useful gains.

What does this card say to you?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
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11/23/13: What do you really know? / Judgment Rx

Judgment Rx

God was alive for me growing up. I knew, because my parents told me. Because the religious leaders told me. But more, because I FELT it.

I knew a lot of things.

I knew there was no God, when we lost custody. I knew those kids would be better off with us, and I knew we’d not be allowed to have a relationship with them if they did not stay with us. I knew this as clearly as I knew the sky was blue and I drew breath.

I prayed and prayed and prayed with all my heart and soul. It did nothing that I could see. Nothing! I knew I was right, and God had failed to show up. Why believe in a useless God?

Now I know there is a God, although my version of God today is a Hell of a lot different than what I used to believe in, way back when. And this is something I know, in my heart.

This is what comes to mind seeing Judgment reversed.

Really, we’re not in the position to declare ultimate right and wrong. We live our lives according to working theories. You see what you see, but that vision is but a tiny, infinitesimal glimpse of an infinitely large picture. Even if it’s your life…well, actually especially if it’s your life.

Perspective is an elusive beast, you know? What I thought I knew so many times in my life, I’ve been proven wrong. Over and over. And I expect to be proven wrong again, over and over. To me, this is the definition of living right: growth!

Just for today, try to let go of the sense of absolute. Try to let go of blame and attribution of right and wrong and up and down. Just BE. Be the best that YOU can, do what you believe to be right and forget everybody and everything else. Because you know what?

You cannot see the whole picture. Understand that, acknowledge and accept that. Live within the framework you’ve got, and work from there. You’ll be surprised at what comes from it.

Although I do have to admit, it can take years to see more of the picture. So be it! Because what else are you gonna do?

Do you feel like you “know what you know,” or are your convictions mutable like mine?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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11/01/13: Nuggets of Truth / Judgment

Tarot Judgement Psychic Oracle

It’s the post-mortem review of a fight, not to decide who is “at fault” but to clarify and integrate lessons of the experience. It’s reviewing a budget against accounts to see where choices came out well—and not so well. It’s final exam day. It’s a detached review of what’s gone before, acknowledging both your role and the role of forces outside yourself. It’s evaluation time!

This is the energy of “Truth” and while we can ignore it, we cannot escape it. What’s more, that which has been seen cannot be unseen.

The Psychic Tarot Oracle’s version of Judgment (aka Truth) is a whole lot friendlier than what I call the “Zombie Parade” of the RWS deck, but we get the same gist nonetheless.

This woman is standing on a scale. Across from her is the other side of the same scale, although we cannot see what’s there. With her back to us, she’s weighing out the past.  And there’s definitely no cheating—she didn’t even strip down to hop on that scale as many are wont to do. Ha!

This image neatly encapsulates how I generally read Judgment. Judgment calls for an even-handed consideration in of all factors. It’s not an attempt to assign blame or pass out nuggets of guilt. Fault does not matter a whit! Truth matters.

Notice also the window, providing a majestic view of the cosmos. Her work, acknowledging and carefully weighing out the truth, is done within context of the greater world. Detachment is a necessary component to effectively work with this energy. If you let yourself be drawn into what “should have” been, anger or regret will cloud your sight and you’ll miss the point.

I take the (sometimes unpopular) stance that things happen exactly as they should, whether or not we like it.If that outcome isn’t pleasant, you do what you can to overcome or change it next go round. Or at the very least, try to get whatever is worthwhile out of the experience. I even go so far as to say very difficult lives are lived by choice of the soul before incarnation, but I know that’s not everybody’s gig.

Just know, it’s a very big world and we are very small components of that world. People live and die full of joys and sorrows, and in the gaps, they create and connect. Judgment helps you do a more efficient job of creating and connecting with consciousnesses. I’m not looking for finger-pointing in judgment today. I’m seeking nuggets of truth.

Are you finding nuggets of truth?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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10/02/13: Instant Judgment?

judgement legacy of the divine tarotThis version of Judgment seems a fitting prelude to the upcoming Libra New Moon, even though Justice is the card officially associated with Libra. This angel is Plutonian energy, thank you very much!

I’ve been reading one of those books I voraciously devour on all topics magical and metaphysical, and there was a meditation involving the Angel of Judgment that struck me the instant I saw it as potentially being very, very powerful and very, very serious.

And it also struck me, were someone to opt in, the New Moon might be a very good choice.

The meditation involved appearing before the Angel of Judgment and asking for your fate to be balanced in this lifetime, clearing the “karma” slate and rebalancing the scales, as part of a life of service.

It’s a very interesting notion, and not in the artificially polarized “Good versus Evil” way. I suspect there is not a single one of us who would not be surprised by the outcome, if were were truly to rebalance the scales in the course of a single lifetime.

My advice for the day is to live as if the “Karma”is instant—whatever that notion means to you without the moralistic reward/punish baggage attached.

What would true “judgment” feel like, you think?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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09/01/13: Tally Scores / Judgment


“If it’s never our fault, we can’t take responsibility for it. If we can’t take responsibility for it, we’ll always be its victim.” –Richard Bach

That little quote is key to one of the most powerful uses of Judgment. I’m not talking self-flagellation, guilt or regret. I’m talking learning to recognize and acknowledge your own role in whatever happens, along with other people’s role.

“Judgment Day” isn’t about reward and punishment in and of itself as it’s about a fair and even handed tally.  There’s a detachment implied in the whole scenario, emotional distance while tallying up of accounts. It’s time for filling out the score card as fairly as any disinterested third party.

That’s what you want to strive for here—understanding what happened, why it happened, and what your role as both actor and observer means in the big picture. This makes every event a useful event. It’s time to tally up the score card and see what you’ve learned from the process. Don’t forget, that’s the important part: developing insight!

Are you pulling apart the past for insight?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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