01/26/12: Accessing Truth | Judgment


“Say not, ‘I have found the truth,’ but rather, ‘I have found a truth.’ ” Khalil Gibran

Tarot_20_JudgmentToday’s Tarot is “Truth” of the Psychic Tarot Oracle, better known as Judgment (Pluto), number 20 of the Major Arcana. As is this deck’s style, the image is quite a bit softer than the traditional, RWS version of Judgment, which I’ve nicknamed the Zombie parade! But the idea itself remains powerful.

It’s relevant to note that as one of the Tarot twos, there is an emphasis on duality, polarity. There are two sides to this story! Associated with Pluto, the truth here is deep, perhaps dark, but definitely meaningful.

Accessing the truth behind Judgment can be a bit of an ironic exercise, however, because it often entails suspending judgment—the attachment to one side of a story, determinations of good and bad, picking winners and losers all get in the way. A healthy level of detachment is required to see clearly. Facts are much less in question than interpretation.

As an outcome, Judgment tells us what goes around comes around. Everyone will get their just desserts. As advice, Judgment suggest an even-handed accounting of responsibility, making sure not to exclude yourself, but if possible from a once-removed perspective. You may be too close to the issue.

But regardless, Judgment reminds us the truth will surface. All things will happen as they should, and there’s pretty much nothing that can be done to change that. I find the concept oddly reassuring, you know? Karma is on the job!

Do you see this energy at play?

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet!
by John Holland

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11/03/11: Karma with a Side of Humble Pie? | Reversed Judgment


“What goes around comes around,” people will sometimes say. I’m one of those people. That’s the phrase that leaps to mind whenever I see Tarot’s Judgment card. Not the clean-cut swiftness that Justice intends, but more results eventually taking shape as a result of long-standing patterns and repeated choices.

“Don’t wait for the last judgment – it takes place every day.” –Albert Camus

It’s an appealing concept many levels—getting what one deserves, right? The hateful thief dies alone. The good Samaritan is rewarded. Karma cleans it all up. Except when it’s your questionable choices up for review, the thought isn’t quite so nice.  Oh…

Today’s Tarot is Judgment reversed, associated with Pluto. Within it lies the key to transformation–an accurate accounting of the facts, fairly weighing (without rancor) both your contributions and those of others. Choices come home to roost. Reversed, I may look to an uneven weighting of facts, delays in consequence, or perhaps an admonition to stop assigning blame.

Tarot_20_JudgmentPeople are often afraid of this card—not the Tarot Nova positive-spin-sanitized butterfly so much, but the RWS Zombie parade, yes! At it’s heart, Judgment is not about Zombies. The angel’s trumpet, however, does announce the day of reckoning. Situations current or long gone, doesn’t matter. Judgment shines light on circumstance we may have thought long dead and buried.

We may get angry at others’ faults, even angrier at our own. We see the shortcomings, but miss the strengths. Or we may see only the strengths, and miss the flaws. It doesn’t’ matter, really. When you see Judgment appear, the die has been cast. Truth will out. Truth always outs, and you’ll get an early notification, if you’re willing to keep your eyes open.

I find Judgment oddly dispassionate, not so much a moral imperative or Tarot lecture, but a heads up. Reminder that what you sow leads to what you reap. While it may feel like punishment at times, this fact is quite frankly a gift. It puts YOU in the driver’s seat. If you’re not happy about the crop you’ve got ripening, time to review what you’re planting…

Are you seeing the impact of Judgment’s energy?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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10/23/11: Forgive | Temperance, Judgment

“To confer dignity, forgive. To express contempt, forget.” –Mason Cooley


Today’s Tarot is Temperance (Sagittarius) and Judgment (Pluto)–an interesting combo from the New Vision Tarot, with the back of the angels’ heads.

Show restraint in your assessments. We all fall short. It’s so much easier to see how others fall short than to pick out those flaws in ourselves. (Hint: Personal blind spots will drive you crazy in others.) You don’t need to answer for anybody else, so don’t act as if it were your job to deliver the final verdict. Just keep your own nose clean, and the rest? Comes out in the wash. Doing right yourself is enough to keep track of, don’t you think?

Make your own standards, and live by them. Discard what doesn’t mix, but let the universe deliver justice. It’s not yours to give—only to receive, same as everybody else.

Does it bother you, when others don’t live up to your standards?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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Judgment Advises

From a reading, with the Judgment card in the near future position. It offers very pointed, direct advice.

“You’ll find yourself in a position to account for your choices. So bear that in mind as you  make them.”

What does Judgement suggest to you?

Everyday Tarot, 07/12/11: Reserved Judgment | Key to Inner Peace

tarot-forecast-judement-invertedSometimes, the “who” and “what” and “how” doesn’t make much difference. Details can morph into a tempestuous storm, raining down a thousand tiny, upsetting pricks of pain that accomplish nothing, but disrupt our harmony. The best approach depends on your objective, you know?

maj20sToday’s Tarot forecast is Judgment reversed, or “The Spirit of the Primal Fire”—that sounds serious!  Number XX of the Major Arcana, Judgment is modernly associated with Pluto. So the duality—guilty and innocent, dead and alive, real and unreal—all reside within.

This version from Shadowscapes is a lot prettier than the RWS, which I call the “Zombie Parade.” But whatever package Judgment arrives in, it’s always a powerful energy.

I do like the secondary title here. Fire is primal, and cleansing. While Water is Pluto’s element, I can certainly see a fire elemental affinity with the concept of judgment day, as in trial by fire, burning  down the house and reemerging from the ashes. Inverted, look to what’s being held back, not said, or not acknowledged—that’s just as important or more so than what is.

Withhold judgment for now. Even if you have a list in your head, like I have.

“I need to feel safe—not criticized. I’m not going to apologize for doing my best… I’m on a no-drama diet. And I don’t want to feel like I have to watch my back.” On and on it goes. But even as I list it out, I know how ridiculous it is.

poison-appleDo people go into situations with plans of spreading drama, pain and betrayal? Well, maybe some, but if they do, it’s not like they’ll own up to it before the fact. Or have a change of heart ’cause you say it’s not cool, you know? So what is the point, Dixie? (I don’t want to feel like a dumbass for believing.)

But the swishing around all the injuries in my head? It’s like nibbling repeatedly on a poisoned apple. It’s not going to cure the feelings of being sick. The reversed Judgment card would have us either forgive, or amputate—either way, releasing the poison. But realize amputation isn’t a cure if you continue to nurse the hurt feelings—nobody’s really gone, who lives in your head.

The idea is to get to the place where you can let go lovingly, never with ill-intent. Even if it’s just a “Thanks for providing an instructive example” or “I learned a lot about myself through this.” I sure do, even (sigh) those times I learn something I’d have preferred to avoid.  Damn universe, turning on the lights again, just when my eyes were all comfortable in the dark.

The Judgment card reminds me, the choice of emotional experience is all mine and only mine. Will I withhold judgment on history, to make a future possible? It’s a risk, even trusting those who’ve never hurt us. Risk is inherent. But there’s so much we stand to gain from trust, it’s risk worthy of consideration. Letting go of judgment is the prescription for peace, however you accomplish it.

You have judgments in process now, too?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Everyday Tarot, 05/29/11: Reserving Judgment

daily-tarot-forecast-judgement-legacy-divineI have a 3-times rule about messages. When I notice something three times, I consider it officially “on my radar.” I don’t always know why I need to know something, but if tunes in on my channel, it always seems to come in handy.

How we attribute success and failures, and how we hand out credit and blame, triggered the rule. It occurs, this function is not always so clear-cut.

maj20sToday’s Tarot Forecast is Judgment inverted, “The Spirit of the Primal Fire,” modernly associated with Pluto. Even reversed, this version is prettier than the Rider-Waite Zombie parade. But the people are still blue and on their  heads, no less! Somebody could fall.

Tarot twos mean two distinct sides—one energy cannot exist in isolation. So if your assessment doesn’t include a dual perspective, you’re not done with the research.

michelangelos-last-judgment-2Judgment Day is where choices come home to roost. Especially, that done without witness, when nobody’s watching. Who and what people are come out in the light.

What you see is seldom all there is, and what seems like a mistake or tragedy often ends up preparing or insulating from harsher experiences. Some lessons are easy and some are hard, but if you’re willing to accept whatever’s there, you can wield power in direct proportion to your studies.

You don’t have to force it now. Just let your eyes adjust gradually, as the light changes to reveal a clearer picture. Be open to accepting what comes out, even if it’s not what you’d expect. Be as kind as you can in letting each learn the lessons they need. (This includes yourself, Sparky.)

Are you reserving Judgment?

Easy Tarot: Learn to Read the Cards Once and For All!
by Josephine Ellershaw

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