01/11/12: Getting that New Moon Intention | Knight of Cups, 6 of Wands

Man, these 2-card combos have been pretty powerful! This is a beautiful combo for today’s New Moon in Capricorn! It must have wanted to show up today, because if I hadn’t accidently just published a double Everyday Tarot, it would have been for tomorrow.

We’ve got the Knight of Cups followed up by the Six of Wands. I can sum this up in nothing flat: follow your heart to victory.

If you’re not sure what your heart says, this IS a Knight, not a page. So it would be the way you’ve already started. Tarot sixes are cooperative, and you’ll notice the fellow in the Six of Wands is leading a brigade, he’s not alone. So elicit support for your hearts desire, and work hard to accomplish your goals. Sounds like a prescription for achieving your New Moon intention.

Can you find a place for this energy in your life?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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11/21/12: Lay off the wine and pick up the sticks! | 6 Swords, Knight Cups 10 Wands

transparent tarot 6 swords knight cups 10 wands

I think about the most difficult transitional times in my life…and my Pluto transit comes to mind; it hit Venus and Mars, 3rd and 4th Houses. And no, it was not any easier than it sounds, to those of you who get the astrology. This 3-card combo from the Transparent Tarot evokes that time for me.

I’d acted largely from emotional stimulus up to that point, unsteady but trusting it would all just “work out.” Just as the Knight of Cups here does, facing off to the left, the direction of the past. His cup was full and the outcome of constantly drinking leaves him rather oblivious, but willfully so. You know?

For me, eventually my issues were forced, and the Tarot Cups murkiness had to give way to facts. I was compelled to pick up the pieces and bear the brunt of responsibility, just as the Ten of Wands figure does. Both these choices: facing what I’d have preferred not to acknowledge and addressing the resulting mess, is how I earned a ticket on the boat. If I’d tried to skip out on either, I would not have been able to move forward.

If you were to fail to acknowledge the missteps of past OR you failed to willingly bear the burdens resulting from them, you’re absolutely sunk. Both these components are part of the sea of energy that propels the boat forward. The denial is a leak; if you look away, it doesn’t repair the leak! If you don’t do the work and face up, the leak does not get repaired and who can be surprised when the boat sinks?

The  The trip is rocky, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely better than hanging out and the bottom of the lake, praying it will evaporate or otherwise drain, before drowning in the interim.

I grant you, it may hurt a little. The sticks are heavy and the swords can cut a little as you settle into that boat. But it hurts a whole lot less than doing the right thing. Okay?

So sayth the voice of experience…

What components do you find of challenging transitional voyages?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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09/22/12: Emotionally Messy | Knight of Cups

20120916_183623 (402x620)

“Man, I shouldn’t have worn my Moldavite necklace. Not with a T-Square in the sky.”  That’s what I’ve been thinking. It makes those emotional issues surface like so much sludge, churn and burn, fast, fast, fast. That helps, in a way. No prolonging the agony. On the other hand, it makes them INTENSE. It’s a white-hot burning away.

That’s like the Knight of Cups (Air in Water) in some ways. Thinking (Air) about feeling (Water)? Yes, I know the picture’s a little blurred. I have trouble photographing the Cups sometimes. They blur on me without me noticing, appropriately.

I tend to see Knights show up with vacillation—the difference between idealism versus reality of the suit in question. So here, what you WANT to feel versus what you DO feel, consistency versus what seems rational, is in question. Knights tend to be a bit all over the board and often carry confusion and false bravado in their charge. No point charging in saying you have it all figured out emotionally when you don’t.

With the Knight of Cups (or Moldavite, for that matter), there isn’t any fighting the emotional flow. You ride, you feel, you experience it all. You let it wash up over you and wait for the tide to go out.

That’s what I’m seeing today. Accept the emotional mess, know it probably moves fast, and wait for the tide to roll out.

Are you feeling this Knight?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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09/15/12: Do-it-yourself Tarot | Knight of Cups

20120910_175651 (437x622)

Today, I’m leaving it in your hands, and Trust you’ll find what you need.

What do you see here?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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05/24/12: Digging it Out of the Gut | Prince of Cups

star-tarot “The more you put your emotions into your work and your writing, the more you unshield, the more powerful it is.” – My Astrologer

She’s absolutely right. The more guts you put in, the more raw emotion, the bigger the punch. Work becomes branded with the energy signature as it was created. he deeper and more authentic the feeling, the the deeper and clearer it’s mark.

This is exactly the Prince of Cups (aka Knight). Air in Water, he communicates (Air) from his heart (Water). Emotion is his power source, and all that emanates from him is saturated in it. He feels. Boy, does he ever! Sometimes, he feels a whole more than he’d like.

I may meet up with him around mixed feelings, quick-shifting circumstances or mood swings.  Knights are a bit impulsive. But they are also idealistic expressions of their suit. So when you see one of these guys, you may be well served to check your frame of reference and make sure you know your objectives. That helps keep the focus intact.

Well-supported, his energy can be like the high of new love: exhilarating, boundless and even giddy. Under stress, he can stomp in as an over-sensitive child who seems to have missed his nap. A lot of his character is set by the thoughts you cultivate around emotional experience.

The Price has a lot to show us, if we’re prepared to sign on for the ride. Strap yourself in, because sometimes there’s a spot of turbulence. But he’ll deliver you in the end, to the place your heart wants to go. You just have to have to let the heart lead you there.

You have the Prince of Cups energy in your life?

rosetta-tarot-cards (500x525)
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05/03/12: Risk-Taking Jumpers | Knight Cups

The police lady gently rapped on the car window. It startled me awake, but she smiled kindly in response to my sleepy confusion.  She probably thought she was waking up a teenager who’d had an ugly fight with her parents, time to go home.

She’d have been partially right. I was a teenager, not getting along with my parents. But at that moment, the car I was  in WAS my home.

I am Knight of Cups, huddled up under a multi-colored crocheted throw made from yarn scraps; I clung to the familiarity of that little blanket, rolling over and over in my mind my life as I’d crocheted it, longing for the sense of certainty and simplicity embedded. I was trying to sleep off another emotional hangover in the tilted-back driver’s seat of my Mustang II.

I don’t remember ever feeling more lost. The sun was peeking above the park’s young trees for a beautiful, golden and pink-saturated daybreak. But even in my fog, I knew it was the perfect metaphor.

I also don’t ever remember feeling more free. A new day was breaking. I had no idea where it would leave me, but I knew my heart was not going to be denied.

“Trust” is the Osho Zen’s Knight of Cups (Air in Water). Knights tend to be impetuous, headstrong and sometimes, overly idealistic. While the Pollyanna in me wants to say that leap of faith pictured is going to lead to something wonderful (and that may be so), the fact is that it absolutely cannot BE a leap of faith unless it’s taken on faith itself—so no reassurances she’ll land on soft terrain.

To love equals risking loss. To fully live requires vulnerability. To get a payoff, you must pony up an investment. We’re talking emotional risk—this is the realm of the Knight of Cups. You cannot know the outcome beforehand. That’s the definition of risk. But you CAN know what it’s like to live what’s in your heart, fully and honestly, if you decide to make it so. This is the Knight’s gift and promise.

Whatever life I have, I live it authentically. For that, I’ve never felt regret. Thank you, Knight of Cups.

Have you had Knight of Cups moments?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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