02/26/13: Pushing the Fire Button? /Judgment


I swear, I wasn’t just trying to soften y’all up yesterday with the birthday party! You know how the cards are. They say what they want to say, when they want to say it. Who are we mere mortals to argue?

It’s Judgment. Now, I don’t inherently see judgment as a difficult card, but it CAN be. It’s kind of like a Saturn transit—how easy or hard this energy goes down depends a lot on you. Associated with Pluto, Judgment can hand out a bitch slap or two if you’ve got one coming. But it’s not universally bad news. Judgment can also hand out prizes, or at least just desserts.

It’s just that this energy is…without sentimentality, you know? Uncompromising. Unmovable. There’s no plea-bargaining on Judgment Day. The accounts have been taken and the scores tallied.

The Zombie Tarot shows us the fellow that actually pushes the button, very far removed from the bomb that he drops, and hence removed from the fallout said bomb will create. And this is what you can expect with judgment: a dispassionate weighing of evidence, final outcomes based on the deep, dark truths and not a glossy, stylized version of the facts.

The other side of the story here is that Mr. Button-Pusher will also have to live with his decision. He won’t be able to take it back. Let’s hope he put some solid evaluation into his choice.

The appearance of Judgment urges us to be completely even-handed in both making big decisions and assigning responsibility after the fact. Make sure you can comfortably defend your choice as righteous before you push that button. It’s not the time to be impulsive. And if the bomb has already dropped, don’t underplay or overplay your own role in the situation, as it will not serve you. Either before or after the fact, the job here is to come to terms with what the entire situations means. The only way to complete a lesson  and move past it in your life curriculum is to learn it.

You feeling this?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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02/02/13: “Just Right” Judgment


judgment_thumb1.jpgI find it ironic, that the Judgment card isn’t about judgment. Or more precisely, it’s not really about “being judgmental,” with the negative connotations we usually attach to the word.

Tarot “judgment” is a true and fair accounting. It’s not about laying blame nearly so much as it’s about taking proper responsibility, learning whatever there is to learn. It’s the kind of judgment you’d see coming from a Libra—even-handed, fair, and perhaps even polite!

Don’t let that make you think this is a squishy energy, though. Just like Judgment day, how pleasant (or otherwise) is totally dependent upon you. It’s neither unduly harsh (as we often are with ourselves) or unduly kind (as we often are with ourselves). Like Baby Bear’s porridge, this is JUST RIGHT.

If that doesn’t give you something to think about, I don’t know what will. Har!

Where do you usually fall on the self-judgment scale?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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06/01/12: Why I Don’t Judge…


“I feel no judgment coming from you.” That’s a comment I get frequently from clients, and they’re absolutely right. I may not agree with particular choices, and I absolutely will cringe if I see a person suffering because of their choices, but I will NOT judge an individual’s worth based on those choices. There’s good reason.

Judgment is ruled by Pluto. Coming right between the Sun and The World, it calls for an accounting, when the score is tallied and the bill is due. Inverted, t’s not a question that we, personally need to judge.

I am well acquainted with judgment, mostly because I grew up immersed! From the outside world, I felt judged for my family’s separatist, apocalyptic religious beliefs. From my family, I felt judged for my decision to abandon said religious beliefs. At times, I’ve judged myself as lacking for my inability to reconcile the two. So it’s a concept with which I’m intimately familiar, many years on a first-name basis.

Here’s the thing: while I advise my clients, give them whatever insight and feedback I can yank out of the ether and personal experience, I do NOT make another’s decisions for them.

I paid very dearly to be in charge of my own life, losing relationships with people I love in the process. My experience has left me to see self-determination as SACRED, a responsibility more than a right.

I don’t need anybody else’s Karma, man! I’ve got my hands full with my own. And I have no idea what path someone else is on, or why they are the way they are. Maybe it’s their lessons. Maybe they volunteered to come down here and be a massive ass to serve as a teacher. (God knows I’ve learned a lot from that crowd. Haven’t you?) Maybe it’s leading up to something bigger.

I don’t need judgment. I don’t need to project my own right or wrong on anyone else. If I don’t like someone’s behavior, energy, or choices, if I find it bothersome or upsetting or disruptive, I extract it from my life to the fullest of my capacity.

Sure, I may speak out about values I hold dear, or try to counter ugliness and cruelty with kindness and love when the opportunity presents. I will detach in a New York minute from anyone or anything that creates unnecessary pain and drama in my life. That’s my right! But I do not need to condemn the person behaving that way anymore. It’s not my right and not my responsibility. I have faith, ALL energy goes exactly where it needs to go. My job is to direct my own for the greatest good.

How do you feel about judging others?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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04/19/12: Scale of Judgment

Ah, the moment of truth! A dieter steps onto the scale, anxiously leaning to see exactly what the tally is. What a wonderful metaphor for Judgment (Pluto). There is no sugar-coating or spin with Pluto. You’ve got exactly what you’ve got, the “meat” of the matter, but no more nor less. Like the dieting housewife, the verdict is coming in and no amount of rationalization is going to change the number on that little dial.

I’ve heard people say that what others think of them is not their business. This struck me starkly, like many truths do. What could someone own more than their own thoughts? How is it my right, to manage or evaluate or convince or cajole or otherwise interfere? If it’s to each of us to traverse our individual journeys, then it would have to be to each of us to form our individual perspectives.

Like the Hermit, Judgment would have you look within. You can attribute any and every situation to the people around you, God, society, circumstance, what have you. I can’t think of a less empowering approach, though.

Outside forces, we have NO control over. While choices may be understandable in the circumstance, due to circumstance, mental gymnastics notwithstanding, those choices may not feel so great in the context of a solely personal accounting.

Judgment advises just such a personal accounting. Weigh out you OWN behavior, you own choices, exclusive and independent of anybody or anything else. Naked. Because when judgment comes, it’s a reckoning you must face alone. Make sure you can live with whatever you’ll find, blemishes and all. Because, guess what? You will.

How do you generally fare with the scale of judgment?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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04/13/12: Revenge? | Rev Judgment, Hanged Man

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” Wayne Dyer

I was recently asked to cast a revenge spell. I won’t say it wasn’t warranted, either, and that’s saying something.  But that’s beside the point. I said no.

Now, I’m a beginner as far as witchcraft goes (at least in this lifetime!), but I do know enough to realize that’s not an advisable way to address complaints. I believe in Karma! I did redirect with tips on channeling this emotional energy in a positive way. And that’s paying off, I’m glad to report!

Living well is beyond the best revenge—it makes revenge irrelevant. When you’ve managed your own life, when your focus has concentrated in making the best of your corner of the world, the drive to get even with unhappy, nasty people who are out to hurt you just disappears. Who has time for that when you’re busy living? That’s a much cleaner way to manage pain and abuse—one that doesn’t create more of the same!

Today, Tarot gives us reversed Judgment (Pluto) and the Hanged Man (Neptune).  There’s power (Pluto) accessible through faith (Neptune).  You don’t have to worry about karmic justice, okay? The Universe has that covered, one way or another. You learn what you can, and leave the rest.

As physical incarnations, we each have an energy “budget.” Only so many hours a day, so many days a year, only so many thoughts and feelings will fit into each lifetime. While spirit is infinite, physical is not. The limitations inherent provide many lessons and opportunities. One of those lessons is effectiveness.

When I’m hurt, angry, or otherwise tempted to direct ill-will at anyone, this is the question that arises: Is that really how I want to use my energy? I can fret and fuss over who is or is not getting what they deserve, and try to make it so. Or I can look to build what makes ME happy, what makes ME feel good, what helps other people and myself. I can add to the sum total of pain in the world, or I can add to the sum total of joy and love.

Many times, the most effective way to address challenges is to have faith—pray, accept, and wait.  You will likely get what you need in the end.

What’s your take on revenge?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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02/19/12: Bad News, Good News? | Judgment

judgment-new-visions-tarotTime and again, I’ve seen “worst-case scenarios” play out to be tremendous blessings in ugly wrapping paper, long haul. The problem is seeing the upsides. Sometimes, it can take years.  Sometimes not. But either way, without full knowledge of individual life paths or what someone will do with their experiences, who’s to say what’s bad?

Today’s Tarot is Judgment reversed (Pluto) from the New Visions Tarot, which takes the RWS image as base but imagines it from the other side. I commonly see this card as heralding karma rebounds—judgment day is coming!—or admonition to take full responsibility for yourself, but no less or more. Inverted, I may see a suggestion to suspend judgment, expect a delay in judgment, or as indication responsibility hasn’t been fairly attributed.

What looks so bad right now in your scope of vision? Maybe so. But maybe not. Omnipotence notwithstanding, how is it for us to say?

You ever had bad news that you later realized was good news?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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