Reversed Magician: Clear Your Head

There are points in everyone’s life where little feels like it’s under our control.

But there’s one thing that we can ALWAYS control: how we manage ourselves. Next week, that’s what we’re looking at.

Next Week in Tarot

For the audio-visual among us, I have a quickie little video for you.

Otherwise, read on!

Outlook next week is represented by the Magician Reversed, with advice coming in as the King of Swords–pictured here from the Legacy of the Divine Deck.

Life isn’t necessarily going to feel within your control in the coming week. It’s like you can’t quite wrap your brain (or your grubby little fingers) around what’s going one.

That’s fine since big, sweeping action may not be the best idea. With the King of Swords as advice, your A-number-one priority is clarity.

Do whatever you can to clear your head and keep it that way. Maybe it’s done through walks, physical exercise, plenty of sleep, distraction, or what-have-you. “Journaling it” out is another option. Swords include words and writing, after all.

Meditation, in particular, is a powerful tool in this regard.  If you don’t do it now, it would be a good time to start a simple little practice. It can be as basic as setting a timer for 10 minutes and listening to the hum of electronics or counting breaths. Doesn’t have to be a big production. It’s just vital that you make the choice to clear your head, however you can manage it.

Don’t make grand, definitive gestures if you haven’t felt your course “click into place” first. The King of Swords is all about being sure, so get yourself sure first. When you’re sure enough to move, you won’t need to ask yourself if you really are sure. You’ll know. The King of Swords does not make moves when he’s still ambivalent.

Hope that’s helpful and hope you have an awesome week!

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King of Swords & Nine of Pentacles: Who controls whom?

I’ve been mulling over the concept of personal responsibility in interactiosn. Its been highlighted through many different lenses as I go about my daily life and interact. Fitting, I think, considering the recent Full Moon in Libra.

On the one hand, I’m a big believer in not relying on outside confirmation in general. What people say and do is determined by how THEY look at the world, not any solid reality about you. An outside form of measurement is a poor and unreliable substitute for listening to intuitive guidance for directional cues.

Besides, allowing contentment to be conditional on the outside world is a one-way ticket to misery, right there. None of us can garner the kind of cooperation that would be needed to force the rest of world to behave! And it wouldn’t be our right to do so, even if we could.

On the other hand, I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction because I can see it operating. But putting these two ideas together creates a little conundrum.

The Law of Attraction would suggest that the all experiences have to match the personal vibration. There is no way to evade responsibility for our lives.

Here, however, I’d be quick to point out the difference between responsibility and blame.

What if there were no “blame?” What if we are all just where we are and like it or not, there is still value being delivered, a contribution to the greater whole?

I no longer assume the things I don’t like in my own world are broken, proof of shortcoming or random disaster. I guess I’ve gradually developed a different worldview… This life is a work of art. A creation to be experienced: both what we’d consider light and darkness has it’s place in ultimately making the world more than it was before.

I don’t expect anyone else to adopt this perspective. Because I try to keep my nose firmly out of other people’s perspectives. It’s up to you! But the ideas I’m talking here are definitely in line with next week’s vibe.

Next Week in Tarot

This week, I grabbed the colorful but decidedly non-traditional Osho Zen Tarot for a fresh look at what’s up. We got the King of Swords (aka Control) as the outlook, with the Nine of Pentacles (aka Ripeness) as advice.

I expect a lot of “black and white” with how people think, react and present this coming week. There’s a strong sense of polarization and unfortunately, not a lot of flexibility in this vibe. What’s more, it’s definitely got a strong whiff of holier-than-thou about it.

“Control” isn’t just a keyword here. It’s the intention of many right now.  If you’re not on board, they may try to push you off the boat! That’s the bad news.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a player in this silliness!

Our advice is “Ripeness.” Ripeness is letting things take their natural course, letting life do it’s thing. Focusing on harvesting your own fruit when it’s ready, without worry about the schedule factor or bothering about how anybody else is tending garden. I’m suggesting an inward focus, (although to be fair, I usually do suggest this). But the cards are backing me up here.

When there’s a heavy flavor of control in the wild, you’ve got three choices.

  • Be one of the controllers.
  • Be one of the controlled. (This option includes fighting back the controllers, by the way, because it’s still running your show even if you’re not doing what they want, you.)
  • Ignore it altogether and do your own thing.

See why I’m voting for the latter here?

Here’s hoping your own week is peaceful and your enjoy your own (ripe) fruit.

p.s. If you want a personal consult, give me a holler.

Fool & King of Swords Rx: Just Enjoy the Ride

I’ve been buying Christmas presents and second-guessing my choices more than I’d like to admit.

I tend to think this week’s advice is pointed at me but I’m sure some of you could use it as well. Ha! So let’s get straight to it.

Next Week in Tarot

This week, the Fool reappears upright to give us our outlook, along with the reversed King of Swords as advice. I like seeing the Fool here! He suggests a lighthearted, engaged sort of week. I would expect the energetic mood to be generally nice (even if Mercury is in retrograde). Maybe it’s that extra time off for the holidays that does it. The inverted King is taking this advice a step further with the suggestion not to overthink things this week.

Now, when I say, “Don’t overthink it,” that usually means one thing: don’t argue against yourself! So often, we get a notion and it feels good. A nice, clean impulse, right? And that lasts about 3 seconds, until the second-guessing and self-doubt sets in.

“Am I being stupid? Will this even work? Is this a bad idea?” And on and on it goes, until what felt like a great idea a minute ago is now the bringer of sure disaster in your head.

Don’t do that to yourself, okay?

I would suggest you alter the script a little to be more supportive of yourself. Know you’ll figure it out as you go. Understand you don’t need all the answers before you start. Give yourself credit for having good ideas. Expect success. Remind yourself of how you always do figure things out and start paving the way for everything to go more smoothly.

People think that forecasting all possible disaster (and then working very hard to avoid it) is how one stays safe and successful and I would argue it’s the opposite. Success comes about most readily from being plugged in and in the flow. That is what makes things easy. The free-flowing intuition comes from quieting the mind, not thinking all the thoughts and figuring out all the permutations of potential so you can navigate.

This week? Take it easy. Consider your life an adventure. Focus on having good EXPERIENCES and worry less about what they all mean. If the experience is pleasant, you’re doing it right. If it’s not, well, you noticed that. The fact it’s not pleasant is your call to adjust. Therefore, you’re still doing it right. You can get use out of whatever it is, so there is no doing it wrong, here.

The trick is making the turn early on. Before you find yourself completely discouraged, shift from disaster to potential for success. I mean, both potentials are always there, right? Feed the one that you want to grow.

This week, actively seek evidence of your plans working. Consider your time on this Earth as a grand adventure, and notice all the fun and wonder there is to see along the way. Shut down the inner “negative Nellie” and give more airplay to the inner cheerleader. Just enjoy the ride and you’ll have a good week!

How is your week going? 

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King of Swords: Clarity through Play

I’ve worked for myself for many years. Working from home, it’s very easy to completely blur the lines between work time and off time.

And by “blur,” I mean: consciousness becomes the equivalent of work time. Sleeping, eating and basic self-care may become the totality of off-time. Because there’s always something that could use doing!  Knowing income relies on your efforts, there is a tendency to just offer more and more and more effort. It wears a person down.

If you read business advice, life advice, sometimes you’ll see people recommending you work harder than everyone else. Put in the hours! Put in the effort! Go above, beyond and do it again tomorrow, day after day, as a path to success.  I just move on, when I see that sort of advice. It doesn’t ring true for me.

When I felt like I was struggling, I used to just chastise myself to work harder. It didn’t help and felt pretty crummy in the process. That sort of approach burns a person out. It sucks the spark right out of everything you’re doing.

Eventually I got more serious about investing in time off–and make no mistake. It is an investment. Once I became more generous with fun time, the work time became suddenly (and exponentially) more effective. The difference was night and day.

But you have to accept the idea that you deserve the happiness. If you feel you have to earn joy? You’ll never be able to work hard enough or long enough to feel worthy of  that. If you’re working to quell your fears over lack? Those drives cannot be satiated long from external effort because they are not externally generated. They are a function of your perspective and faith–in yourself and the bigger Universe.

Counter-intuitive as it may sound, my most successful stretches by far have never coincided with when I’ve been working the hardest. They’ve always been when I’ve felt the happiest. That doesn’t mean I don’t work. But if I’m working most diligently when I’m feeling inspired and excited, and playing other times? That is what pays the highest dividends, every single time. It’s so much more effective, I decided that time for play is a vital investment in my work life.

[bctt tweet=”Effort doesn’t beget success. Joy does. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

Notice how repetitive Tarot is repetitive? I’ve you missed the King of Swords here or here, this is your chance to catch up. Hello, Mercury retrograde! Yes, this week features the King of Air (aka King of Swords) from The Good Tarot and Hyacinth–Playfulness–from the Botanical Inspirations deck.

So we’ve got clarity, vision, rationality, even-handedness, bright ideas, and fairness from our king. Couple that with playfulness, fun and joy from the Hyacinth. I really like this combination!

Sometimes, we’ve a tendency to minimize the importance of play. Time away from responsibility, to just enjoy ourselves and replenish, is vital. It clears out and helps quiet the mind, allowing the empty space necessary for inspiration to come a-calling. Without play, your work is much less effective. Play fosters brilliance!

Make time for fun, and protect it. It’s more valuable than most people know. And even when it’s not fun-time? Undertake work tasks with a lighthearted air. Focusing on problems and hammering away a those problems is not going to yield solutions. For solutions, we need inspiration. Looking for the fun, the joy, the lightness? This will clear your head and allow that inspiration to light. Advice that’s fun to take!

Do you find ways to play every day?

Give me a holler for a 1-on-1.

King of Swords: Finding Those Greener Pastures

Some days, it’s very hard to stay positive.

I’m about as Pollyanna as anybody you’ll ever meet, when it comes to looking for elements of any situation to appreciate. I’m frequently preaching the case to focus on what you love to make what you love a louder, more salient part of your experience.

I repeat this suggestion to everybody (including myself), because it’s sound advice. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

Don’t fault yourself if you’re not there. And it doesn’t mean that you’re doing something “wrong” if you can’t drum up some optimism to save your life.

Where you are is always right. Because it’s where you are.

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Where you are is where you are. Making peace with being wherever you are doesn’t trap you there. It makes it possible for you to move beyond.

This Week In Tarot

Repetitive Tarot is repetitive: I drew the King of Air (aka King of Swords) from The Good Tarot and Peony/Prosperity and Compassion, from the Botanical Inspirations deck.

Be compassionate with yourself. Assign yourself the best of intentions. Judge yourself worthy of good, without needing to earn the right to thrive. Mentally list reasons to be optimistic. Appreciate every single iota of good you’ve got going and commit to the intention here and now to be on the lookout for more.

Give yourself every opportunity you can find to be encouraged and uplifted. This will offer you some immediate relief as well as help turn the energy around.

And cut yourself some slack, please. Quantum leaps sport intense birthings. Sometimes, a crisis is required to blast free of a firmly entrenched energy pattern. Through a big, fat mess can be the easiest, most direct route to fairer pastures. There are flowers on the other side of that haze!

But if your life is abounding with suckage right now? Please realize, this doesn’t mean you’re broken or screwed up or that you should have tried harder. It just means your in the middle of a transition. Sometimes, big transitions wear us raw.  No good comes from beating ourselves to boot. Just ride  the waves that are hitting you as best you can.

Reach for the outlook that feels even the least bit better. Try to be a tiny bit kinder, a little gentler with yourself. When you’re recounting what’s wrong, give what’s right some airplay. And if you can’t find any “right” just now? That’s okay, too. Just decide to yourself to be open to seeing good as it presents itself. It will, I promise.

Basically, make any adjustment you can that helps you feel a little more centered, grounded and loved. In doing so, you’ll be making the adjustments needed to make your way to those greener pastures and enjoy the flowers that live beyond the fog.

Want some help getting oriented on your trek? Give me a holler for a 1-on-1.

King of Swords: Getting Out of Your Own Way

Besides my life here in the woo, I am also a low carb blogger who has been blessed with a growing audience. So people sometimes ask me for advice. But people will think I’m nuts if I tell them the truth.

See, they always ask process questions. They are looking for a formula they can follow to recreate the results. I get that. Those were the questions I used to ask, too. But if I’m being completely frank, at this point I consider the processes utterly incidental to the results.

Not just less important. Incidental.

At best, if the processes give you confidence, the confidence can be helpful. If they leave you with doubt, they will hinder you. It’s not the choices you make. You could say “yes” to something and be right. You could say “no” to that same something and be just as right. It doesn’t matter. It’s the beliefs you bring to the table, the energy you’re working with here.

[bctt tweet=”There is no one ‘right’ answer. Potentials express via infinite routes.” username=”goddess_dix”]

I tried very hard to get where I wanted to be via the sheer force of hard work. And I should have been able to do it! I stumbled into every single advantage you could imagine in this enterprise and worked my hiney clean off trying, trying, trying. Except nothing really worked, no matter how hard I worked.

So eventually, I gave it up. Instead, my involvement in the topic shifted to doing whatever I felt like doing whenever I wanted to do it, with zero expectations of traditionally recognizable success.  As a matter of fact, a friend started helping me with it and I completely stepped back from the whole shebang.

That’s when everything started clicking, and rapidly. I wasn’t even doing any work anymore…how’s that for irony?

In the course of stepping back, I had quit asking “how” and “when.” I knew what I wanted to accomplish–to be helpful and supportive. But in terms of how anything was going, I stopped keeping track. My doubts and frustrations and all that noticing what wasn’t working became a non-issue.

In short, I got out of my own way.

Maybe this sounds like a fluke to you. But I’ve seen it in play so many times since, I don’t have any questions about it myself. It’s one of those things you pretty much have to experience for yourself.

This coming week, the cards spoke to me of this sort of situation.

Next Week in Tarot

Here we have the King of Air (aka the King of Swords) from the Good Tarot, along with False Indigo from the Botanical Inspirations deck, associated with Immersion and Intuition.

At first glance, these two cards seemed almost a contradiction together. The element of Air is associated with logic, clarity, and thought. Solid, immutable fact would be the domain of this king.

Conversely, intuition and immersion would imply the element of Water. Fluid, flexible, a “knowing” without justification is the domain of intuition. But really, these two energies make an incredibly potent combination.

Kings are do-ers, taking an active role in their creation. But the King of Air in particular is also a thinker. He does not make a move without purpose.

So we’re looking at knowledge versus knowing.

Here is the trick–think about what you want, not how you will get it. Become clear about your objectives and how you want to feel. Immerse yourself in the clarity of THAT energy, getting the sense of what sort of outcome you want, without trying to dictate the how-to-get-there part. Intuition will carry you forward much quicker and more smoothly than your brain alone ever could.

Thoughts shape feelings, which provides a perfect indicator of the energy you’re flowing in any given moment. It’s not the doing that matters–it’s the energy flow. THAT is how you create reality.

So think your thoughts, clearly and as cleanly as you can and note the emotions that result. If the emotions are pleasant, turn up the thoughts! Enjoy them and know, you’re shaping the energy right there. And if the emotions don’t feel so good? Back off. Now is not the time to take action on that particular issue.

Get yourself clarity. Get the emotions on track and let everything else come together for you.

Want some help doing that? Holler at me for a consult.