03/07/13: Pretty Damned Good / rev 9 of Cups


I always welcome the Nine of Cups, even reversed. Here, you’re getting most of your wish! Perhaps it’s not exactly how you envisioned, or perhaps it didn’t arrive how you planned. Perhaps there’s little detail or two about the whole thing that is unpleasant, although such may actually be part of a bigger picture you’re not quite privy to yet.

But since the essence is indeed intact, I’m wondering, “Why not be happy with what you got?” Because it’s almost, if not quite, perfect, at least for right now.

Rather than focus exclusively on the 2 things wrong, put your energy on the 98 that are right. Dismiss the remaining two and work on getting this card upright, okay? Because I am suspecting that the dissatisfaction is a function of how you’re looking at the scene as opposed to the scene itself.

Maybe everything isn’t quite perfect. But all things considered, it’s still pretty damned good.

Are you pretty damned good?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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Everyday Tarot, 05/21/11: Art of Manifesting with Inverted Nine of Cups

daily-tarot-forecast-inverted-nine-cupsBe careful what you wish for. You may get it. –English Proverb

After all, the grass is not always greener. It just looks that way from the other side of the fence. So why haven’t you manifested yourself a prettier lawn, grasshopper?!?

Today’s Tarot Forecast is the inverted Nine of Cups, or “Lord of Material Happiness,” associated with Jupiter in Pisces. Sometimes known as “The Wish Card,” it’s all about big (Jupiter) dreams (Pisces) coming to life! In the suit of cups (Emotion), we’re definitely talking wishes near and dear to your heart. Inverted, I’d say it’s not quite there yet, or something’s in the way. Uh oh!

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